Oswal Practice Papers CBSE Class 12 English Core Solutions (Practice Paper - 10)


Reading Skills 

1 .

  1. D. Job dissatisfaction
  2. C. Narrator is facing some physical ailment
  3. The evidence that supports the writing style being introspective and stream-of-consciousness includes the passage’s focus on the character’s thoughts, the direct portrayal of the character’s inner monologue, and the fluid transition between different ideas and observations without clear delineation.
  4. To get out of its bed.
  5. B. Struggling
  6. The author believes his job is strenuous due to the constant traveling, the effort required to conduct business away from home, the challenges of making train connections, irregular food, and the inability to form meaningful relationships.
  7. Cold shudder is a shaking movement you make because you are cold or have a feeling of fear or horror.
  8. The character’s perception of his job as strenuous fuels his desire for a different career and influences his attitude towards work, leading him to contemplate making a drastic change and expressing frustration with his current circumstances.
  9. C. A yearning for change

2 .

  1. The survey mentioned in the extract can be beneficial for an ordinary citizen by raising awareness about the magnitude of food insecurity, fostering empathy, and encouraging individuals to contribute to local initiatives or support organisations that combat hunger and promote sustainable agriculture. The survey can also provide insights into the importance of reducing food waste, inspiring individuals to adopt mindful consumption habits, minimize personal food waste, and actively participate in initiatives that redistribute surplus food to those in need, thereby fostering a sense of social responsibility.
  2. D. Investments in smallholder agriculture can yield significant returns in reducing poverty.
  3. The key strategies highlighted in the extract include ensuring sustainable agricultural practices, embracing techniques such as agroecology, precision farming and climate-smart agriculture and in addition to this supporting small-scale farmers who can yield up to four times the return will promote
    to sustainable solutions to provide resilience and address food insecurity in a holistic way.
  4. Raghu is a smallholder farmer.
  5. C. Food insecurity
  6. This fact indicates that a significant proportion of vulnerable communities face chronic hunger. This underscores ongoing challenges related to food security, poverty, and inequalities. Addressing this issue remains crucial for sustainble development, as hunger has severe health, social, and economic implication, requiring continued efforts to ensure equitable access to nourishing food.
  7. Sustainable agriculture is crucial because it promotes long-term environmental rewards, enhances food security, preserves biodiversity, and mitigates the impacts of climate change.
  8. TRUE


Creative Writing Skills

3. A

Global Academy

25 July 20XX

Welcome to Craft Space

As part of commitment to cultural exchange and diversity, we have recently created a dedicated area:
Craft Space for local art and crafts adjacent to the library of our school.
We are inviting students from classes IX-XII to submit their ideas for how we can further promote cultural exchange and diversity on campus in our dedicated Craft Space. Please contact the undersigned regarding this.
Shubham Gill
Art Club



Liberty International Campus

August 01, 20XX

Social Justice Club

As part of our commitment to social justice and equality, we have recently created a dedicated online discussion forum: Social Justice Club accessible @socialjusticeclub.in for local activism and advocacy.
We are inviting students to submit their application to be the forum moderators who can run campaigns to promote social justice and equality on this forum. For any query, contact the undersigned.
Social Justice Club

4. A

‘Screen-Free Kids, Healthy Kids’
Seminar to create awareness about
increasing phone screen addiction among kids

Date: 21 May 20XX
Time: 07:00 p.m.
Venue: School Auditorium, Xavier Sr. Sec. School
Address: 123 Main Street, Kolkata
Special Guest: Dr. Jane Miller, Renowned Child Psychologist
We invite you to join us for an informative seminar, “Screen Free Kids, Healthy Kids,” organised by Xavier Sr. Sec. School. This seminar aims to create awareness about the increasing phone screen addiction among kids and the potential dangers associated with it. Gain valuable insights from our
special guest, Dr. Jane Miller, and contribute to building a healthier digital lifestyle for our children.
Join us for an engaging discussion on this critical topic. Your presence and participation will be highly appreciated!
We look forward to welcoming you to the seminar.
Xavier Sr. Sec. School



243 BMK, Kalkaji,
New Delhi
19 June 2023
Dear Uncle,
Thank you so much for the kind invitation to your housewarming ceremony and celebratory dinner.
It warms my heart to know that you have purchased a new home, and I am truly delighted for you.
I am pleased to inform you that my grandfather, Mr. Ravi Sharma, would be honoured to attend the event. However, due to his mobility constraints, he would require assistance with his walker.
Therefore, I will accompany him to ensure his comfort and safety throughout the evening.
We are eagerly looking forward to joining you in celebrating this joyous occasion. It will be a wonderful opportunity for my grandfather to reconnect with his childhood friend and reminisce about old memories.
Your lovingly,
Raghav Sharma

5. A.
123 Main Street
New Delhi, 110001
19 July, 20XX
Serenade Audio
456 CR Park,
New Delhi, 110002
Subject: Application for the post of Audio Engineer
I am writing to express my keen interest for the post of audio engineer advertised in the newspaper by Serenade Audio. As a recent graduate of sound engineering from the National Institute of Sound, New Delhi, I believe that my skills, knowledge, and passion for sound engineering make me an ideal
candidate for this role.
Upon seeing the advertisement, I was immediately drawn to the opportunity to work with a reputable audio company like Serenade Audio. The description of the position aligns perfectly with my educational background and professional aspirations. I am confident that my qualifications and dedication would make a positive contribution to your esteemed organization.
Enclosed with this letter, you will find my bio-data, providing a detailed profile of my professional achievements. Here is a summary of my qualifications and experience that I believe are relevant to the advertised position:

  • Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in Sound Engineering from the National Institute of Sound. Knowledge of audio production, acoustics, recording techniques, and sound design.
  • Internship Experience: Completed a six-month internship at a renowned recording studio, where I gained hands-on experience in recording, editing, mixing, and mastering audio.
  • Technical Skills: Pro Tools,Adobe Audition, Audacity, Cubase and mixing consoles. I also have a strong understanding of signal flow, microphone techniques, and studio setup.
  • References: I am happy to provide references upon request from my professors and industry professionals who can vouch for my technical skills, work ethic, and dedication to sound engineering.

I am excited about the opportunity to contribute my skills and enthusiasm to Serenade Audio.
I look forward to the opportunity of being part of Serenade Audio’s talented team. Please find my enclosed bio-data for further details.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Rhea Patel

Rhea Patel
E-mail: [email protected]
Profile Summary:
An innovative sound engineer with a passion for sound editing and music production.

  • Audio production
  • Acoustics
  • Recording Techniques, and
  • Sound design

Education Qualifications:
Sound Engineering from National Institute of Sound, New Delhi (20XX)
Internship Details:
Six-month internship at GenX Studios as assistant sound engineer.
Professor: Nitin Singh (contact: 91XXXXXXXX)
Professor: Satish Singh (contact: 91XXXXXXXX)
I hereby declare that the information provided by me is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge.


The Editor,
Gyan Jyoti,
12, Sanjay Place,
Subject: Concerns Regarding Disregard for Traffic Signals and Road Safety
I am writing to express my worry regarding the prevalent lack of respect for traffic signals and the failure to comply with traffic rules, which is leading to hazardous situations on our roads. This disregard for traffic signals poses a significant risk to public safety and must be addressed urgently.
One of the main reasons for this behavior is the lack of awareness regarding the significance of traffic signals.
Many individuals are unaware of the purpose and importance of traffic signals in regulating traffic flow and ensuring the safety of all road users. Additionally, ignorance and carelessness towards following traffic rules contribute to road rages too.
Also, the inadequate enforcement of existing laws related to road safety further deteriorates the situation.
The consequences of this disregard for traffic signals and road safety are far-reaching. It leads to an increased risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities on our roads. It disrupts the smooth flow of traffic, causing congestion and delays.
To address this issue effectively, it is crucial to launch comprehensive awareness campaigns that educate the public about traffic rules and etiquettes. These campaigns should be conducted through various channels, including public spaces, educational institutions, and media platforms. Informative pamphlets, posters, and videos highlighting the consequences of not following traffic signals can be distributed
widely to increase awareness and understanding.
Further, strict enforcement of traffic rules is essential to ensure adherence. Penalties and fines should be imposed on individuals who violate traffic rules and do not respect traffic signals. In severe cases, driving licenses should be revoked to discourage reckless behavior. To facilitate effective enforcement, it is crucial to strengthen our traffic police force, providing them with the necessary resources and technology to monitor and enforce traffic laws.
Thanking you,
Yours truly,
Rohit Kumar

6. Empowering Teenagers

By Ayesha Khan XII-A

Our school recently launched the “Youth for Change” volunteer program, aiming to emphasize the importance of young adults actively participating in their local community. The grand launch event brought together community leaders, educators, and enthusiastic students. Key messages of selflessness, empathy, and responsibility were delivered, encouraging attendees to join the cause.
Engaging activities, such as workshops and success stories, motivated students to embrace volunteerism. Resource booths provided information on opportunities and guidance for involvement. Follow-up activities, including training sessions and community outreach, were announced to ensure ongoing support for volunteers.
Through this program, we expect to foster a culture of empathy and social responsibility. Education, environmental sustainability, and support for the underprivileged are areas where we anticipate positive impacts. Together, let’s become catalysts for change in our local community. This program has
inspired multitudes to join the “Youth for Change” volunteer program and make a difference.


B. Udyog Vihaar R.W.A Launches Community Mentoring Initiative for Teenagers

By Sunitha J, Correspondent for “Neighbourhood Connect” Reporting

3rd May, 20XX, Udyog Vihaar, Delhi:
The Resident Welfare Association (R.W.A) of Udyog Vihaar launched a community mentoring initiative for teenagers on January 18, 2023. The program aims to provide guidance and support to teenagers, fostering personal and professional development.
The launch event witnessed the presence of community leaders, R.W.A members, and enthusiastic teenagers from the neighborhood. Speakers emphasized the significance of mentorship and highlighted the benefits it brings, such as personal growth, skill development, and increased self-confidence.
R.W.A President Mr. Sharma expressed his commitment to nurturing the potential of young adults and empowering them to achieve their goals. The community mentoring initiative is expected to have a profound impact on the personal and professional growth of the youth in Udyog Vihaar.
This program marks a new chapter in the neighborhood’s efforts to uplift and support its teenagers. As the community comes together to mentor and inspire, a brighter future awaits Udyog Vihaar.



7. A

  1. C. Struggles of poverty
  2. False
  3. Economic struggle and disparity.
  4. The use of the phrase ‘flowers of the cities’ creates a powerful imagery of the vibrant and delicate aspects of urban life, due to continuous flow of money and resources to thrive and prevent decay.
  5. Ahead
  6. A. Commas



  1. A. Aunt Jennifer herself may feel trapped in her own life
  2. Delicate and rapid movement.
  3. B. The pattern shows tigers who are moving and jumping around all over the fabric.
  4. True
  5. The lines highlight the subjugation of women, the influence of gender roles, and the liberating aspects of imagination and escapism.
  6. Aunt Jennifer’s tigers prance across a screen, bright topaz denizens of a world of green, symbolising masculine strength and resilience against any social constraints.

8. A.

  1. A depletion in the ozone layer can affect the activities of phytoplankton, which serve as the primary food source for marine animals and birds in Antarctica. This disruption in phytoplankton can have consequences on the entire marine ecosystem and the global carbon cycle.
  2. A. It is a perfect place to study potential consequences of little change on the entire ecosystem.
  3. Phytoplankton, through the process of photosynthesis, are crucial for sustaining the entire Southern Ocean’s food chain and maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem.
  4. The writing style of the extract can be called informative because it presents factual information about Antarctica, phytoplankton, and their environmental impact in a clear and straightforward manner.



  1. the presence of a tiger in the hillside village.
  2. B. 100 tigers
  3. The ferocious nature of tigers.
  4. The line is an example of contrast as it juxtaposes the difficulty of finding a live tiger with the comparative ease of finding something as rare and elusive as tiger’s milk.

9. A

  1. Learning the lessons
    Considering books a nuisance.
  2. C. Because M. Hamel was going away and they would never see him again.
  3. old friends.
  4. The line “Oh, how sorry I was for not learning my lessons, for seeking birds’ eggs, or going sliding on the Saar!” suggests that the protagonist regrets his past choices and activities.
  5. The term “M. Hamel” indicates the name of the protagonist’s French teacher.
  6. D. Reflections on Farewell



  1. Based on the given lines, the writer’s emotion appears to be a mix of concern, frustration, and empathy. The writer is likely trying to address a group of young men who are trapped in an endless cycle of exploitation by middlemen.
  2. D. All of the above
  3. One possible consequence of the lack of leadership among the group of young men is their inability to even think of alternative perspectives and solutions.
  4. “Their fathers are as tired as they are.”
  5. B. Fear of legal repercussions
  6. middlemen


  1. The makeup room is illuminated by numerous incandescent bulbs which produce intense fiery heat.
    Artists had to face exorbitant heat as they had to sit there for makeup and feel extremely hot and uncomfortable in perspiration. They were helpless and could hardly do anything in this regard.
  2. Umberto Eco’s style of writing can be considered as an academic writing style. It is personal, informal, and playful, and his research stories are filled with all the trials and errors, so that even his research work is said to have the uniqueness of creative writing and reading, and which makes it not only informative but also gripping and interesting.
  3. The lines express Aunt Jennifer’s suppressed plight and anger against patriarchal society, Aunt Jennifer chooses to embroider tigers on the panel. The nature of tigers symbolizes strength and fearlessness which are nothing but her aspirations buried under her meek nature because of which she has suffered endlessly till her death relieved her from this ordeal.
  4. The metaphor of the rattrap signifies that the world can easily trap people by setting baits for them. Whenever someone is tempted by the luxuries, he ends up being caught in a dangerous trap of dishonest dealings and then followed by the fear of being caught. The story stresses on the fact that most human beings are prone to fall into the trap of material benefit.
  5. Douglas recounts a harrowing experience of almost drowning while learning to swim at the Y.M.C.A. pool. He intended to make a big jump as soon as his feet touched the bottom of the pool, rise to the surface, but the pool appeared to be 90 feet deep instead of the actual 9 feet. He began searching for rope, a ladder, and water wings. But all he could see was only the yellowish water all around him.
    He was dying of suffocation. He tried to yell, but nothing came out of his mouth. His eyes and nose emerged from the water, but his mouth did not. Douglas flailed at the water’s surface. His legs stiffened, and became paralyzed. His lungs and legs were both throbbing with pain. He began to feel dizzy. He couldn’t move his legs or arms. He shook with fear. He wished he could call for assistance, but he was unable to do so.
  6. A good leader is a truthful, honest, ethical person who possesses an indomitable spirit of service and sacrifice. They does not consider solely in terms of class, caste, or any other discriminatory criteria. They are is committed to working for the welfare of others.


  1. The two stories presented in the “Memories of Childhood” are based on two different societies far apart.
    Two successful writers who grew up in underprivileged communities reflect on harrowing experience of childhood. They consider how they interacted with the majority and their mainstream culture. Zitkala recalled a horrific account when she was made to feel disgusting in her own eyes by being stripped of the blanket that covered her shoulders just because she was a woman who belonged to Native American culture and even her beautiful thick braid was gnawed off by scissors. Bama draws attention to the humiliations endured by the untouchables, who were considered inferior and never accorded any respect or dignity. The discrimination endured by people due to differences in man-made social strata is the overarching theme that connects the two of them.
  2. Mr. Lamb depended on numerous things to deal with his loneliness. Among these are: some of his crab apples, weeds, spiders ascending silken ladders, and tall sunflowers. Additionally, he enjoys conversation and companionship. He keeps bees in a hive. He overhears their singing. He reads while relaxing in the sunshine. Both the bright and the dark appeal to him. Through open windows, he hears the wind since they either shut things in or shut things out, there are no curtains at the windows. These are the methods Mr. Lamb employs to combat his loneliness.
  3. In the case of Hana, the obligation was mainly altruistic in addition to the appreciation of his husband’s sense of duty and professional ethics. For this she does everything with grace and dignity, from handling the unrest among her domestic workers to being compelled to perform all household
    chores herself. Despite the fact that it wasn’t her job, she washed and fed the soldier. The soldier quickly recovered thanks to her care. The anecdote also makes it clear that she respected her husband and took care of the American soldier out of a feeling of obligation. It shows that Hana was loving,
    thoughtful, and sensitive.

12. A
Dear Kamla,
In your poignant verses, I sensed the weight of emotions that engulfed you as you gazed upon your mother. Your words reflect the familiar ache of childhood fears resurfacing, making it difficult to express the depth of what lies within your heart.
In moments like these, poetry becomes our refuge, allowing us to pour our souls and emotions in the verses. Do embrace the power of language to encapsulate those unspoken sentiments, for through poetry, we can paint the most profound emotions with words that dance like music.
Be gentle with yourself, dear Kamla, and let the verses guide you through the labyrinth of emotions.
Your ability to capture soft and subtle human experiences through poetry is a gift to the world. Embrace the pain, the nostalgia, and the love, for they are the palette from which your artistry flourishes.
With heartfelt admiration,
Pablo Neruda


My dear colleagues,
Today, I stand before you to shed light on the plight of the disadvantaged, inspired by Robert Frost’s “The Roadside Stand.” In this thoughtful poem, we are reminded of the significant wealth gap that exists between the rich and the poor.
Frost’s words resonate with the harsh reality faced by many who struggle day in and day out to make ends meet. Although they are the invisible pillars of our society, yet their plight and their voices often go unheard.
As we immerse ourselves in our own pursuits, let us not forget those who lack the privileges that we take for granted. Let us extend a helping hand to those in need and be compassionate towards their struggles. Together, we can work towards a world where everyone has equal opportunities for growth and prosperity.
Let Frost’s poignant portrayal of the roadside stand be a constant reminder of the disparities that exist and the urgent need for empathy and support. Let us make an earnest endeavour to bridge this gap of disparity and make this world a happy place for all.
Thank you for giving a patient hearing.

13. A. 
Oh, the irony! Today, I have witnessed a spectacle that perfectly shows the nature of the rich and powerful kings of these times.
Today, the Tiger King’s reign of irony and cruelty to tigers finally came to an end.
In a desperate attempt to defy a prophecy, he mindlessly slaughtered countless tigers. Yet, fate’s cruel humour prevailed. The mighty king was felled not by a living tiger, but by a wooden toy. As he played with his son, a jagged splinter pierced his hand, leading to his demise after the onset of an infection that flared into a suppurating sore all over his right arm.
Oh, the folly of the rich and powerful! They seek dominion over all, amassing wealth and wielding their power. But in their arrogance, they become puppets to fate, mocked by their own illusions of control.
The Tiger King’s lavish palaces and grand displays crumbled beneath the weight of a simple splinter.
Let this be a lesson, a cautionary tale of the fragility of power. No matter how formidable they may appear, the rich and powerful are mere mortals, subject to the whims of destiny. And nothing can stop you from facing joys and sorrows written in your destiny.


Date: 28/04/20XX
Times: 11:05 p.m.
Today, I have witnessed the transformative power of love and compassion. Amid the chaos of World War II, an injured American soldier crossed my path, challenging my prejudices and misplaced sense of patriotism. Despite the risks, I chose to prioritize humanity over enmity and national pride, tending to his wounds and providing shelter.
As my actions infringed societal expectations of loyalty to my country, I faced opposition and abandonment. Yet, in those crucial moments, a profound realisation took hold of me. I recognised that our shared humanity transcends national boundaries and differences.
Love and compassion became my guiding principles, dispelling the shackles of prejudice. I chose to save a life rather than perpetuate hatred by handing over the poor young American to the authorities.
Today, I stand reaffirmed in the belief that love can bridge national bounderies and foster understanding that we are one human race on the Earth. Through acts of kindness, we can reshape our world and embrace our shared humanity for the common good.
With renewed purpose,
Dr. Sadao

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