NCERT Science Book for Class 10 2024-25

NCERT Books for Class 10 Science is one of the most important books for students preparing for examinations. It covers the entire CBSE syllabus and clearly explains the underlying Science concepts. The 10th Science Book offers basic information on Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, explanatory descriptions, and multiple examples.

In the NCERT Books for Class 10 Science, you will get to know interesting sections, including ‘Chemical Reactions and Equations’ about how substances change and ‘Life Processes’, to know about how living beings carry out functions. From finding the value of unknown variables in an equation to learning how light bends as it passes through materials, the book handles all of that. Let us explore information about NCERT Science Class 10, how to get these resources for free, why they are useful, and how to get the most out of them.

NCERT Science Book Class 10 – PDF Free Download

Getting the NCERT Books for Class 10 Science in PDF form can be very cheap as well as helpful when preparing for the exams. You can download these PDFs from the official NCERT website and other educational portals to get the latest 2024- 25 textbook edition. The digital format of NCERT Textbook Class 10 Science can be a convenient way to study when you want because you don’t always need a physical book to prepare for a test. Additionally, platforms like Oswal Publishers offer these books with ease of access.

How To Download NCERT Books For Class 10 Science?

The process is almost the same as downloading NCERT Books for Class 10 Science or any other subject. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. NCERT official website: To download the PDF, log in to the website at
  2. Navigate to the textbooks section: Then select ‘Publications’ followed by ‘Textbooks’.
  3. Select your class and subject: First, Select Class 10. Then, go through the subjects and pick the one you were looking for.
  4. Download: Click on the download link to get your free PDF now!

The NCERT Books for Class 10 Science come in different languages and can be downloaded and read on different devices.

Download NCERT Book for Class 10 Science Chapter-wise PDF in English

The NCERT Books for Class 10 Science comprises chapters that deal with various areas of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The chapter-wise breakdown of NCERT Science Book Class 10 is as follows:

Download NCERT Book for Class 10 Science Chapter-wise PDF in Hindi

Importance of NCERT Science Textbooks for Class 10

However, there are certain reasons why NCERT Science Class 10 PDF are important for students:

  1. Aligned with CBSE syllabus: NCERT Science Book is designed to help you prepare academically for your class by covering all the topics set under the CBSE curriculum.
  2. Clear explanations: Important concepts in NCERT Textbook Class 10 Science are presented in a simplified manner and defined for easier understanding.
  3. High-quality content: The NCERT 10 Science Book is authored by professionals and carefully scrutinised by others.
  4. Exam-oriented: The NCERT Syllabus for Class 10 Science PDF provides questions and other exercises that can be useful in preparing for board exams.
  5. Widely accepted: NCERT 10th Science Book PDF is approved by schools and teachers in India.

Studying from NCERT books helps you get ready for the exams in the best way possible.

Why Use NCERT Book of Class 10 Science?

The NCERT Science Book for Class 10 is highly recommended for the following reasons:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: It covers all the topics in detail, thus providing you with the background information necessary for mastering Science.
  2. Simple Language: The book is written in simple language, which means it is easy to read, and even difficult subjects are explained.
  3. Practice Questions: Every chapter is followed by assignments designed to check the student's mastery and exam preparation.
  4. Real-world Applications: It uses examples that are easy to relate to, enabling an understanding of new concepts in science.

Thus, by using the NCERT 10 Science Book, students can prepare well for their exams and gain more knowledge about the subject they are studying.

FAQs on NCERT Science book for class 10

Ans: Yes, NCERT Science Book Class 10 PDF Free Download is very useful for the exam point of view. They explain all the topics of the CBSE syllabus and are quite easy to understand. The set of questions and exercises stated at the end of chapters is useful for reinforcement and, therefore, is suitable for comprehensive exam preparation.

Ans: To make the most of NCERT Science Book Class 10 in Hindi PDF Download:

  • Read each chapter thoroughly: It is very important not to jump to the next topic before the previous one has been fully grasped.
  • Solve exercises: Revise the questions specified at the end of each chapter to be able to answer them as suggested.
  • Take notes: It is essential to write down all key aspects and formulas on a piece of paper so that you can review them briefly during the exam.
  • Use diagrams: Look at diagrams and illustrations as they form part of questions commonly given in exams.
  • Review regularly: It is helpful to revise the chapters regularly to keep the concepts in mind.

Ans: The Class 10 Science NCERT book is divided into 16 chapters. These chapters are divided into three main sections: Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, covering topics in full detail to give a holistic view of Science.

Ans: All the chapters are equally important; however, some chapters usually carry more weight in exams than others. Chapters such as Chemical Reactions and Equations, Life Processes, and Electricity are vital since they contain many important ideas, and questions from these topics typically appear on tests.

You must, therefore, dedicate more time to studying these chapters while attempting to do a fair study of the other chapters to cover all areas of the Class 10 Science syllabus. 

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