Oswal Practice Papers CBSE Class 12 English Core Solutions (Practice Paper - 9)


Reading Skills 

1 .

  1. B. no one stared at him.
  2. C. Heaven Lake
  3. As the author climbed higher, the weather turned in hospitable. It started raining, making the weather extremely cold. He had not brought anything warm to wear. To add to his discomfort, the bus window was also leaking. He desperately wished that he had brought something warmen to wear.
  4. B. a shining prism
  5. D. there were thick quilts on the bed.
  6. B. The stream changed into a white torrent as they climbed higher
  7. The leaking window was uncomfortable to him because through it came in bitter cold but at the same time it provided solace to his soul revealing the beautiful view. So, the statement is ironic.
  8. A. Ironic
  9. Mr. Cao asks the cook, “when was the last one?” He wants to ask when was the last time when a person drowned in the lake. The intent was to dissuade the narrator from swimming as even a Beifing athlete had drowned in the lake.

2 .

  1. the easy availability of internet has been a catalyst for transformation in education. It provides a diverse pool of information and knowledge. The internet has broken all geographical barriers, helping students learn at their own pace from experts worldwide.
  2. C. 2 and 3
  3. ‘incredible’
  4. C. Option (3)
  5. B. 2 and 4
  6. A. Never using the internet for work and leisure
  7. True
  8. C. More than 50% respondents stated enjoying both versions of books for leisure reading.


Creative Writing Skills

3. A

Vidyapeeth Public School

08 July 20XX

Book Exchange Event at BookNook!

Our school is organising Diabetes Awareness Walk to create awareness about diabetes. All the students and club members are invited to join us for walk on Word Diabetes Day.
Event Details:
Date: 15 July
Time: 7 a.m.
Starting point: School Assembly Ground
Destination: Sports Complex, Dwarka
For efficient organization of the event, please confirm your participation to your class teacher in time.
Refreshment will be provided by the school. For any further query, please contact the undersigned.
Health Club



D.V. Engligh School

08 July 20XX

Excursion to Lonavala

An excursion to Lonavala near Mumbai has been planned for students of classes IXth to XIIth during autumn holidays this year. It will be a five-day trip. The cost of stay in hotel, meals and sightseeing is `8,000 per student. Those interested in going should give their names to the sports teacher before 15 July 2023 and deposit their money at the school office before the end of the month. For any further queries, please contact the undersigned.
Head Girl

4. A

Worldwide Publisher’s Association takes immense pleasure in inviting Mr. Aravindhan Choudhary to inaugurate the World Book Fair on December 26, 20XX at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. Awaiting a favourable response from your end.
Anu Verma
Worldwide Publisher’s Association.



29/A Nirman Vihar
New Delhi
15 December 20XX
Dear Jaimy Jackson
Thank you for inviting me to attend your Christmas party on December 24, 20XX, at S- 45, Green Park. I am absolutely delighted to accept your kind invitation. Eagerly looking forward to rejoicing with you in the auspicious celebration of Christmas.
Wishing you a wonderful holiday.
With warm wishes,
Ritu Sharma

5. A.
27 Vayu Vihar
8 Oct., 20XX
The Manager
Food Processing Unit
Subject: Application for the post of Receptionist
With reference to your advertisement in the Hindustan Times dated 6 October 20XX, I come to know that you are looking for a receptionist. I wish to offer myself as a suitable candidate for the aforesaid post. I have the required skill needed for it. My communication skills are excellent. As for my qualification, I have attached detailed biodata along with this application.
If given a chance, I assure you that I will give my best.
Hoping for your favourable response.
Yours truly,
Encl. 1 Merit Certificates
2 Resume/ Biodata
Name – Shilpa
Father’s Name – Deepak Kumar
Sex – Female
Date of Birth – 8 September 2002
Nationality – Indian
Marital Status – Single
Address – D 27 Vayu Vihar, Hyderabad
Contact No – 9810346782
Educational Qualification:

Name of Examination Year of Passing Name of Boar Pass Percentage
1. AISSE 2018 CBSE 75
2. AISSCE 2020 CBSE 73
3. BFA 2022 BA 78

Languages known – Hindi, English
Skills and Strengths – Computer literate, fluent in English, good soft skills and communication skills, good in dealing with people.
(i) Sh. V. Anand, H.O.D. English Department, Anurag University, Hyderabad
(ii) Sh. R.K. Sareen, Advisor, University of Hyderabad


F 104 Mahindra Apartment
Vikaspuri, New Delhi
15 July 20XX
The Editor
The Hindustan Times
B – 34 Connaught Place
New Delhi 110001
Subject: Strong protest against the hard-core marketing targeted children
Through the columns of your esteemed daily, I want to express my deep concern regarding the distressing and manipulative marketing practices targeted at children.
Children are vulnerable and easily get influenced by these techniques employed in advertising campaigns. Advertisers target children with the aim of promoting their products and making profits.
These techniques create desires and cravings in children, promote materialism and encourage excessive craving for non-essential goods. These advertisements exploit them emotionally, making them feel low if they can’t have the latest products endorsed by celebrities.These strategies undermine parental authority and children’s cognitive development. They can’t distinguish between genuine needs and unnecessary desires.
Focus should be on using responsible advertisements which prioritise well-being of children. There should be comprehensive guidelines for advertising content ensuring that these are aligned with ethical standards.
It is the moral obligation of all parents to protect children from this menace and create an environment that promotes their holistic well-being.
Yours sincerely,


By Priya/Piyush

15 June, 20XX, APC School, Agra: A seminar on the topic “The Rising Prices Create a Crisis” was organised by Commerce Association of the Vidyalaya for students of class XII on 8 July 20XX in the school auditorium. The speaker was the renowned economist Mr. Jai Kishore Bansal.
In the inaugural speech, the principal gave a warm welcome speech apprising the students of the achievements of the guest. Then Mr. Bansal addressed the students and talked about the causes, consequences, and potential solutions to this crisis of rising prices.
He explained that surge in prices can be attributed to many factors like inflation, imbalance in supply and demand, and fluctuation in energy costs, transportation etc.
He elaborated on the consequences, due to unabated price rise which were challenging, leading to poverty, inequality, and reduced standard of living.
He coaxed the students to come up with ideas that could provide solutions, thus making it an interactive and lively session. Students also willingly participated and suggested that enhancing productivity,
consumer education, and price regulation could be some of the solutions to the issue of rising prices.
Mr. Bansal was impressed by the sharp responses of the students. He concluded his talk by saying that it is crucial that we remain informed and engaged and advocate for responsible economic policies that take care of all members of society.
The seminar ended with a vote of thanks advocated by Mr. Jha, Head of the Department of Commerce.



By Priya/Piyush

India is a leading destination for medical tourism. With its advanced infrastructure, worldclass medical facilities and skilled doctors, it has become a preferred choice for patients seeking quality treatment at affordable cost.
Medical tourism is important, and it offers benefits to both patients as well as the healthcare centres.
The reason why patients choose India for their treatment is the cost effectiveness of the treatment. It is 60 to 80 % cheaper here without making any compromise on quality. Patients get excellent medical care and advanced treatment which is at par with global standards.
Renowned for its pool of highly skilled doctors, India has gained international recognition because of its doctors’ expertise. To add to this, India offers treatments and procedures across various disciplines like cardiology, orthopaedics, oncology, cosmetic surgery etc.
Above all in India medical tourists benefit because patients waiting time is minimal due to wide network of health professionals. This allows patients to receive timely treatment and facilitates a faster recovery process.
With further advancement in healthcare technology and the government support, India is poised to further enhance its position as a global hub for medical tourism.



7. A

  1. B. Hopeful
  2. Oppression endured (Any other relevant)
  3. C. concerned eyes
  4. A. Her strength and ability of not giving up in the face of difficulties
  5. prancing
  6. ‘Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by.’



  1. Beautiful things
  2. C. i Everlasting joy ii. Its loveliness increases
  3. A pleasant place in the shade of trees
  4. B. Alliteration
  5. ‘it will never pass into nothingness’.
  6. D. To continue our lives happily despite the sadness that surrounds us.

8. A.

  1. life
  2. D. 1, 4 and 5
  3. ‘temporary refuge from reality’
  4. C. contribution to a pleasant work environment



  1. C. Options (i) and (iii)
  2. B. the place is left uncared for
  3. that Sadao wants him to escape / to save him
  4. humane values

9. A

  1. D. All the above
  2. French was not taught anymore.
  3. D. Because the teacher explained patiently and the narrator listened carefully.
  4. Patience
  5. B. The teacher didn’t explain the lesson.
  6. Very seriously, patiently, and diligently.



  1. A. the pathetic condition of her home
  2. incongruity
  3. A. 1 and 3
  4. impractical / not realistic
  5. D. 1, 4
  6. Sophie’s father


  1. Selma Lagerlof in The Rattrap tells story in a fairytale manner. Her descriptions are very vivid. She makes use of Swedish words. Her narrative style is very interesting and gripping. Her portrayal of struggles and poverty ridden individual selling rattrap is full of sensitivity and replete with deep insights of human reaction to poverty.
  2. This handicap that stayed with him filled him with fear of drowing. Because of this handicap all his fishing trips were ruined. Whenever he stepped into water, fear haunted him taking possession of him completely. It made his leg go paralysed and icy, horror would grab his heart which deprived him of the joy of boating, canoeing, and swimming.
  3. The city folk did not stop at the roadside stand to buy anything. But they had a complaint that the ugly looking shop on the roadside ruined the beauty of the landscape due to its badly painted signboards.
  4. “See you soon Amma and smile and smile” – these are the last two lines of the poem. They signify the poet’s efforts to deliberately remain positive and cheerful in the face of her approaching separation from her mother and her fear of losing her.
  5. Many celebrities feel disturbed and intruded by interviews. Many of them feel that it is an unwelcome interference into their private life and they feel embarrassed of being lionised by the outside world and feel awkward with people clamouring to get acquainted with them. Though some others think it as an art, it can lead to loss of freedom to move in public as a non-entity.
  6. According to Pablo Neruda, a huge silence can prevent human beings from becoming megalomaniacs rushing into committing destructive activities, causing danger to themselves and the world, and creating unhappiness.


  1. Kalki indirectly comments on subjecting innocent animals to unwarranted cruelty due to the thoughtlessness of human beings through the character of Maharaja, who takes upon himself the mission of killing hundred tigers on the basis of an astrologer’s prediction that he will die because of the hundredth tiger.
  2. Zitkala-Sa refused to give in to the forceful cutting of her long hair. She tried to hide. And when she was caught, she resisted by kicking and scratching. In spite of all her efforts, she was forcefully dragged out of the room, tied fast in a chair and her hair was cut.
  3. The statement refers to the importance of single celled plants called phytoplankton which are found in Antarctic Ocean. They sustain the entire food chain. The depletion in the ozone layer could be very harmful and affect the activities of these plants leading to endangering the rest of the food chain. In turn this might upset the Global carbon cycle too.

12. A
Good morning, everyone.
Today I am here to speak about a concept that lies at the core of our existence – FREEDOM. The lesson ‘Indigo’ shows the value of freedom.
Freedom can be defined as the power or right to act, speak or think without any restriction.
The lesson Indigo brings to light the struggle for freedom endured by indigo farmers during colonial era. Farmers were exploited and denied their basic rights. It also portrays their indomitable spirit to fight for freedom.
In fact, freedom extends beyond political boundaries. It affects various aspects of our life – intellectual, social and emotional and dignified livelihood. It empowers us to express our opinion, pursue our dreams and live a life of dignity.
However, with freedom comes responsibility. We must use our freedom to uplift and support one another creating an inclusive and harmonious environment.
The lesson reminds us that freedom is not easily won. It requires courage and perseverance. Let us all strive to uphold and protect the cherished freedom in our lives and lives of others.
Thank you.


Dear citizens,
I write to you today as Anees Jung, inspired by the story of Lost Spring. This tale sheds light on the heart-breaking realities faced by children and bangle makers in our society. It urges us to break our silence and awaken our conscience and help the downtrodden.
There are countless children who are deprived of cosy and well-fed childhood, education, and basic rights. They are trapped in a vicious circle of poverty and deprivation. They are not able to break the shackles because of iron grip of unfortunate circumstances.
Hence, we all need to raise our voice on the issue and support organisations working to improve their lives. Volunteer your time, skills, and resources to uplift these unfortunate urchins.
In conclusion, I implore everyone to take a stand for the downtrodden. Let us break free from the chain of indifference. Together we can bring light to the lives of those deprived of basic rights.
Yours sincerely,
Anees Jung

13. A. 
20 May, 20XX
It has been years since the war ended. As I sit here, I feel overwhelming sense of gratitude for the couple who saved my life – Sadao and Hana.
I vividly remember the time when I had sustained wounds in war, there was no hope left for me. But fate helped, leading me to the doorstep of Sadao and Hana.
Sadao, a skilled Japanese surgeon, and Hana, his wife took me in despite the risks they faced harboring an enemy soldier. Through countless surgeries, painful rehabilitation, and support, Sadao led me to the path of recovery. Hana, his wife fully supported him. I owe them my life.
Years have passed since those days of turmoil, but I am very grateful that I personally witnessed the healing power of humanity. By writing this diary entry I want to honour their memory and wish that humanity may always win!
With gratitude and renewed sense of faith in humanity,


Dear diary,
Today, I find myself reflecting on the incredible impact that Mr. Lamb had on my life. I feel deep gratitude and admiration towards him. When I first met him, I was skeptical. But something about his warm smile and gentle demeanor compelled me to engage in conversation. As the conversation unfolded, I found immense kindness and wisdom in him. He could see beyond the surface and connect with others on a profound level.
I found the power of empathy and understanding in his conversations. He treated me as an equal who deserved all the love, respect, and happiness. He not only changed my perspective of life but also opened my heart to possibilities of genuine human connection.
Now I am way above the world of judgement and isolation. I feel fulfilled and will strive to be a beacon of light for others as he has been for me.

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