List of Humanities Subjects with Chapters in Class 11 & 12 

humanities subjects

Did you know? Lacks of Indian students pursue humanities every year to fulfill their ambitions. The stream is popular because of the vast subject options it provides and opens the doors to worthy opportunities for eligible candidates. 

Are you a humanities aspirant willing to go for it after your 10th board? Then, you’re at the right place. Here, we will take a detailed look at the different humanities subjects available in classes 11 and 12. Besides, we will give you a brief overview of the chapters included in each subject. 

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List of Humanities Stream Subjects for CBSE Class 11 

humanities stream subjects for class 11

In the section below, we will go through the different compulsory and optional subjects available in the humanities stream for CBSE Class 11. 

Compulsory Subjects for Class 11 CBSE 


One of the most common humanities subjects in 11th grade in English. It’s generally a compulsory language subject and the students get an amazing chance to explore some great literary works. During this tenure, you’ll have a chance to brush up on your reading and writing skills and see the world of English more closely. 

Here’s a quick look at the important chapters included in class 11 English syllabus

  • Unseen Comprehension 
  • Glossary 
  • Grammar: Tenses, clauses, reordering of sentences, sentence transformation 
  • Creative Writing: Advertisement, poster, debate writing, speech writing
  • Prose: The Portrait of a Lady, Skill Road, The Summer of the Beautiful White House, The Address, Birth 
  • Poem: A Photograph, We’re not afraid to die…if we can be together, Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues, The Laburnum Top, Childhood, The Voice of the Rain, The Tale of Melon City
  • Play: Mother’s Day 

Political Science 

One of the most pursued and coveted humanities subjects in the 11th standard is Political Science. It helps you explore the study of government and various levels. If you’re willing to take up the civil services examination going ahead, your political science knowledge is going to help you a lot. 

During your college degree, you’ll also have a chance to go for International Relations to further enrich your knowledge. 

Here’s a quick look at the important chapters included in 11th Political science. 

Indian Constitution at Work: Part A 

  • Constitution 
  • Local Governments 
  • Election and Representation 
  • The Legislature 
  • The Executive 
  • Federalism 
  • Judiciary 

Political Theory: Part B 

  • An Introduction 
  • Justice 
  • Rights 
  • Liberty 
  • Equality 
  • Nationalism 
  • Citizenship 
  • Secularism 


One of the other most tempting humanities subjects in class 11 is Economics, a very scoring and exciting one. If you are a mathematics enthusiast, studying economics is a big plus because pursuing economics honors in the future will require you to have maths as one of the core subjects in 12th boards. 

The subjects give you the chance to dive into the intricacies of the economy, public goods, and services. Here’s a brief overview of the chapters included in the class 11 Economics syllabus:

Part A: Statistics and Economics 

  • Introduction 
  • Collection, Organisation, and Data Representation 
  • Statistical Tools and Interpretation 

Part B: Introductory Microeconomics

  • Introduction 
  • Consumer Equilibrium and Demand 
  • Producer Behaviour and Supply 
  • Forms of Market and Price Determination  


Do you love exploring earth science? Do you find interest in learning about the different aspects of people and the environment? Then, Geography will be among the best humanities subjects in your 11th class. The discipline gives you comprehensive knowledge about the enticing corners of physical and regional geography. 

The major chapters coming under the class 11 Geography syllabus are:

Fundamentals of Physical Geography (Part A)

  • Geography as a Discipline 
  • The Earth 
  • Climate 
  • Landforms 
  • Water 
  • Ocean
  • Life on Earth 
  • Maps and Diagrams 

India: Physical Environment (Part B)

  • Physiography 
  • Climate and Natural Vegetation 
  • Natural Hazards and Disasters 
  • Diagrams and Maps 

Practical ( Part C)

Fundamentals of Maths and Topographic Maps 


Psychology is among the most interesting subjects in the humanities stream and allows you to go through the scientific study of the human mind and behavior. It is an amazing discipline with some exciting subsections including health, schools, clinical, etc. 

Here’s a quick overview of the chapters included in the class 11 CBSE Psychology syllabus

  • Psychology as a discipline 
  • Methods of Enquiry in Psychology 
  • Sensory, Attentional, and Perceptual Process 
  • Learning 
  • Human Development 
  • Human Memory 
  • Thinking 
  • Motivation and Emotion 

Physical Education 

One of the most crucial subjects under humanities stream is Physical Education. It is an essential part to keep yourself fit amidst your academic hours and take care of your overall well-being. It is also a great opportunity for you to learn about the different rules of physical education and the various fields associated with it. 

Let us have a look at the brief class 11 Physical Education syllabus below: 

  • Changing Trends and Careers in Physical Education 
  • Olympic Value Education 
  • Physical Fitness, Wellness, and Lifestyle
  • Physical Education and Sports for CWSN
  • Yoga 
  • Physical Activity and Leadership Training 
  • Test, Measurement, and Evaluation 
  • Psychology and Sports 
  • Training and Doping in Sports 
  • Fundamentals of Anatomy, Physiology, and Kinesiology 
  • Respiratory and Circulatory System 

Optional Humanities Subjects in CBSE Class 11

Now, let’s take a quick look at the optional electives available in class 11. 

Information Practices 

An interesting elective in the humanities subjects list is Information Practices. If you love exploring the corners of computer hardware and software, this subject is a must-pick. You can beep into the world of DBMS, Programming, and Programming languages.

Knowledge in this domain can help you with Bachelor’s in Computer Applications during your higher education. Here are the important chapters from IP Class 11 CBSE syllabus.

  • Introduction to Computer System 
  • Python 
  • Database Concepts and Query Language 
  •  Introduction to Emerging Trends 


Do you like the start-up culture? Do you aspire to set up your own company and be your boss? Then, this subject will work wonders for you by providing you with the right knowledge to start a business from scratch. 

Here’s a brief overview of the important chapters included in the syllabus. 

  • Entrepreneurship: Concept and Function 
  • An Entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurship as Problem Solving and Innovation 
  • Market Understanding 
  • Business Finance and Arithmetic 
  • Resource Mobilisation

Human Rights and Gender Studies  

An excellent pick as your 11th-grade elective will be Human Rights and Gender Studies which gives you knowledge about fundamental human rights, gender-wise rights and rules, and concerning matters. Understanding this space will give you a chance to go for a bachelor’s in Gender studies during your college. 

Here’s a brief overview of important topics included in the class 11 human rights syllabus. 

  • Human Rights and Human Development 
  • Redressal Mechanisms 
  • Introduction to Gender Studies 
  • Challenging Gender Stereotypes 

Media Studies 

One of the most prominent tools in this digital age is the media. Opting for media studies as one of your electives in 11th is a great choice. Media encompasses different forms including News, television, print, media, social sites, etc. If you’re willing to establish a career in any of these domains, studying media studies as one of the electives in humanities subjects will be super helpful. 

Here’s a short glimpse of the important chapters included in the syllabus. 

  • Introduction to Mass Communication 
  • Understanding fiction and non-fiction 
  • History of Indian Cinema 
  • Production Skills 
  • Advertising 
  • Scripts 

Fashion Studies 

The fashion industry is among the top emerging sectors in India and a career in this space can work spectacular wonders for you. Through this subject, you’ll be introduced to the key concepts of fashion, design, history, and all the intricate theories. 

Below is a short insight into the crucial chapters from the fashion studies class 11 syllabus. 

  • Communication and Self-Management 
  • Introduction to Fashion and Fabrics 
  • Design Fundamentals 
  • Material Tools 
  • Product Making
  • Entrepreneurial Skills 

List of Humanities Stream Subjects in CBSE Class 12 

humanities stream subjects for class 12

Now that we have a decent idea about the humanities subjects for class 11, let’s get to know something about the subjects for class 12. While the subject combination for classes 11-12 is the same for the respective students, there’s a variation in the syllabus. 

While you move ahead on the academic ladder, you’ll be introduced to more advanced concepts of the particular discipline. Let us discuss that in the section that follows. 

Compulsory Humanities Subjects for CBSE Class 12


The first name making it in the list of humanities subjects in CBSE class 12 is English. As you get a step ahead, the standard rises and you explore advanced stages of reading and writing. It will help you hone your writing skills and help you develop a better analytical ability to read and analyze texts.

The brief class 12 English syllabus overview below will throw some insight into this part. 

  • Reading Comprehension: Unseen passage factual, descriptive, literary, and Case-based unseen factual passage 
  • Creative Writing: Notice, Formal and informal invitation and reply, article and report writing 
  • Prose: The Last Lesson, Lost Spring, Deep Water, Indigo, The Rattrap, Poets and Pancakes, The Interview, Going Places.
  • Poetry: My Mother at sixty-six, A Thing of Beauty, Keeping Quiet, A Roadside Stand, Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers 

Political Science

A step ahead in your academics gives you the chance to examine advanced political science concepts more closely. As you work on more crucial chapters during your 12th, you might develop a strong interest to pursue this subject in your majors. 

Here’s a quick overview of the class 12 CBSE Political Science syllabus

Contemporary World Politics (Part A)

  • The End of Bipolarity 
  • New Centres of Power 
  • Contemporary South Asia 
  • United Nations and Its Organisations 
  • Environment and Natural Resources 
  • Security in Contemporary World 
  • Globalization 

Politics in India Since Independence (Part B)

  • Challenges of Nation Building 
  • India’s Foreign Policy 
  • Planned Development 
  • Parties and the Party Systems in India 
  • Social and New Social Movements in India 
  • Democratic Resurgence 
  • Regional Aspirations 
  • Indian Politics 


If you have studied history as one of the compulsory subjects in humanities in your 11th standard, you’ll be going inside an enchanting world of history and legacies. You need to be all set to register every piece of info very intricately inside your brain as those are going to be filled with minute details. 

The section below throws some light on the chapters included in the class 12 History syllabus:

history compulsory subjects in humanities

Themes in Indian History (Part 1)

  • Bricks, Beads, and Bones 
  • Kings, Farmers, and Towns 
  • Kinship, Caste, Class 
  • Thinkers, Beliefs, Buildings 

Themes in Indian History (Part 2)

  • Through the Eyes of Travellers 
  • Bhakti-Sufi Traditions 
  • Peasants, Zamindars, and the States 
  • An Imperial Capital: Vijaynagar 

Themes in Indian History (Part 3)

  • Colonialism and the Countryside 
  • Rebels and the Raj 
  • Mahatma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement 
  • Framing the Constitution 


One of the highly coveted humanities subjects is sociology. It is a broad discipline, covering a large field of study centering around social relationships and institutions. If you find interest in these segments, it will be a rewarding experience for you to learn the subject and examine the critical concepts of groups, religion, society, and people’s reactions to such contexts. 

Here’s a brief overview of the crucial chapters included in the class 12 Sociology syllabus

Unit A

  • Indian Society 
  • The Demographic Structure of Indian Society
  • Social Institutions, Continuity, and Change 
  • The Challenges of Cultural Diversity 
  • Patterns of Social Inequality and Exclusion 

Unit B 

  • Social Change and Development in India 
  • Structural and Cultural Change 
  • Change and Development in Rural and Industrial Society 
  • Social Movements 


One of the major names in the humanities courses list is economics. In class 12, you will deal with the two specific branches of economics that are microeconomics and macroeconomics. 

Exploring the interesting concepts in high school might interest you to pursue this subject further in your college which will be a lucrative opportunity to open up some brilliant career options. 

Here’s a quick look at the major chapters included in the Economics class 12 syllabus

Part A

  • Introductory Microeconomics 
  • National Income and Related Aggregates 
  • Income and Employment Determination 
  • Money and Banking 
  • Government Budget and the Economy 
  • Balance of Payment 

Part B 

  • Indian Economic Development 
  • Development Experience and Economic Reforms since 1991 
  • Current Challenges Facing the Indian Economy 
  • Development Experience in India 


A top name in the humanities subjects list is Geography which introduces terrific concepts in your 12th-grade syllabus. You might develop an intense interest in the areas of remote sensing, urban and rural planning, etc. The intricate practical works are sure to further enlighten your interest. 

Here’s what the 12th class Geography syllabus looks like: 

Unit A

  • Fundamentals of Human Geography 
  • People 
  • Human Activities 
  • Transport Communication and Trade

Unit B 

  • People 
  • Human Settlements 
  • Resource and Development 
  • Transport, Communication, and International Trade 
  • Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problems 


The difficulty level of Psychology in 12th grade is moderate and you might develop a lot of excitement as you go forward in the course curriculum. It can be a highly scoring subject if you are hitting the right target areas and putting the right examples. 

Let’s have a look at the important chapters included in the class 12th Psychology syllabus

  • Variations in Psychology Attribute 
  • Self and Personality 
  • Meeting Life Challenges 
  • Psychological Disorders 
  • Therapeutic Approaches 
  • Attitude and Social Cognition 
  • Social Influence and Group Processes 

Optional Humanities Subjects for 12th CBSE 

Besides the core subjects, there are optional ones too in the humanities subjects cbse list. Here’s a brief overview of them. 


One of the most scintillating CBSE class 12 humanities subjects is Philosophy which takes you to the world of life’s meaning, rules, and behavior. It is a systematized study of general questions concerning existence, knowledge, value, etc. The questions are often framed as problems to be studied by candidates. 

Here’s a quick overview of the crucial chapters in the Philosophy class 12 syllabus. 

Unit 1

  • Western Ethical Theories 
  • Indian Ethics 
  • Ethical Concerns 

Unit 2

  • Proofs for the Existence of God 
  • Descartes of Mind body dualism 
  • Nyaya Proofs for the existence of God 
  • Jaina View on Anekantavada Syadvada 
  • The Bhagavad Gita on the immortality of the soul and rebirth 

Home Science 

One of the common names in the humanities subjects section is home science which encompasses the areas of food, nutrition, resource management, communication, etc. A brief look at the chapters coming under the syllabus will throw better insight. 

  • Work, livelihood, and career 
  • Nutrition, Food Science and Technology 
  • Fabric and Apparel
  • Human Development and Family Studies 
  • Resource Management 
  • Communication Extension 

Fine Arts 

The term ‘fine art’ refers to a specific art form, valued mainly due to its aesthetic presence and beauty. Opting for this subject will give you a chance to study the intricacies of drawings, literature, music, dance, architecture, and so on. 

Here’s what the 12th-grade fine arts chapters look like: 

  • Fundamentals of Visual Arts 
  • Drawing and Painting Materials 
  • Sculpture 
  • Graphics 
  • Portfolio 
  • History of Indian Art 
  • Rock Paintings 
  • Ajanta Location 
  • Temple Sculptures 
  • Indo-Islamic Architecture


Sanskrit is another prominent name in the elective section in the CBSE humanities subjects list. It includes the following segments. 

  • Prose 
  • Poetry 
  • Drama
  • Composition and Translation 
  • Grammar 
  • History of Sanskrit Literature 
  • Linguistics 


Foreign languages are in high demand these days and intense knowledge of any of these languages will help you crack excellent opportunities. Many schools offer Spanish as one of the elective humanities subjects in the 11th and 12th grades. 

Here’s a quick overview of Class 12 Spanish syllabus. 

  • Applied Grammar 
  • Subjunctive Mood 
  • Use of the Gerund and the Participle 
  • Active and Passive Voice 
  • Use of Expressions 

If you are in high school already and looking for some solid question papers to solve, this link will surely benefit you. 

Here’s the link to solved papers to help you during your study sessions. 

Benefits of Choosing Humanities Stream in Class 11 and 12 

subjects under humanities

One of the most popular courses after 10th among students is arts and there are a lot of benefits to pursuing this stream. 

Here are a few of them:

  • Humanities open the doors to expand your knowledge of foreign cultures and traditions. It acts as a major helping hand to let you dive deep into the systems of different countries and get information about their languages, tradition, economy, climate, etc., through the various subjects you study. 
  • Studying humanities is a big stepping stone in advancing your academic life. Pursuing it in your high school lets you have significant options to choose from for your majors in college. From the vast range of options available, you can go with the one that fits your interest. 
  • The arts stream is broad and mostly contains subjects with detailed views and perspectives. Consequently, there’s a lot of writing work involved. It is a significant point in honing your writing skills alongside your analytical ability to read and analyze things faster. 
  • There are some tempting career options in humanities if you’re willing to utilize your knowledge in the right direction. A wide range of options like teaching, writing, law, hospitality, management, editing, designing, etc., can offer you a rewarding job experience. 

Wrapping Up 

Humanities is an enriching stream and helps its candidates enjoy their learning time to the fullest. With the world exploring further, people are coming out of the traditional stereotypes that making a good career only comes with science. 

As we progress, a lot of opportunities are opening up across different fields. You need to be aware of your surroundings and utilize the time well, to make the magic happen. 

Which of the humanities subjects do you like the most? What’s the subject combination you’re planning to take up in your 11th? Let us know in the comments! 


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