CBSE Class 12 History Syllabus 2023-24

CBSE has released the Latest Updated Syllabus for the New Academic Session 2023-24 on March 31st, 2023, for class 12.

CBSE Board has released the latest Class 12 History syllabus which is to be strictly followed. Below please find our detailed analysis of Board Paper pattern, Unit-wise summary for the New Session 2023-24.

We have also updated Oswal Gurukul Books as per the Latest Paper Pattern prescribed by Board for each Subject Curriculum.

Students can directly access the CBSE History Syllabus for Class 12 of the academic year 2023-24 by clicking on the link below.

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CBSE Class 12 History Latest Syllabus 2023-24

S. No Part Period Marks
1 Themes in Indian History Part--I 60 25
2 Themes in Indian History Part--II 60 25
3 Themes in Indian History Part -- III 60 25
4 Map 15 05
Total 195 80

CBSE Class 12 History Syllabus 2023-24: Unit-wise Summary

Themes in Indian History Part—I 25 Marks
Theme No. Theme Title Periods Marks
1 Bricks, Beads and Bones
The Harappa Civilisation
15 25
2 Kings, Farmers and Towns
Early States and Economies (c.600 BCE600 CE)
3 Kingship, Caste and class
Early Societies (c. 600 BCE600 CE)
4 Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings
Cultural Developments (c. 600 BCE600 CE)
Themes in Indian History Part—II 25 Marks
5 Through the eyes of Travellers
Perceptions of Society (c. tenth to seventeenth centuries)
15 25
6 Bhakti-Sufi Traditions
Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts (c. eighth to eighteenth centuries)
7 An Imperial Capital – Vijayanagar (c. fourteenth to sixteenth centuries) 15
8 Peasants, zamindars and the States Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire (c. sixteenth-seventeenth centuries) 15
Themes in Indian History Part—III 25 Marks
Theme No. Theme Title Periods Marks
09 Colonialism and The Countryside
Exploring Official Archives
15 25
10 Rebels and Raj
1857 Revolt and its Representations
11 Mahatma Gandhi and the National Movement
Civil Disobedience and Beyond
12 Framing of the Constitution
The Beginning of a New Era
Including Map work of the related Themes 15 05
Theory Total 80
Project Work 25 20
TOTAL 220 100

List of Maps

S. No Page No. Part – I Maps
1 2 Mature Harappan sites: Harappa, Banawali, Kalibangan, Balakot, Rakhigarhi, Dholavira, Nageshwar, Lothal, Mohenjodaro, Chanhudaro, KotDiji.
2 3 Mahajanapada and cities: Vajji, Magadha, Kosala, Kuru, Panchala, Gandhara, Avanti, Rajgir, Ujjain, Taxila, Varanasi.
3 33 Distribution of Ashokan inscriptions:
  • Pillar inscriptions – Sanchi, Topra, Meerut Pillar and Kaushambi.
  • Kingdom of Cholas, Cheras and Pandyas.
4 33 Important kingdoms and towns:
  • Kushanas, Shakas, Satavahanas, Vakatakas,Guptas
  • Cities/towns: Mathura, Kanauj, Puhar, Braghukachchha, Shravasti, Rajgir, Vaishali, Varanasi,Vidisha
5 95 Major Buddhist Sites: Nagarjunakonda, Sanchi, Amaravati, Lumbini, Bharhut, Bodh Gaya, Ajanta
S. No Page No. Part II - Maps
6 174 Bidar, Golconda, Bijapur, Vijayanagar, Chandragiri, Kanchipuram, Mysore, Thanjavur, Kolar, Tirunelveli
7 214 Territories under Babur, Akbar and Aurangzeb:
  • Delhi, Agra, Panipat, Amber, Ajmer, Lahore, Goa.
S. No Page No. Part III - Maps
8 287 Territories/cities under British Control in1857: Punjab, Sindh, Bombay, Madras Berar, Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Surat, Calcutta, Patna, Allahabad
9 260 Main centres of the Revolt of 1857: Delhi, Meerut, Jhansi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Azamgarh, Calcutta, Benaras, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Agra, Awadh
10 Important centres of the National Movement: Champaran, Kheda, Ahmedabad, Benaras, Amritsar, Chauri Chaura, Lahore, Bardoli, Dandi, Bombay (Quit India Resolution), Karachi

CBSE Class 12 History Question Paper Design 2023-24

Book MCQ SA LA Source Based Map Total
No of questions MM No of questions MM No of questions MM No of questions MM Theory Internal
Part I 7 1 2 3 1 8 1 4 25
Part II 7 1 2 3 1 8 1 4 25
Part III 7 1 2 3 1 8 1 4 25
Map 05 05
Project 80 20
Total 7x 3=21 6x 3=18 3x 8= 24 3x4=12 1x5=5 100 marks

Weightage Based On Competencies

Competencies Marks %
Knowledge Remembering previously learned material by recalling facts, terms, basic concepts, and answers,
Understanding demonstrating understanding of facts and ideas by organizing, translating, interpreting, giving descriptions and stating main ideas.
Applying and Analyzing: applying acquired knowledge, facts, techniques and rules and solving the problems. 24 30
Formulating, Evaluating and Creating skills: Examining, making inferences and finding evidence to support generalizations; Presenting and defending opinions by making judgments about information and piling information 12 15
Map skills 05 6.25

Internal Assessment

Project Work

MM - 20

The Changes for Class 12 (2023-24) Year-end Board Examinations are as under:

Particulars Academic Session 2022-23 Academic Session 2023-24
Composition of question paperyear-end examination/ Board Examination (Theory)
  • Competency Based Questions are 30% in the form of Multiple-Choice Questions, Case Based Questions, Source Based Integrated Questions or any other type.
  • Objective Question are 20%
  • Remaining 50% Questions are Short Answer/Long Answer Questions
  • Competency Focused Questions in the form of MCQs/Case Based Questions, Source-based Integrated Questions or any other type = 40%
  • Select response type questions(MCQ) = 20%
  • Constructed response questions (Short Answer Questions/Long Answer type Questions, as per existing pattern) = 40%

2022-23 Reduced Syllabus

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