CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2024-25

cbse class 12 chemistry deleted syllabus

In the ever-evolving landscape of education, staying updated with the latest curriculum changes is paramount for students and educators alike. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has released the revised syllabus for senior secondary students for the 2024-25 academic year, and it brings significant changes, particularly in the field of Chemistry.

Due to the global pandemic’s disruptive impact on traditional learning, educational institutions and examination boards had to adapt swiftly. CBSE, responsible for shaping countless students’ academic paths, made temporary alterations to the syllabi for various subjects, including Chemistry. However, as the world is gradually returning to normalcy, CBSE has announced its plans to revert to the pre-pandemic structure of annual board examinations. Consequently, the syllabus for CBSE Chemistry class 12 deleted syllabus for 2024-25 has undergone a significant overhaul.

In this blog post, we provide a comprehensive guide to the Chemistry class 12 deleted syllabus for 2024-25. The syllabus changes are meticulously detailed in a tabular, unit-wise, and chapter-wise format, enabling students and educators to discern precisely what has been omitted from the curriculum. This resource will serve as a compass, ensuring that students allocate their study efforts only to the content that will be evaluated in the 2025 board examinations by CBSE.

Whether you’re a Class 12 Chemistry student, an educator guiding future generations, or someone keen on staying informed about the latest developments in education, join us as we dissect the modifications in the Chemistry Class 12 deleted syllabus. We’ll equip you with the knowledge needed to thrive in the forthcoming examinations. Let’s dive in and explore what’s in and what’s out in the CBSE Chemistry class 12 deleted syllabus 2024-25.

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CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2024-25 Chapterwise

The 2024-25 CBSE Chemistry class 12 deleted syllabus, which includes topics such as surface chemistry, polymers, p-block elements, and more, has undergone a significant rationalization process. This rationalization aims to adjust the paper’s difficulty level and introduce subjects that lend themselves well to self-study. In this version of the Chemistry Class 12 Deleted Syllabus, a total of five chapters have been omitted. 

The chapters below are the deleted syllabus for class 12 chemistry for the year 2024-25. 

UnitChapter NameTopics Deleted
IVSurface ChemistryEntire Chapter
VGeneral Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsEntire Chapter
VIp -Block ElementsEntire Chapter
XIVPolymersEntire Chapter
XIIOrganic compounds containing NitrogenCyanides and Isocyanides 

Students should be aware of the deleted chemistry syllabus class 12 to avoid including it during exam preparation.

Reasons Behind CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus 2024-25

In a strategic move aimed at reverting to the pre-pandemic educational structure, the CBSE has introduced the Chemistry class 12 deleted syllabus 2024-25.

The rationalization of the Chemistry class 12 deleted syllabus is meticulously designed to create a more concept-oriented curriculum, significantly enhancing students’ performance in the Board examinations. This modification empowers students to engage in self-directed learning, as the more complex topics have been relocated to the deleted portion of Chemistry Class 12 CBSE 2024-25.

Furthermore, certain topics’ components were found to overlap with the content in other units, prompting the Board to transfer these chapters to the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Deleted Syllabus for 2024-25.

Simultaneously, the updated syllabus version eliminates outdated and irrelevant topics, ensuring a more relevant and contemporary educational experience.

Chemistry Updated Syllabus Class 12 Session 2024-25

The most recent curriculum for the syllabus of chemistry class 12 CBSE 2024-25 is provided in a unit-wise format, accompanied by the allocation of marks, listed here.

IIElectro Chemistry9
IIIChemical Kinetics7
IVD and F Block Elements7
VCoordination Compounds7
VIHaloalkanes and Haloarenes6
VIIAlcohols, Phenols and Ethers6
VIIIAldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids8

Evaluation Scheme for CBSE Class 12th Chemistry Practical Syllabus

Now that we have discussed the Chemistry class 12 deleted syllabus, let’s examine the comprehensive practical examination syllabus for CBSE 12th Chemistry.

We’ll delve into the roster of required experiments and the assessment structure applicable in 2024-25. Students can access the full syllabus for CBSE Board’s 12th-grade Chemistry. Speaking specifically about the Chemistry syllabus in CBSE’s 12th grade, the examination paper, totalling 100 marks, is divided into two components: theory and practical. The theory paper for Chemistry accounts for 70 marks, while the practical paper contributes 30 marks. The practical curriculum encompasses a catalogue of experiments to be performed, the evaluation scheme, and a recommended list of products. For a comprehensive understanding, please refer to the complete CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Practical syllabus for 2025 available here.

Evaluation SchemeMarks
Volumetric Analysis8
Salt Analysis8
Content-Based Experiment6
Project Work4
Class Record and Viva4

Let’s have a look at a few suggested projects students can choose for their practical exams: 

  • Study of the presence of oxalate ion presence in guava fruit at different ripening stages. 
  • Examination of the casein quantity in diverse milk samples. 
  • The creation of soybean milk and its juxtaposition with natural milk concerning curd formation and the impact of temperature, among other factors. 
  • Investigation into the effects of Potassium Bisulphate as a food preservative under varying conditions such as temperature, concentration, and duration. 
  • Analysis of starch digestion by salivary amylase and its susceptibility to pH and temperature variations. 
  • Comparative assessment of the fermentation rate in materials including wheat flour, gram flour, potato juice, and carrot juice. 
  • Extraction of essential oils found in Saunf (aniseed), Ajwain (carum), and Illaichi (cardamom). 
  • Examination of common food adulterants in fat, oil, butter, sugar, turmeric powder, chilli powder, and pepper.

Study Tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam 2024-25

Preparation for the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam in 2024-25 requires diligence, a strategic approach, and effective study techniques. This pivotal examination is an integral part of your academic journey, and mastering it can open doors to a world of opportunities. To help you achieve your best performance, we’ve compiled a set of valuable study tips tailored specifically for the upcoming CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam in 2024-25.

1. Comprehensive Syllabus Familiarization: Begin by thoroughly understanding the updated CBSE Class 12 Chemistry syllabus for 2024-25. Make a checklist of topics, chapters, and experiments to be covered. This will provide a clear roadmap for your preparation.

2. Effective Time Management: Create a realistic study schedule that allows sufficient time for each section of the syllabus. Prioritize topics based on your understanding and difficulty level. Allocate extra time to challenging subjects.

3. Consistent Revision: Regular revision is key to retaining information. Review your notes, textbooks, and practice questions periodically to reinforce your knowledge.

4. Practice with Previous Year Papers: Solve previous year’s question papers and sample papers to get a feel for the exam pattern and question types. It will also help you manage your time during the actual exam.

5. Conceptual Clarity: Chemistry involves understanding concepts. If you struggle with any topic, don’t hesitate to seek clarification from your teacher or use online resources to enhance your understanding.

6. Self-Assessment: Take mock tests and quizzes to gauge your progress. Analyze your performance to identify weak areas that need improvement.

7. Practical Skills: For the practical portion of the exam, practice experiments meticulously. Understand the procedures, safety measures, and expected outcomes.

8. Study Groups: Collaborate with peers for group discussions and problem-solving. Sharing knowledge and doubts can be a powerful tool for learning.

9. Healthy Lifestyle: Prioritize your physical and mental well-being. Ensure you get adequate sleep, eat nutritious meals, and engage in stress-relief activities like exercise or meditation.

10. Exam Day Preparedness: On the day of the exam, stay calm and focused. Arrive at the exam centre well in advance, carry all necessary stationery, and adhere to the exam instructions meticulously.

Remember, success in the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam in 2024-25 is achievable with dedication and a structured approach to your studies. By following these study tips and maintaining a positive attitude, you can perform your best and excel in this crucial examination. 

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In preparing for the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam in 2024-25, we’ve covered the Chemistry Class 12 deleted syllabus, and evaluation scheme for practical exams. It is crucial to know about the deleted syllabus of Chemistry class 12 to prepare efficiently for the exams.

First, familiarize yourself with the updated syllabus, manage your time wisely, and maintain a consistent revision routine. Practising with previous papers will sharpen your exam skills. Strive for conceptual clarity, assess your progress through mock tests, and master practical skills.

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Study groups can be immensely beneficial for collaborative learning. Prioritize your well-being through a healthy lifestyle, ensuring adequate rest, nutrition, and stress management. On the exam day, stay calm and adhere to instructions.

In this journey, dedication and a structured approach are your allies. As you strive for success, remember that your goal extends beyond a high score; it’s about gaining a deep understanding of Chemistry for your future.

With hard work, persistence, and a positive mindset, you can conquer this academic milestone. Best of luck in your preparations for the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Exam in 2024-25. Approach it with confidence, and may your efforts yield the rewards you deserve. You have the knowledge, determination, and tools to excel – go out there and shine!

FAQs on CBSE Chemistry Class 12 Deleted Syllabus

Q1. What is the deleted portion of Chemistry Class 12?

Ans. The deleted portion of Chemistry Class 12 for CBSE 2024-25 includes specific topics, chapters, and experiments that have been removed from the curriculum. These omissions are made to streamline the syllabus and make it more manageable for students. The chapters that have been deleted from the CBSE Chemistry Class 12 syllabus 2024-25are Solid State, Surface Chemistry, Isolation of Elements, p-Block Elements, Polymers, and Chemistry in Everyday Life.

Q2. What is the reason for the reduced syllabus of Chemistry Class 12 CBSE 2024-25?

Ans. The reduced syllabus for Chemistry Class 12 CBSE 2024-25 is primarily aimed at easing the academic burden on students and ensuring a balanced curriculum. It was introduced in response to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and aims to help students focus on essential concepts while providing adequate time for preparation.

Q3. How can students take advantage of the deleted syllabus of Class 12 CBSE 2024-25 Chemistry?

Ans. Students can benefit from the deleted syllabus by concentrating their efforts on the topics that will be included in the exam. This allows for a more in-depth understanding of crucial concepts, better time management, and reduced stress. Additionally, students can explore the deleted topics independently for a more comprehensive understanding of the subject.

Q4. How to score good marks in Chemistry Class 12 2024-25?

Ans. Scoring well in Chemistry Class 12 for 2024-25 requires a combination of thorough understanding, regular practice, and effective time management. Focus on conceptual clarity, practice with previous papers, maintain a study schedule and seek help when needed. Adequate revision and staying updated with the latest syllabus changes are also essential.

Q5. What is the percentage of Chemistry deleted portions in Class 12?

A5. The percentage of deleted portions in Chemistry Class 12 can vary from year to year and depends on the specific changes made by CBSE. To know the exact percentage for CBSE 2024-25, it’s advisable to refer to official CBSE documents or your school’s curriculum guidelines as they provide the most accurate information.

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