CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2021

By solving last year’s question paper, a lot of concepts are cleared, and it becomes easy to sit for a final examination and answer the questions with a clear headspace; for subjects like social science, the combination of political scenarios, geography, and history, needs a comprehensive study as well as a comprehensive revision strategy. Solving last year’s question paper can be immensely helpful in doing this strategic revision. Start your practice with CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Papers 2021.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper 2021

Click on the link and get access to the CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Paper Solutions for the year 2021

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Question Papers 2021 Solutions (Marking Scheme)
Question Papers Solutions

You can get several advantages by solving last year's question papers.

  1. Get better results- One can achieve good marks with practice. You will face several challenges and twisted questions. The more you solve such questions, the more you can answer meticulously. This habit will take you a long way in scoring high marks in the future.
  2. Manage time- It is advisable to set a proper time and simulate the real exam feel; you will be able to push yourself to finish the paper in time. This practice helps you a lot when you actually sit for the exams. Because social science is a subjective paper and some questions require elaborate answers, it is better to finish the paper on time.
  3. Build confidence- With regular practice, there will be an automatic increase in the level of confidence. Confidence is an important factor, and while taking the final exam, the student must practise adequately to build such confidence. This practice is more relevant and fruitful if the previous year’s papers are used since they are most precise in terms of complexity and coverage of concepts.
  4. Question format- With social science, many units of questions can come from sections of geography, history, and political science. For instance, a chapter on the French Revolution might have information, but if you follow last year’s questions, you can see the format and trend of the question and thereby prepare specific chapters.

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