How To Calculate ISC Percentage 2023?

tips on how to calculate isc percentage

An Overview of ISC Percentage Calculation for Class 12 

Approximately 3 lakh candidates appear for ICSE and ISC examinations every year. The minimum requirements are an aggregate of 33% and passing marks in all subjects. This marking scheme depends on 80% external and 20% internal marks in ISC 2023. 

In all probability, the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) will announce the ISC board exam 2023 results in May. The education board will release the ISC grade marks on their official website ( One can view and download their ISC marks on the Council’s career portal. The official CISCE website provides a detailed guide on calculating the ICSE and ISC percentages (2023). Also, you can calculate your percentage via a registered SMS from the concerned authority using your index number and UID. 

We understand that you might face issues while downloading your 12th board result. Now, let us look at how to calculate the percentage of marks of the 12th in detail.

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ISC 2023 Grading Pattern 

The Indian School Certificate (ISC) grading scale offers marks from 1 to 9. Grade 1 and Grade 2 depict outstanding performance. The following three grades refer to a satisfactory result. While Grades 6 and 7 denote that you have passed, Grades 8 and beyond denote that you could not secure ISC passing marks. 

If you have chosen five subjects and obtained passing marks in English and any four of those subjects, the Council will issue a pass certificate. A candidate can apply to re-evaluate or re-checking their answer sheets. Thus, you might figure out how to calculate the ISC (2023) percentage.

Steps to Calculate the ISC 12th Percentage 

steps to calculate isc percentage

According to the CISCE marking scheme, the weighted average approach is a prerequisite for ISC marks calculation.

Do you require further clarity on how to calculate the ISC percentage? This section covers step-by-step instructions on how the ISC score percentage is calculated.

Step 1: You need a score for three subjects with the highest marks, including the ones in English. 

Step 2: Next, divide the overall score by four. It will display your average score,

Step 3: Now, multiply the average score by 100. 

It is noteworthy that English is a compulsory subject, and you must include it in your class 12th percentage calculator.

Key Features of ISC Class 12 Board Exam 

As we know, the 12th board exam result plays a significant role in every student’s life. The reason is that it determines the direction of further studies. So, one must prepare themselves to ace the exam beforehand. Here is how you can do so.

  1. You should be thorough with every aspect of the ISC board exam syllabus. It requires you to mark the essential topics in your ISC books and revise them with utter concentration. 
  2. One must be aware of their strength and weak areas. You can resort to your teachers for assistance in identifying your weaknesses. It will allow you to convert the subject into a stronger one. 
  3. Planning your study schedule is of paramount significance. You can allot time for each subject according to your preferences. 
  4. What is most important is that you meticulously use the time to be well-prepared well in advance. Using your technique and strategy will enable you to study and retain the content for a long duration. 
  5. We recommend that you practice writing topics after learning them. You can do it via lists, revision charts, flashcards, and mind maps. Writing the content will increase your accuracy, boost your confidence, and improve your handwriting style. 
  6. After completion of a chapter, ensure that you solve particular exercises. This strategy will help you resolve your doubts instantly, if any. Additionally, you can collect the previous year’s question papers to understand the paper pattern. 

Criteria on how to calculate ISC Percentage 2023

tips on how to calculate ISC Percentage 2023

According to the CISCE official marking scheme, the Supreme Court considers the following parameters of utmost significance. 

  • An ISC class 12th student must have a former gradation on their average internal marks. Generally, it is accumulated from their 11th and 12th grades. So, projects and internal exams are primarily useful for generating internal grades.
  • Moreover, the candidate’s final grade in the 10th board exams is crucial in deciding the final ISC percentage. In this case, the student’s best percentage from the recent six years will give weightage to the total ISC percentage (2023).
  • The average marks from respective subject examinations from class 11th and class 12th add 60% weightage. In addition, internal assessment scores based on projects and practical assessments give 30% weightage. Furthermore, the average marks obtained from the highest-scoring subjects in class 10 (including English) add 10% weightage to your overall ISC percentage. 
  • A student possessing any objection to the above-mentioned score computation can write to their respective school elaborating their objection. It requires the heads of schools to review objections, endorse them, and forward complaints to the CISCE within seven days of the results declaration date. The reason is that they will not entertain any further objection requests afterward. 

Practical Instances of How to Calculate ISC Percentage 

This section illustrates a practical solution of how to calculate ISC percentage.

Let us assume that a candidate secures 1155 marks out of 1200 marks in the board examination. So, the percentage calculation is as follows:

Number of marks scored = 1155

Maximum marks = 1200

Therefore, percentage of marks = (Marks scored / Maximum marks) *100

                                                    = (1155 /1200) * 100

                                                    = 96.25 %

Final Words

The chief executive and secretary of the CISCE board, Gerry Arathoon signed a 12-page circular in June 2021, which is being adhered to in 2023. CISCE explained in this circular that the current score formulation is per the analyzed and compiled data from schools by high-powered reputable statisticians belonging to premier education boards in India. The council has also mentioned that the formulation strictly focuses on fairness to all candidates. It implies that a student taking the ISC board exam 2023 will pass off with flying colors if they are insightful and clear about the concepts they practise frequently.

FAQs on How to Calculate ISC Percentage

Q1. What is the official marking scheme for ISC class 12?

The circulated marking schemes provided are not official yet. However, it is unlikely that they will inculcate any change greater than 20% in the scheme.

Q2. Does the CISCE board pass every student in class 12th board exams?

Since the examiners follow a lenient checking pattern, it is rare for students to fail in ISC. However, there might be some exceptions in a specific case.

Q3. What is the ISC score weightage?

The scores from project works and internal assessments add up to 30% weightage. It also includes passing marks in any of the four subjects (including English).

Q4. How to calculate ISC percentage 2023?

CISCE’s official statement requires the affiliated schools to submit each student’s average marks. It will also require the marks of class 11 and 12 internal exams to help a student calculate the percentage.

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