CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2022

Science in class 10 is not just about solving questions and answers but understanding multiple processes. Science can be a very high-scoring subject, provided you practice. Solving questions will help you score well in the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Papers 2020. Practising with mock or sample papers has always been a recipe for successful preparation for the final exam. Last year’s question papers helped you clear a lot of doubt and proved helpful during the actual exam. 

CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2022

Click to download the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2022

Download the CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper 2022 to take your preparation to a new level. The solutions are available in PDF format, which is free. 

To get good results, the final preparation should always be with the 2022 CBSE Class 10 Science Question Paper and Solutions:

This will be helpful for you as you can compare your answers with the reference answer in the PDF and analyse better.

  1. Helps you revise properly- Solving last year's question papers helps you to revise in the best possible way. After completing your syllabus, assess your preparation by solving last year’s question paper. Once you start practising, you will understand the parts where you need more focus and attention and work accordingly. Also, this habit helps in last-minute preparation.
  2. Managing time appropriately- Time is a very important factor in exams. Solving last year’s question paper will help you to get a grip on time and plan accordingly. You can practise according to your strengths and weaknesses and therefore have an adequate preparation. You will never be afraid of not completing the paper on time. Also, this practice will help you get some extra time to revise at the end.
  3. Being used to question pattern- Practising last years’ question papers helps you to understand the type of questions examiners usually tend to ask. The question can be formed in various ways, while the answer can be just the same. Therefore, getting a grip on the pattern is important. This helps you get accustomed to the questions and do well in the paper. Practising with final board-level questions gives you a real-time exam feel so that exam pressure doesn’t affect you during the real exam.

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