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How to Prepare for Entrance Exams after Class 12

tips on how to prepare for entrance exams

The CBSE Boards for class 12 will culminate on 5th April 2023 with the Psychology exam. However, there is no time to relax for class 12 students as the end of the CBSE examinations is the beginning of yet another phase of preparation for them. The entrance exam for admission to various universities and courses will soon begin. After appearing for their boards, class 12 students will start preparing for the entrance tests they have applied for or are planning to apply for. In this article, we will give entrance exam preparation tips to help students ace their entrance examinations.

There are many prominent entrance examinations that students across the nation prepare. The most common entrance exams after 12th are;

An Overview of the Entrance Exam after Class 12th   

entrance exam preparation

After students finish the class 12 exam, they prepare to appear for various entrance examinations according to their preferences. It is the time when they are all set to carve a path toward achieving their career goals. Entrance exams are conducted by various government and private bodies that let students get admission to a college/university/institute of their choice. Mostly, entrance exams are conducted for admission to Engineering and Medical institutes across India. 

Since last year, the CUET exam has also been conducted for students to apply for courses of their choice in all the national universities. The CUET entrance exam is accepted by many private institutes as well. Check the list of institutes accepting CUET for 2023 here. 

Entrance test preparation for most students begins from class 9 onwards as they choose the subjects they choose; that would eventually help them apply for the courses they intend to pursue after 10+2. 

Preparing for any entrance exam is not an easy nut to crack, but students diligently engross themselves in studies years before they appear for their entrance exam. In this article, we will help students grab their checklist and add important exam preparation tips to help them max their exam. 

How to Prepare For an Entrance Exam? 

Students appearing for any of the entrance exams are preparing hard for it. Be ready with your checklist. Covering the syllabus is important, but you must understand how to prepare for entrance exams. Yes, getting high merit in any entrance exam can be a tough task, but having a plan of action by following some effective entrance exam preparation tips will up your chances of achieving your goal. 

entrance exam preparation tips

Follow these tips to prepare for your entrance exam: 

  • Create an effective timetable: Time management is the first thing a student must follow. An entrance exam is your opportunity to create your destiny. Create a timetable that suits you, do not force yourself to go beyond your limits. To score well, preparing for entrance exams with a calm mind is a must.
  • Have a plan of action: Textbooks to study materials; you might have all the weapons in your armour, but you must know what to use and when. It is here that our examination preparation tips will come in handy. Divide your time well while preparing. There will be a lot of study material, including sample papers, revisions, and practice tests for every subject. Set a target for yourself for each subject according to the syllabus.
  • Mock Papers will help in entrance exam preparation: Most entrance exams are objective-type MCQ-based test papers. Practising Mock test papers will give students a fair idea about how to answer questions in time. 
  • Study Past 10 Years Sample Papers: Past year sample papers for most of the examinations are easily available. Studying them and attempting them will help you big time in appearing for your entrance exam with confidence. 
  • Notes always help: Taking notes while studying is the best thing a student can do. Written notes will not help you in your entrance exam preparation but will also keep a study matter ready for you to revise anytime. Writing what you are learning also helps in remembering. You can easily recall you’re the most crucial part of your syllabus with the help of your notes. 
  • Work on your weak points: Entrance exams are just around the corner, and most of you are done with your syllabus. But there must be some areas in your syllabus where you get stuck or struggle. The time after the boards and before your exam is the best time to prepare for your entrance exam. Use your time wisely while you work on your weak areas. 
  • Exercising helps: When it’s your entrance exam, every minute counts. But taking 10-15 minutes for a walk or some Yoga will help you concentrate more on your studies. 
  • Don’t take stress: You would hear that from everyone, but do not let jitters before the exam, worry you. It is natural to have butterflies in your stomach before anything big but do not let it hamper your mental health. Do not be harsh on yourself. Remember, your parents and friends are always there for you in every circumstance. 

Benefits of Preparing for Entrance Exam 

Preparing for entrance exams means learning all your syllabus; it is the time to introspect and understand your core competencies. You might have prepared well and are ready to crack your entrance exam, but are you ready to pursue the course you are preparing for? Are you ready to follow the career the course will prepare you for? Speculate all these questions. Talk to your parents or discuss with experts about various options in front of you. Also, a well-planned entrance exam preparation helps ease students’ stress.

iit jee entrance exam preparation books

Wrapping Up 

The entrance exam after class 12th allows every student to assess their competency and achieve their goals. It should not become a cause of stress either for students or parents. A student must prepare to win the race but must not forget that many alternate paths can take them to their goals. The entrance exams will begin soon, and a new struggle of selecting the right course and college will begin. These entrance exam tips will help you crack your entrance exam so that you get through the college and course of your choice. Click here for the list of entrance exams you can apply for after class 12.  

FAQs on How to Prepare for Entrance Exams

Q1. What is the best way to study for an entrance exam?

Entrance examinations after class 12 are the time to achieve your goals. Every student prepares hard to get through the merit list. Here are some handy tips to follow:
• Make a timetable according to your convenience.
• Manage your syllabus as per your competency in each subject. Spend maximum time on subjects that are hard for you.
• Study past years’ sample papers. 
• Make notes to revise the syllabus quickly.
• Do not forget to take breaks to calm your mind.

Q2. How to get full marks in my entrance examination?

While you appear for your entrance exam, be it NEET, IIT JEE, CUET, or any other competitive exam, remember to understand the pattern of examination. Many entrance examinations have negative markings for wrong answers. It’s better not to attempt questions to which you don’t know the answers. 

Q3. Which entrance exam is toughest?

No exam is toughest if you are well-prepared. However, many exams are considered too tough to crack. Here are some of the toughest entrance exams after 10+2 in India;
• IIT JEE (Main)
• IIT JEE (Advanced)
• National Institute of Design Entrance Exam

Q4. Why do I need to prepare for the entrance examination?

Entrance exams ensure your admission to the institute or course of your choice. Earlier, there were only Medical or Engineering entrance examinations for admission to various medical and engineering colleges in the country. But now, the government has instituted the CUET entrance examination for admission to all the national universities in India. Check the list of Institutes accepting CUET here.

Q5. How much should I score in my entrance exam to get admission?

Every entrance exam has different merit criteria for admission. Check the eligibility criteria for the entrance exam you are attempting.

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