NCERT English Book Class 12 2024-25

Class 12 English NCERT Book (2024-25) is the best guide for students who want to score the maximum marks in their last year of schooling. This book is designed to provide an ideal combination of prose, poetry, and drama so that learners gain more knowledge of the English language and literature.

When reading this book, you will be exposed to various literary terms and techniques from the classical period to the present. NCERT 12 English text is intended for critical-thinking improvement, vocabulary development, and analytical thinking necessary for passing exams and future academic years. Let us explore the benefits and outcomes of the Class 12 English NCERT Book.

NCERT English Book Class 12 – PDF Free Download

NCERT books have numerous benefits, but one of them is popularity, which makes them easy to find. The Class 12 English NCERT Book is available in PDF format, allowing you to be flexible with your study location and time. These NCERT Class 12 English PDFs can be downloaded from the official NCERT website and other educational sites without any cost. It guarantees that every student can have all the required materials, being available online for free.

How To Download NCERT English Books For Class 12?

The process of downloading the Class 12 English NCERT Book is very simple. Here are the basic steps you need to follow to get your copy:

  1. Visit the Official NCERT Website:
  2. Go to the ‘Publication’ tab and choose ‘PDF (I-XII)’ from the list of options.
  3. Select Your Class and Subject i.e., Select ‘Class 12’ and then click on ‘English’.
  4. Select the link of the required textbook (e.g. ‘Flamingo’, ‘Vistas’) and get the file in PDF format.

You can also get these Class 12 English NCERT Book PDFs from other educational websites such as Oswal Publishers or by simply searching on Google.

NCERT Books for Class 12 English - Chapter-wise

The NCERT English Class 12 textbooks are called ‘Flamingo’ and ‘Vistas’. All the books are related to English literature and language though each of them deals with different aspects of the subject.

Flamingo Chapters

  1. The Last Lesson
  2. Lost Spring
  3. Deep Water
  4. The Rattrap
  5. Indigo
  6. Poets and Pancakes
  7. The Interview
  8. Going Places
  9. My Mother at Sixty-Six
  10. An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
  11. Keeping Quiet
  12. A Thing of Beauty
  13. A Roadside Stand
  14. Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Vistas Chapters

  1. The Third Level
  2. The Tiger King
  3. Journey to the End of the Earth
  4. The Enemy
  5. Should Wizard Hit Mommy?
  6. On the Face of It
  7. Evans Tries an O-Level
  8. Memories of Childhood

These chapters aim to introduce students to different styles and forms of writing and improve their literacy and analytical abilities in the NCERT 12 English Book.

Download NCERT Book for Class 12 Kaleidoscope English Chapter-wise PDF

Download NCERT Book for Class 12 Flamingo English Chapter-wise PDF

Download NCERT Book for Class 12 Vistas English Chapter-wise PDF

Importance of NCERT English Textbooks for Class 12

Here are some important points that explain why it is essential for the Class 12 students to use the Class 12 English NCERT Book PDF:  

  1. Authentic Literary Sources: The 12th English NCERT Book consists of reading materials of famous authors and poets that expose standard literature sources.
  2. Diverse Literary Forms: The NCERT English Class 12 PDF encompasses various categories of literature, such as poems, prose, plays, and essays, enabling the students to gain insight into these categories of literature.
  3. Literary Devices Explained: The NCERT Class 12 English Textbook also helps to describe different figures of speech, such as the use of metaphors, similes, and personification in literary works, which improves the skills of literary analysis.
  4. Contextual Understanding: Each chapter provides background information and context about the text and the author, which helps readers comprehend the text better.
  5. Language Proficiency: Reading frequently and doing exercises will enhance vocabulary and grammar, which are crucial to mastering the language.
  6. Critical Thinking Skills: Generative questions and assignments help the students develop their perspectives on the texts analytically.
  7. Skill Development: By reading NCERT Books PDF Class 12 English, students can practice writing, comprehending, and analysing skills as there are activities and assignments at the end of every chapter.

Why Use NCERT Book for Class 12 English?

It is recommended to use the Class 12 English NCERT book because it covers the CBSE syllabus properly and thus prepares learners for exams. The chapters such as “The Last Lesson” and “The Third Level” are also important for the comprehension of the main themes and ideas. Also, Oswal Publishers has an ideal guide to accompany NCERT books and provide extra information for more practice, which is beneficial for students striving for better grades and an enhanced understanding of literature.

FAQs on NCERT English Books for Class 12 

Ans: Yes, NCERT books are very helpful in preparing for exams. They give a clear outline of the syllabus’s contents and contain a large number of exercises and questions that are frequently used in board exams. The PDFs also benefit students as they can retrieve the material at any time, making revision easier.

Ans: In order to benefit from the NCERT books, first read through the entire chapter; second, take notes of all the significant points; and third, solve exercises provided at the end of every chapter. In addition, referring back to the summary and the key points that are often given towards the end of the book can also serve this purpose.

Ans: The NCERT Class 12 English Textbook PDF Downloads are divided into “Flamingo” and “Vistas.” The syllabus includes 22 chapters: 14 for Flamingo and 8 for Vistas.

Ans: However, all chapters are significant, although “The Last Lesson” and “Deep Water” from “Flamingo” and “The Third Level” from “Vistas” are demanded more often because they are usually presented in exams, as well as they are significant to study.

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