CBSE Class 10 Biology Notes: Key Concepts, Theories, and More

If you're thinking about acing your Class 10 science exam, you need to excel in biology. Biology is one of the fundamental sciences that includes the study of the human body in detail and the microscopic world around us. Our Class 10 biology notes will assist you in your aim to ace your exam with flying colours.

The notes are categorised based on chapters and include all the essential topics, concepts, theories, examples, and questions you should look at before appearing on the boards. The notes include every bit of information concerning the following chapters:-

CBSE Class 10 Science Biology Chapterwise Notes

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Why Should You Study From Our Class 10th Biology Notes?

  1. Our notes are curated by subject matter experts having a lot of experience in the subject; hence the content is very well-organised and easy to read. It saves a lot of time for students who go through multiple revisions.
  2. These notes will provide a full-stack overview of the syllabus, including all the essential topics along with questions to brush up on the skills.
  3. Our Class 10 CBSE Biology notes contain in-depth information on the subject so that students can take advantage of all of the essential topics.

Benefits of preparing notes from Oswal CBSE Class 10 chapterwise Biology Notes:-

  • Helps you with your efforts in listening.
  • Allows you to evaluate how well you comprehend the content.
  • When you write significant concepts down, it helps you recall the content better, which is helpful.
  • Gives you an idea of what the teacher considers the most critical information.
  • Helps generates what you may call your "ultimate study guide.

FAQs on CBSE Class 10 Biology Notes

Ans: Every subject has its essence, which might seem harsh to some students and accessible to others. Similarly, biology is a subject with more stuff to memorise than other subjects like physics which consists of many numerical problems.

Ans: Tracing diagrams wherever required will always fetch you more marks than not drawing the diagram at all. It makes your answer more elaborative and explanatory to the examiner. So, always try to trace a diagram along with your answer wherever necessary.


  1. Oswal chapterwise biology notes are curated to provide an excellent rhythm to the student while going through them. The student is going to avoid the boredom which occurs during redundant revisions while studying from these notes. Due to this, the student might be able to complete some topics which might seem boring but are scoring.
  2. The topics are covered in depth to take care of each or every one or two mark trivial questions.

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