CBSE 36 Sample Paper Class 12 Science Stream PCB: Why Should You Practice It For Exam 2023? 

cbse class 12 pcb sample paper

Exam seasons are coming soon and students must be working hard these days. If you’re a CBSE student going to appear on the 12th board, then you should definitely start practising questions for finals. CBSE Class 12 PCB Sample Paper Book can come in handy for strengthening your concepts and removing your exam fear. This sample book comes with many great features that give your preparation a final touch. Let’s see how. 

CBSE 36 Sample Paper Science Stream PCB Class 12: About the Book

CBSE class 12 PCB sample paper is one of the extensively used resources that can help you complete your syllabus for the board exam. The book published by Oswal Publishers is completely based on the recent question paper pattern released by CBSE in September 2022. 

Oswal’s publishing company is based in Agra and benefits a lot of students in their preparation. All the essential topics covered in the sample book are based on the CBSE syllabus 2022-23. It is available at INR 899 only and will help you through your preparation journey. 

contents of pcb sample paper for class 12 cbse

CBSE 36 Sample Paper Science Stream PCB Class 12: Book Features 

Below mentioned are some excellent features of the sample book that you can’t miss if you want to score well in the exam:


CBSE Sample paper class 12 comes with a lot of solved and unsolved sample questions for each subject. If you can wholeheartedly solve each question set along with clearing your doubts, you will be able to ace your board exam easily. 

  • Total 8 sample papers in each subject- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. 
  • 6 sample papers for practising English core along with 4 sample questions each for Physical Education and Computer Science. 
  • One unsolved sample question is present in each section. 
practice with pcb sample question papers class 12 cbse

Chapter Wise Distribution of Questions 

Presenting the chapter-wise distribution of questions is one of the best features of the sample paper class 12 by Oswal Gurukul. It helps you analyze the weightage of each chapter and form a strategy to score more. It can also help you prepare for your exams in less time as you can focus on your strong chapters and identify your weaknesses. 

CBSE 36 Sample Paper Science Stream PCB Class 12: What are the Benefits of this Book?

cbse 36 sample question papers pcb class 12

CBSE class 12 PCB sample paper can be the best resource for exam preparations as it has lots of questions and well-explained answers. If you’re wondering how this sample paper can help you with lots of practice sessions before exams, consider the following benefits: 

  • Follow the latest CBSE syllabus: You don’t have to worry about leaving any topic untouched as the CBSE class 12 biology sample paper covers all the topics specified by the CBSE. The book has all the important questions based on the New Specimen Question Paper Pattern by CBSE. 
  • Elaborated Solutions: This sample book has detailed solutions to the questions to make you understand your mistakes while solving the paper and clear your doubts too. 
  • Unsolved Sample Questions to Practice: After receiving a satisfactory response from students for sample paper class 12 2021-22, the 2022 edition is also set to perfect your preparation with unsolved questions in each section. Try to solve these unsolved sets in the presence of your teacher and analyze your preparation. 

List of Complementary Books

If you’re looking for some more help books similar to the CBSE class 12 PCB sample paper, the following are also good options. 

CBSE Most Likely Question Bank Class 12: If you want a book with a detailed analysis of the previous year’s questions, this is the best book you can get. It gives you a rough idea of the most asked questions. The Physics, Chemistry, and Biology question banks are available at INR 550, INR 489, and INR 449 respectively. You can also buy the English Core MLQB at INR 359 only. 

CBSE Class 12 PCB Last 10 Years Solved Papers: You can get it at INR 899, it will help you get familiar with the exam pattern. 

CBSE 36 Sample Paper Science Stream PCB Class 12: What Do We Think of It? 

CBSE 36 Sample Paper Science Stream PCB Class 12 is a must-try for biology students. If you sit for three hours focused on giving this mock test, there will be no nervousness in the exam hall and you will have an understanding of the question pattern. 

The sample book covers the entire CBSE class 12 syllabus perfectly and helps you prepare for the important topics. Just keep clearing your doubts along with solving every sample question. 

If you want to ace your upcoming class 12th board exam, this sample book is a must-buy. 

So, grab this sample paper and keep learning!

cbse sample papers class 12

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