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Top 50 Classroom Rules For Students In 2024

Top 50 Classroom Rules For Students In 2024

“It’s the teacher that makes the difference, not the classroom.”

Michael Morpurgo’s simple words sum up a very important fact about how teachers can create a difference in the classroom. What do you think marks the difference between regular teachers and great teachers? It’s their management skills and ability to create an impact.

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Taking classes, delivering lectures, making students understand the concepts, and managing them; all might get overwhelming at some point, especially for new teachers. That’s why setting up positive classroom rules for students is essential. 

In this article, we will take a look at the best classroom rules that are an integral part of healthy learning and quality education inside the class. 

Why are Classroom Rules Important? 

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Before we move further with the set of class rules for students, it’s vital to understand why setting such rules is important. How is it of use for both the teachers and students that contribute to productive learning sessions? 

Let’s find out. 

It Helps to Set Expectations:

Creating rules for students inside the class will help them understand what to expect from the lesson and you and vice versa. It will help reduce the issues of chaos and confusion. 

It Provides the Students with a General Overview:

Giving your students a general idea about how the lesson is going to look like, helps them prepare their mindset. When they know what’s coming next, it’s easier to engage and concentrate better. 

It Helps to Keep Behaviour Issues in Control:

A major benefit of creating classroom rules for students is to keep behavior issues in check. Setting up rules is a clear instruction to them to be well-behaved in the classroom or there might be consequences. 

It Encourages Productivity:

Classroom rules are a great way to increase productivity among students. When they have their expectations clear and know what the lesson is going to look like, they tend to be more conscious and attentive during class. 

Now that we have a decent idea about why classroom etiquette is important, let’s figure out the best rules to be set to ensure a superior learning experience.

50 Classroom Rules for Students

Whether you’re new to teaching or have been in this profession for years now, the following set of rules will help you upgrade your classroom teaching experience. 

1. Ask Questions and Encourage them to do the Same 

One of the most significant classroom instructions for students should be to ask questions, whenever they have a doubt. Many students commit the mistake of keeping things inside them even if they aren’t clear about a topic. They might fear judgment from others. 

As the teacher, you should create a healthy learning space that encourages them to ask questions when in doubt. You should also follow the same by throwing questions in between lectures to keep the session interactive. 

2. Instruct them to be Cooperative with their Classmates

A must inclusion in the list of classroom rules for students is to be cooperative with their classmates. They must have a helping attitude towards their classmates, listen to them when they’re expressing their views and respect their thoughts, even if they differ. 

Including this as a must classroom rule will help you manage a well-behaved class that supports each other and enjoy the learning journey together.  

3. They Must be Respectful Towards their Teacher 

Being respectful towards the teacher is among the top rules to be followed in school. This is something that you can’t teach them but must come spontaneously from their side. Making it clear for them is necessary and there should be punishments for anyone who disobeys the classroom rules. 

Being respectful toward teachers teaches them to be respectful to the elder, in all aspects of life. It’s not only an essential classroom rule but an important life skill too. 

4. Instruct them to Raise their Hands if They Want to Speak

Managing a chaotic class is different. In a discussion, if students from every part of the class start to speak up together, it gets hard to keep the balance. That’s why it is necessary to instruct them strictly for raising their hands whenever they want to speak. 

Establishing this significant student etiquette will be helpful as:

  • It will help to maintain the order inside the class 
  • Will provide equal opportunity to the students to participate in a discussion 
  • Will keep the classroom interest intact 

Make this instruction clear right at the beginning of your session. 

5. Encourage them to Produce Original Work 

One of the major classroom rules for students should be to produce original work both inside and outside the classroom. If you’re assigning classwork, instruct them to do it on their own rather than copying it from their fellow mates. 

  • They must know you’re there to correct it wherever they’re wrong 
  • They should realize the significance of attempting a work 
  • They must value originality 

Anyone doing otherwise can face consequences. Setting this rule will keep up the classroom decorum. 

6. Insist them in Share New Ideas 

What does a successful session look like?

  • Interactive 
  • Engaging 
  • Value-driven 

The integral part of making it successful is teacher-student interaction. Include a clear rule in your lesson planning of asking the students to share their thoughts and ideas. It also helps you have a look at the creative side of your students. 

7. Ask them to Come to Class Prepared 

What’s the point of coming to class if they are just to stare at you while you keep delivering strenuous lectures for hours? That’s why they need to come to class prepared for having an interactive session. 

It must be included as one of the golden rules of the classroom that the students come a bit prepared to have a meaningful interaction with the teacher. Getting a prior idea about the topic, revising the corners discussed in the previous class, and piling their doubts in one place: all these help contribute to a healthy classroom learning approach. 

8. Ask them to Follow Definite Posture Rules 

Here comes another one among the major classroom rules for students. Instruct your students to sit up straight, lock their feet and keep their hands to themselves. Postures play a significant part in developing the focus. 

Not only it will help you in taking a smooth session but also enable the students to keep more concentration on the lecture and be super attentive towards it. 

9. Teach them to Respect Other Properties 

One of the most mentioned school rules for kids is to respect their classmate’s property. Every kid carries different belongings with them like notebooks, pencil bags, water bottles, pencils, pens, etc. Making them understand that respecting other’s property is a standard etiquette, is important. 

Set a strict classroom rule that refrains the students from spoiling their classmate’s items, or adopting any unfair means. It will help create a spontaneous bond among the students and they’ll have a pleasing time together inside the classroom. 

10. The Students Must Possess a Sharing Attitude 

This one must not be looked upon as a rule but as a beautiful gesture. Students should be helpful to their classmates. If one of them has forgotten to bring a pen today, the other one must come forward and lend him one. Such a kind sharing attitude helps build a sense of compassion inside the class.

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11. Make the Rule of Being on Time 

One of the essential classroom rules for students should be time discipline. They must value the importance of being on time in class. Somedays, there can be delays owing to unnecessary traffic or any other emergency. But, by no means they should make it a regular habit. 

You can set an example yourself by being in class on time, every day. They’ll look up to you as an example and will always try to keep up with the timely arrival. 

12. Students Should Use their Items Properly 

Kids often have the habit of scattering things here and there or not handling their equipment properly. Especially when they’re learning something new, they are curious. Like, if they are handling a compass for the first time while learning geometry, they might find tempting ways to play with it. 

As a teacher, you need to convince them that keeping their belongings intact and making their right use is important. Making it a prominent classroom rule will ensure a confusion-free class. 

13. The Students Must Keep the Classroom Clean 

One of the most vital classroom rules for students is to keep their classes clean and tidy. It comes as a major responsibility for the students to keep their learning space neat. Being a teacher you can give them the instruction to abide by the cleanliness laws. Anyone who tries to act otherwise can face punishment. 

14. They Must Complete Their Assignments Before Class 

Many students often have the habit of completing home assignments in class. This is not a good practice because it affects the in-class learning and lectures. Clear instruction to students should be to finish up their homework, back home only. 

You can set rules and punishments for students who choose not to adhere to this law. It will help them be cautious and urge them to wrap up their homework on time. 

 15. Students Should Use Positive Language Inside the Class 

Another inclusion in the list of class rules for students is abiding by positive language rules. Language is a critical part and using them properly in class is something students should focus on. Set a clear rule of using positive and decent language inside the class that leaves no room for indecency or conflict among the students. 

 There must be strict principles for anyone who does not abide by the rules. 

16. Encourage Your Students to be Creative

This again shouldn’t come as a rule but as something spontaneous. Creativity is an integral part of learning and elevates the session to a different level. Therefore, it’s important to encourage your students to be creative and let them be themselves. 

A spontaneous flow of creative ideas inside the classroom will make the topic more comprehensive for the students and they’ll be more interested to learn. 

17. The Students Should Give Their Best 

Clear classroom instruction should be delivering the best work. Students should focus on giving their best even if there’s less time left for the bell to ring. This determining attitude will not only enhance the classroom learning experience but will help them in the long run too.

18. The Students Should Keep Their Desk Space Neat 

One of the other essential classroom rules for students should be to maintain a neat desk space.

  • Pencils, pens, and erasers should be neatly packed inside the pencil bag.
  • Only the class-related subject books should be out on the desk. 
  • Not bringing out tiffin carriers or keeping the water bottles on the desk when a class is going on. 

Ensure you look after these things when a class is on as it will result in less distraction for both ends. 

19. The Students Should Adopt Honest Means Inside the Classroom 

Honesty is not only a major classroom etiquette but an essential life skill too, that differentiates the individual from the masses. 

The classroom rule should be clear i.e., the students should adopt honest means inside the class that helps them behave the same in the world outside. Guide them to speak the truth and not go for any unfair means, no matter the situation. It will indicate a healthy learning environment and students will enrich their human qualities too. 

20. They Should Dress Neatly 

Neatness and cleanliness are an integral part of student life and every classroom rule should follow this principle strictly. Students should be encouraged to wear neat uniforms, have their hair properly tied up or combed, be in polished shoes, and have clean nails. 

A special mark allotment system can be included to boost the students into following this regulation properly. 


Best Classroom Rules for Students

21. Not Giving up on goals 

As a teacher, you should make sure that classroom rules and regulations are followed properly by the students so that they can achieve their monthly or yearly goals. You can act as a mentor or motivator, and teach them not to give up on their goals in any situation. 

22. Being attentive to every teacher’s class 

Another rule in the set of classroom rules for students is to be attentive in every class. As a class teacher, you can appoint a student to monitor if other students are properly listening to their teachers or not.

23. Contribute to the class discussions, sharing thoughts 

Students need to develop their communication skills in the classroom. The best way to do it is to share your thoughts and actively participate in class discussions. Teachers can form groups and tell each student to share their views. 

24. Disagreeing with other respectfully 

There are times when disagreements happen between students. Teachers can include this in the classroom rules for students not to use foul language or disrespect others. They should present their point respectfully. 

25. Not creating chaos when the bell rings 

It must be included in the school rules list as many students have the habit of roaming here and there as soon as the teacher leaves. You can tell them to use a classroom pass if they want to go outside, two at a time. 

26. Not be negatively influenced 

A classroom consists of different types of students, so they might get negatively influenced by others and influence other classmates too. It is better to educate them about the negative things that they should avoid. 

27. Not getting up from your seat without the teacher’s permission 

The main reason behind setting classroom rules for students is to teach them discipline. So, they should be taught to respect their teachers and not leave their seats without their teacher’s permission. 

28. Not eating or drinking in class (except water) without informing the teacher 

Many students find it cool to eat while the teacher is teaching. So, they shouldn’t be allowed to eat or drink anything except water without informing the teacher and finishing their lunch in the lunch period. 

29. Letting the teacher know in case something unfair is bothering them 

A teacher can’t monitor each and every student. So, you should be reachable to all the students who need your help. Students can share anything with their teachers that’s bothering them. 

30. Apologizing in case they did wrong 

Teaching students to apologize when they do wrong is very important from a young age. It is basic student etiquette to apologize and understand what they did wrong. 

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31. Carrying the rights books following the schedule 

Students should be informed that they will bring books strictly according to the class schedule. It is a must classroom rule for students.

32. Not Talking with the Classmates when the class is Going on 

Students should be made aware that talking with others during class not only hampers their studies but others too. So, the rule should be made that those who talk with others during class will be punished. 

33. Not being chaotic during an off period 

Whenever there are off periods, students make it hard for other teachers to teach and create noise. In that case, they should be involved in some activities so that they don’t sit idle and make noise. 

34. Students should take pride in the work they’re doing 

You can only give your all to work if you take pride in doing it. So, it is the responsibility of teachers to tell them that they should be proud of what they are doing. 

35. Respect for classroom and school property 

It is one of the basic school rules to not damage the classroom or school property. Students should understand that school is their another home where they spend so many hours a day. 

36. Not degrading others 

One of the ground rules for the classroom includes not degrading or belittling your classmates. A classroom is a place where students coming from all backgrounds should be treated equally. 

 37. Listening to the teacher speak attentively 

Most of the coursework can be completed in the classroom only if the students listen to their teachers attentively. You can ask questions from time to time to make your class attentive. 

38. Taking notes

Note-making is a skill that is helpful in all phases of life. So, the classroom rules for students must include taking notes in all lectures and getting them checked by the teachers. 

39. Not disturbing others or being a bother to anyone

Students who enjoy leg-pulling others and disturbing others should be aware that it is not a good habit. They should maintain harmony in the classroom and not disturb others. It is against the classroom rules. 

40. Being quiet when the teacher is speaking or any of the classmates is speaking to the teacher 

This rule is important for students to develop their listening skills and teach them manners. They should understand when and where to speak or remain silent.

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41. Listening to classmates when they share their viewpoints 

Students can learn many things from their classmates too. So, they should listen to their viewpoints attentively. 

42. Take homework seriously 

Students should complete their homework on time as it will make learning the chapter easier.

43. Ask the teacher for help whenever needed 

Students can easily reach out to their teachers in case of any doubt in the lessons and teachers should be reachable too.

44. Being curious about the topic 

Tell students to take interest in the chapter if they want to learn it quickly. 

45. Following a standard attendance rate (except for medical or other emergencies)

It is one of the mandatory classroom rules for students to maintain their expected attendance if there is no medical emergency. 

46. Letting the teachers know about someone’s problem if they’re unable to convey it 

Students should understand that their classmates are like a family. So, they can let the teachers know about other students’ problems. 

47. Competing with oneself instead of others 

Teachers can motivate students to compete with their older selves, instead of others. 

48. Use properly covered books and notebooks

It is a must classroom rule for students to cover their notebooks and books.

49. Following a neat tiffin eating process to keep the classroom clean 

Students should strictly avoid littering the class during lunch periods and eat their lunch neatly. 

50. Maintaining the class decorum

Lastly, it is the responsibility of all the students to maintain the class decorum. Teachers can provide a little reward to their class for maintaining the rules.

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Wrapping Up

We hope the set of class rules and regulations given above will help you create a healthy learning atmosphere and encourage the students to derive top-notch value from the in-class learning. 

Are you working towards the betterment of your classroom sessions? 


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