Best Sample Papers For Class 12 Humanities Exam 2024: CBSE 36 Sample Papers

cbse class 12 sample paper humanities

Choosing Humanities in your 12th  is a decision worth celebrating! Far from being a subject of disdain, Humanities offers a rich and enlightening educational experience. Students of Humanities are often highly intelligent, deeply insightful, and uniquely positioned to understand and engage with the world in meaningful ways.

If you are a student preparing for your board exam 2024, you must have already started with your study practices. To help you score your desired marks, here is a study resource about the CBSE sample paper class 12 Humanitiesyou must have. 

Gurukul’s 36 Sample Question Papers Humanities Stream, a book containing CBSE sample papers Class 12 Humanities with solutions. It has CBSE previous year question papers class 12 Humanities which is why many teachers recommend it as a must-add book to help you prepare for your exams better.

About 36 Sample Question Papers Humanities Stream CBSE Class 12 Exam 2024

cbse sample question papers humanities class 12

Gurukul’s CBSE sample paper class 12 Humanities book is created by keeping the best interest of students in mind. Students having a solid foundational understanding of their Humanities subjects will help them score better marks.  

To make things accessible and easier, this book includes all Humanities subjects, like English Core, Economics, Physical Education. History, Geography and Political Science.

The CBSE board has released the sample paper for Humanities class 12th as a practice paper for students in the 2023-2024 session, but checking out practice papers from this book, which has many solved and unsolved Humanities question papers, will help you understand what kind of questions CBSE Humanities students can expect from the test and how Humanities previous year question papers were. 

The book edition is of the 2023 edition, so it’s ideal for the 2024 CBSE board exam. 

If you are still looking for the best CBSE sample paper for class 12 Humanities, look no further than Gurukul is here to your rescue!

Who should get this book?

For students: What makes this the best sample paper book for class 12 Humanities CBSE is that it is easy to understand. Students can get a comprehensive overview of the chapters without rote learning and cramming their minds with unnecessary information. 

For teachers: Investing in sample papers is crucial for teachers as they provide a comprehensive overview of the exam format and question types. CBSE’s 36 Sample Paper Humanities Class 12 helps in preparing effective lesson plans and practice exercises, ensuring students are well-versed with the examination pattern, and improving their confidence and performance in actual exams.

CBSE class 12 Humanities question papers’ book includes subject-wise papers strictly based on the latest new specimen style, the pattern of which was released by the CBSE board in September 2023.

Nominally priced at Rs. 698, Gurukul’s CBSE sample paper class 12 Humanities is what you need to strengthen your preparation strategy and study only the chapters in the board exam 2024.

36 Sample Question Papers Humanities Stream CBSE Class 12 Exam 2024 Features

36 sample papers humanities cbse class 12 feature

Gurukul’s sample paper class 12 Humanities has a total of 42 sample papers with 1 unsolved sample paper per subject has been provided for better practice.

This is the best sample paper for class 12 Humanities because it features all of the Humanities subjects. 

The book also has graphical representations and illustrations to make learning interactive, making students feel involved and not bored with their lessons. 

Benefits of Practicing with 36 Sample Question Papers Humanities Stream CBSE Class 12

cbse humanities class 12th sample papers

Gurukul’s Humanities question paper for class 12 is prepared while keeping in mind how it can best serve our students. 

Here are a few reasons how the CBSE sample paper class 12 Humanities is different and beneficial for students: 

  • Covers the entire syllabus of 12th Humanities (English Core, History, Geography, Political Science, Economics, and Physical Education.)
  • CBSE class 12 Humanities solved sample papers has 36 sample papers with 1 unsolved sample paper for each subject. A total of 42 sample papers.
  • Contains 6 fully solved questions based on a new sample question paper pattern by the CBSE, which they released in March 2023.
  • Detailed explanations and answers to solved papers with opinions and perspectives of qualified teachers.
  • The pattern is based on the revised syllabus that was released by CBSE. 
  • To not cram students, only those topics are covered that are most likely asked in previous board exams.
  • Focus on topics that are most likely to be asked in board exams 2024.

You don’t have to Google for study tips for class 12 Humanities because this book is a self-help guide whereby students can implement many techniques suggested. 

For students who love to document their process, you can create a vision board, track your progress, establish study schedules using the study planner and log your progress to check how you’re improving.

Complementary Books Apart From 36 Sample Question Papers Humanities Stream CBSE Class 12

cbse class 12 humanities sample papers and solved papers

Apart from the CBSE sample paper for class 12 Humanities, you can refer to some other complementary books by Gurukul that will help you prepare for your upcoming 2024 board exams better. 

A few of them are:

Last 10 Years Solved Papers Humanities
CBSE Class 12 Political Science Question Bank
CBSE Class 12 Geography Question Bank
CBSE Class 12 History Question Bank 

Start preparing with these books, as these will help you not only on the board but future as well if you plan to pursue your career in any field related to the Humanities stream. A question that many class 12 students face is about the courses after 12th Humanities

Unlike popular beliefs, career options in Humanities after you take the Humanities stream in your CBSE Class 12 are immense.  So to make that foundation strong, you need to have your basics correct. All these books will help you strengthen your basics. 

Be confident and study what you love the most! 

What Do We Feel About 36 Sample Question Papers Humanities Stream CBSE Class 12?

We hope you now have a clever understanding of the CBSE sample paper class 12 Humanities book guide we’ve recommended. 

When you have the right resources and guidance, scoring A+ or 90+ on boards will be easier. 

Buy the book and all the best! 🙂

FAQs on Best Sample Papers For Class 12 Humanities

Q1. Is CBSE Class 12 Humanities Sample Paper tougher than the actual board exams?

The difficulty level of CBSE Class 12 Humanities Sample Papers can vary and is subjective to each student. However, Gurukul’s 36 Sample Question Papers for the Humanities Stream, tailored for the CBSE 12th Class Examination 2024, are an invaluable resource for effective exam preparation.

Q2. Which sample paper is best for CBSE Class 12 Humanities Exam 2024?

Gurukul 36 Sample Question Papers Humanities Stream for CBSE Class 12 by Oswal.  It follows the latest CBSE syllabus and the new SQP patterns issued by CBSE in March 2023 with a total of 42 sample papers (including one unsolved paper per subject). This means you will practise with questions that are super relevant for your upcoming exams.

Q3. Is it necessary to practice with CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Humanities?

Yes. If you’re in 12th grade and studying Humanities, working on CBSE Sample Papers is a smart move for your exam prep. These papers give you a sneak peek of what the real exam might look like. They help you get the hang of different question types and also teach you how to manage your time better during the exam. Plus, practising with them can boost your confidence and show you what areas you need to work on more. They’re not a must-do, but they’re super helpful for getting you exam-ready!

Q4. Where can I get CBSE class 12 Humanities sample papers?

You can visit the Oswal Publishers website to find the latest sample papers. Additionally, you can download it from the official CBSE website

Q5. When should I start solving a CBSE Class 12 Humanities sample paper?

Ideally, you should start solving the sample papers in November. This will ensure that you are well prepared for your pre-board examination as well as your final board exams. Solving Sample Papers will boost your confidence resulting in a better performance.

Q6. Can one expect questions from CBSE Class 12 Humanities 36 Sample Question Papers in the final board exam?

Well, the exact questions from the sample papers probably won’t show up in the actual exams, but that doesn’t mean they’re not super useful. These sample papers are made to be a lot like your final exams in how they look and how tough they are. They’re great for getting a feel for the type of questions you’ll face and practising how to answer them. So, while you won’t see the same questions, practising with these papers is a big help in getting ready for your big exams!

Q7. Are CBSE Class 12 Humanities sample papers enough for the Class 12 Humanities board exam?

These papers are great for understanding the exam pattern and practising with different types of questions, they should be part of a broader study plan. It’s important to also go through your textbooks thoroughly, understand the concepts, and maybe use additional study materials like notes and guides. So, think of sample papers as one of the tools in your study kit, but not the only one. They’re super helpful, but they work best when combined with other study methods!

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