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How to Calculate CUET Score? 

tips on how to calculate cuet score

How to calculate CUET score? You might wonder this as you prepare to take the CUET UG exams soon. The great news is, the agency has introduced a percentile method for a comprehensive and transparent exam process. It’s easier to determine individual ranks now with this method. CUET 2023 exam date is between the 21st and 31st of May. 

One of the most coveted competitive exams in India, lakhs of students appear for the Common Entrance University Test to pursue bachelor’s and Master’s courses in their favourite universities. 

Once the results are out, you can download your scorecard from the National Testing Agency CUET website. You might have many questions about CUET score calculation. Worry no more! This article covers the detailed steps to calculate your CUET score and percentile. 

Sounds helpful? Read on! 

Overview of CUET Score Calculation

The Common University Entrance Test will take place on multiple days in three shifts each. Every session shall have separate question sets for the aspirants. Hence, maintaining equivalent difficulty levels in question sets might not be possible. Like, if you appeared for the harder set, your marks could be lower than the ones in the easier set. 

Hey, you don’t need to worry! To avoid these situations, the CUET normalization process is here. Based on your percentile score, the normalization process will ensure that you don’t have either of the benefit or disadvantages of the question paper difficulty level. 

The normalization process offers a transparent field to check student merits and allocate ranks without discrepancies. 

Let us discuss in detail the CUET percentile and how to calculate CUET score. 

CUET Score Calculation

CUET Score Calculation Methodology 

Discussing how to calculate percentile in CUET, needs you to know the exam marking scheme. A clear understanding will help you to prepare the sections accordingly.

For every correct answer, you’ll earn five marks. Is there any CUET negative marking in 2023? Unfortunately, yes! A wrong attempt will cost you a mark. There is no reward or deduction for unattempted questions. 

The subject-wise scoring pattern is tabulated below. It will help you understand how to calculate a CUET score better. 

Slot 1
SubjectsNo. of questions to be attemptedMarks per questionTotal marks 
Language (any one of the 13 languages chosen in Section IA) 40 out of 505200
Domain Specific Subject (Maximum 2)35/40 out of 45/505200
General Test 50 out of 7605300

Slot 2
Test/SubjectNo. of questions to be attemptedMarks per questionTotal marks 
Language [any one of the remaining 12 languages in Section IA (if one already opted for in slot 1 and 1 from Section IB – as applicable)]40 out of 505200
Domain Specific Subjects (Maximum 4 subjects)40 out of 505200

The marks are calculated based on the candidates’ total secured score in the examination. The usual CUET percentile is between 0-100. Check out the formula below to understand CUET’s total marks calculation. 

Steps to Calculate CUET Score 

The most anticipated section is here. We will examine how to calculate CUET score with a step-by-step process to help you in this regard. 

Let’s find out how you can finish the CUET score calculation based on your percentile. 


How to calculate CUET Score? It can be a little tricky for students but we will break down the steps for you. Now, the CUET score has two aspects. Raw Score and CUET Percentile. 

Raw Score: Raw Score is the total number of correct answers after deducting the number of incorrect answers. 

Percentile: Percentile is a number that you get after calculating your raw score in comparison with other students who appeared for the same test. 

How to Calculate CUET Score

CUET 2023 Percentile Score is a number that is achieved after you calculate the CUET percentile by dividing the number of students who scored equal to or below your score by the total number of candidates taking the exam and then multiplying it by 100. 

For example:

Suppose, 50 students scored equal to or below your score and 100 students took the exam. Then the calculation will go like:

50/100 X100 

This method of CUET score calculation helps in comparing the performance of an individual in comparison to the total number of students who took the CUET entrance exam. 

How to Download the CUET Scorecard

Step 1: Once NTA declares the results, visit the official website. 

Step 2: The page on your screen shall display an option for CUET results/scorecards. Click on it. 

Step 3: Enter your credentials correctly to display the scorecard on the screen. Click on the submit button. 

Step 4: The scorecard will be visible on your screen. Now, you can get your raw score from the scorecard. 

Step 5: Note down the total appeared candidates for the examination. 

Step 6: Next is, ranking them from highest to lowest, based on the raw scores. 

Step 7: Based on your raw score, you can locate your rank in the list. 

Step 8: Calculate your CUET percentile with the formula and tally it with last year’s cut-off scores. 

Tips to Improve Your CUET Score

tips to improve cuet score

What is a good score in CUET? Well, it depends on the question paper’s difficulty level and the cut-off marks. As the showdown is just in a few days, your preparations might be at their peak. 

How to prepare for CUET? For many students whether it’s your first attempt or you’re repeating it, a few tips can help you excel in the exams. 

1. Knowing the syllabus well 

The first step to solid preparation starts with knowing the CUET syllabus well. Insert it in your brain, if you’re to take the exam next year. If you’re already in the queue for the upcoming exam schedule, ensure revising the detailed syllabus. 

2. Take mock exams 

Just like how to calculate CUET score, how to perform great in CUET is a must question among students. One of the key methods is taking mock tests. 

The tests prepare you for the final round, give you a critical overview of the exams and help you analyze the exam structure. 

Many students have difficulty managing time even though they’re great at writing. Preparatory tests are an excellent opportunity to boost your speed and cope with the questions within the scheduled time. 

3. Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers 

Previous year question sets are goldmines. You get a brilliant idea of the probable questions, important sections, and mark allocations solving the previous year’s question sets. 

The question sets offer you an analysis of the significant question and which section needs more emphasis. Accordingly, you can prepare your study routine and invest your time in the respective topics. 

4. Following the best materials 

There are plenty of materials floating in the market. Picking the right ones and a smart choice. Go for the best CUET books that serve your preparation strategy. 

The best books cover the syllabus in detail, including follow-up exercises and questions to test your knowledge. It’s a wonderful way to gauge your current standing and lets you work on the improvement areas as needed. 

5. Maintain a healthy routine during the exam weeks 

Let’s move beyond academics. It’s time to focus on your health. You must take special care while preparing for an exam. Good sleep and good food are a must during the exam weeks. Also, adequate water intake is necessary. 

A healthy routine will help you strengthen your focus on the exams. If you’re pulling regular one-nighters and not sticking to being healthy, the dizziness will consume your energy for a strong preparation. 

And, here’s the crucial part. You shouldn’t overthink during the exams. Not only it’ll hamper your concentration but will keep you anxious throughout. You have done your preparation, and have put in your best efforts! Amazing! Now it’s time to reflect on your answer sheet. Keep your cool and play the card right. 

Taking a difficult competitive exam is no cakewalk. Ensure to work hard with smarter strategies.

cuet preparation books

Wrapping Up

With that, we conclude our discussion on how to calculate CUET score. The process is easy, especially after the Normalisation method. 

As the clock keeps ticking to remind you of the upcoming CUET schedule, we wish you the best for your exams! 

FAQs on How to Calculate CUET Score

Q1. Is there any negative marking for wrong answers in CUET?

Ans. Yes, for every wrong answer, one mark is deducted. 

Q2. When is the CUET 2023 UG exam?

Ans. The CUET 2023 is scheduled between 21st May and 31st May. 

Q3. What is the formula to calculate CUET marks?

Ans. Calculating the CUET or CUET PG percentile needs you to follow this formula: 100 x the number of appeared candidates in the session with a raw score equal to or more or less than candidates / total number of appeared candidates. 

Q4. What are the total CUET Marks? 

Ans. The section-wise CUET marks are different based on the slots. 

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