CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Question Paper 2020

Mathematics is one of the most crucial subjects that require multiple practice sessions, understanding the concepts, getting a grip on the logic of the theorems, and memorising the formulas. The best way to master the art of performing well in an exam lies in sufficient practice. The best way is to solve last year's question papers. Practising with the CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper of 2020, you can solve problems the examiners have set for the finals, understand the level, and give your best shot.

The solutions for the class 12 maths question can be found in PDF format for easy accessibility. Start your practice sessions with the handy solution provided and see how well you score.

Now available for download: 2020 CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper with Solutions

CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper 2020

Click on the download link to access the CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper Solutions in PDF format for 2020.

Solve These Question Papers to get good results: Here’s How

  1. Eases out the complexities of exams: As you have the habit of solving previous years' question papers, you will gradually grow an analytical mindset. This helps develop quick problem-solving skills and unravel the complexity of a question paper. In a subject like maths, the more you practise, the better it becomes, and with last year's question paper, you will eventually find that questions are easy to solve.
  2. Practise with a timer: As CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper 2020 questions are set along with a timeline, you will have a rough idea as to when you should complete the paper. If more time is needed, you must work fast somewhere. This time management skill proves extremely essential and helps you develop a proper revision structure at the end of the exam. Hence, there’s no anxiety about submitting an incomplete paper.
  3. Covers most of the syllabus: As a revision practice session, solving last year's question paper helps you cover all your syllabus topics. There are problems with the important chapters, so it also plays as a vital revision work. Once you have completed your syllabus, give yourself time and start solving last year's question paper to see how well-prepared you are for your exam.

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