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6 Last Minute Preparation Tips For Board Exams 2024

6 Last Minute Preparation Tips For Board Exams 2022

Board exams are super close, and you are super nervous? Then, you landed in the right place. As the name suggests, this post is for those preparing at the last minute. So there is no one year, six months or three months strategy. This post is especially for you, trying to make it to the end at the last minute.

So, cutting the chase and getting straight to the point (We know you don’t have enough time)

Here are the top 6 last minute preparation tips for board exams.

1. Be clear on exam pattern and marking scheme

If you are prepping at the last minute much more than completing the syllabus, your focus should be on studying in a way that helps in exams. So take the sample paper given by the board and break it into parts. Understand the type of questions and marking scheme.

2. Get 20% right

The Pareto principle says 80 % of results come from 20 % of efforts. So, instead of trying to complete the entire syllabus, look at previous years’ question papers and sample papers. Note down all the important and repetitive topics. Studying these topics first will put you in the right direction. 

3. Study the highlighted topics

Focus on the important topics first. Make creative notes for quick revision using graphs/maps. After you have completed the important chapters, look at the pending ones. Understand and do not memorise. 

4. Solve Sample Papers

Solve at least 2 sample papers to get into the exam mode. Sample papers help you to assess where you are spending the maximum time and optimize your strategy. Oswal Gurkul sample papers for CBSE, ICSE and ISC boards offer 5-7 sample papers for each subject. These sample papers curated by experts will make your preparation easier.

CBSE Sample Papers Class 10

5. Get the day before the exam right

Even a headache will spoil your exam day. So, how you carry your day and morning before the exam will heavily impact your performance.

Here are a few pointers to take care of on the day before an exam 

  • Be clear about your exam centre. Ask your family to check on it once.
  • Carefully keep your admit card and stationery in a pouch.
  • Get 7–8 hours of sound sleep.
  • Make sure you are not compromising on your diet. 
  • Stay calm to perform better.

6. Get the exam morning right

This is the last leg of the preparation: an exam morning routine.

8 tips for having a perfect exam morning

  • Do not learn any new topic.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Revise from your notes.
  • Check your admit card and stationery before leaving.
  • Leave for the exam early.
  • Do not have an extensive discussion in front of the exam hall. It will only make you nervous.
  • Examiners give the paper 10 minutes early. Use it wisely.

Now, you have all the weapons to take on the battle now. It’s time to study.

All the best. You will do well.

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