CBSE Class 10 Political Science Notes: Key Concepts, Theories, & More

Understanding and learning governance and civic and constitutional policies are often termed political science. To excel in this subject, you need to have a detailed understanding of the core concepts of these topics. Our highly comprehensive notes will help you to grasp these concepts with a lot of ease.

Our notes excel at covering every last nuance of a subject, making sure that students don't leave any exam-day ground unturned. To keep pupils engaged and prevent them from becoming disinterested, these Notes are broken down into various categories. The chapters included in these notes are as follows:-

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Why Should You Study From Our Class 10th Political Science Notes?

  1. Understanding political science takes a lot of time and effort. The rhythm and research that went into our notes are unmatched.
  2. Their clarity makes them simple to grasp for the students.

Benefits of preparing notes from Oswal CBSE class 10 chapter-wise political science notes:-

When they reach the sixth grade, students begin studying Civics as a separate topic. The fundamentals are covered first, and as the learner advances to higher levels, the material is covered in a manner that is progressively more complex and difficult. Similarly, students in class 9 were given an overview of certain fundamental democratic concepts and laws; however, students in class 10 were instructed on how democracy functions in the actual world and how it influences a nation. During this stage, the implementation of democracy in a country is also broken down and discussed. When students have notes from Civics Class 10 at their side, it makes it much easier for them to keep track of all of these new learnings. When used for test preparation, these notes offer a concise summary of what students in Class 10 are expected to know about Political Science. If it is well understood and studied in depth, Politics Class 10 might be an easy class to pass. It does not entail any difficult ideas or concepts, which is one of the reasons why it is simple.


Ans: Social science is the parent subject and political science is a branch of it. Social Science includes subjects like history, geography, and political science. Political science is the study of constitutional policies and values.

Ans: Here are a few tips:-

  1. Learn all the Concepts in Detail
  2. Practise your answers multiple times.
  3. Go through quick revisions multiple times.
  4. Complete the entire syllabus prior to the exam date with enough time to revise.

Ans: Usually, a map is not required in political science to answer questions. However, a map or a graph can be utilised to answer questions in long-answer types of questions that incorporate a case study.

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