How To Score More Than 90% Marks In CBSE 2024 Exam Class 10?

tips on how to score more than 90 percent in class 10

Every student hopes to achieve more than 90% on their board exams. They also give 100% of their energy to this. But did you know that putting in the extra effort is not the only way to achieve a score higher than 90%? Yes, you heard correctly! Along with your hard effort, you must use some smart work. The only way to ace your board examinations is a combination of hard work and smart work. Students often ask how much percentage is good in class 10. The answer is 90% or above if you want to have good options to choose a stream of your choice. 

The dates for the Term 2 Board Exams have been released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The CBSE Term 2 Theory Exams will be held this year from April 26 to June 15, 2022, and the CBSE Term 2 Practical Exams will be held from March 2 to April 30, 2022. Every student is asking the same question- how to score 90 percent in class 10?

This article would be beneficial for any board exam candidates who aimed for more than 90% marks and wanted to develop better future plans.

Tips to help you score more than 90% in Maths

How to score good marks in maths board exam class 10? Many people think you need amazing intelligence to do well in math. But this is untrue. A student’s ability to think logically and rationally is developed through the study of mathematics. Improving logical thinking is how to score 90 percent in class 10. Although a student cannot instantly fall in love with math, there are several things they may do to improve their math score.

Tips to Score 90% in Maths CBSE Board Exam

1. Create a separate register for formulas, theories, and methods:

Have a separate notebook where you can create a list of all the formulas, theories, and important methods. This will help you memorize on the go and save a lot of time. 

2. Practice and Find Solutions 

Tips to Score 90% in Maths CBSE Board Exam

Practicing is how to score 90 percent in class 10. Memorizing ideas and concepts is great, but it is also substantial to put them into practice. Therefore, if you want to get all A’s in math, you must complete each question on your own at least three to four times.

3. Opt for Sample Papers

Even if you are unprepared, doing the sample papers is an effective way to learn math for class 10 quickly. We need to be organized if we want to stay on task and achieve our academic objectives. Solving practice exam questions is the best way to ace exams. How to score good marks in board exam?

CBSE 36 sample question papers class 10
Practice Oswal’s Sample Papers and Last 10 Years Solved Papers

Tips to help you score more than 90% in Science

Students studying for the CBSE Class 10 exams must carefully approach the science topic. For the CBSE 10th Science exam, a score of 90% or higher requires practice and effort. Continuous effort is how to score 90 percent in class 10. Let’s have a look at the simple-to-follow strategies for preparing for the CBSE class 10 science exam in 2024 that will help you perform well.

1. Get Clarity on Syllabus and Scoring

How to get 90 percent in the board exam? 

The students must first and foremost understand the Class 10 Science syllabus and how the grades are assigned. It will help create a detailed study schedule. 

2. Learn and Practice Diagrams 

Tips to score more than 90% in Science

Being fluent in your understanding of diagrams is how to score 90 percent in class 10. Students should showcase their subject knowledge and understanding of the subject via diagrams. Drawing a neat and labelled diagram can help to get a good score in CBSE Class 10.

3. Complete Practice Tests

After studying and learning the concepts, the students should solve previous years’ question papers. It gives you an overall idea of all the commonly asked questions. Completing and working on the correction of practice tests is how to score 90 percent in class 10.

Apart from that, attempting mock tests and full-length tests to get used to the timing of the examination. With the help of these tests, we can calculate how much time they need in each section and help students achieve more marks since they are well-prepared. How to get full marks in exam? Attempt practice tests. 

Explore Oswal’s Most Likely Question Bank for Science Class 10 to take your practice to the next step.

A lot of students ask what is a good percentage in class 10 science exam. If you score 90% or above it reflects that you have your foundations clear and you are ready for the 11th-standard science subjects.

Tips to help you score more than 90% in Social Science

We will now talk about how to get a 95% on your CBSE Class 10 Social Studies exam. One should adhere to these recommendations to get the best possible grade. Understanding the art of storytelling in social science is how to score 90 percent in class 10.

1. Say ‘Yes’ to Group Study 

How to score 100 percent in class 10? Say yes to group study. 

Tips to score more than 90% in Social Science

Group study offers many benefits. Helping each other understand a concept or a chapter helps in revision and a stronger foundation. Additionally, you can use the additional later time to focus on your weakest subject areas. You can improve your score by doing this.

2. Don’t Forget to Practice Maps 

How to get good marks in class 10? The second tip of advice is to always remember to cover map work because it is crucial to getting the best possible grade.  

Working with maps can help you earn the most points in the shortest amount of time.

Understand what kind of map-related questions come in board exams from

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Oswal’s Last Years 10 Solved Papers and 36 Sample Question Papers

3. Learn Proper Presentation for Answer Sheet

How to score 90 plus in 10th boards? Learn how to present your answers well. If you give your paper a very good effort, your examiner will be impressed and award you the highest possible grade. Therefore, you must adhere to the following guidelines to receive all possible points in the CBSE Class 10 Social Studies examination.

  • Write the answer in points
  • Present your answer block diagrams and tables
  • Divide your answer into subheadings
  • Highlight important things by underlining them with a pencil

Tips to help you score more than 90% in Hindi

In board exams, language and literature subjects are highly scoring.

Some students find them challenging, but those who know how to do well in the topic do not have trouble with it. Some quick tips on how to score 90 percent in the class 10 Hindi exam.

  1. Read each and every line of the chapter carefully
  2. Practice writing sessions like Patra and nibandh. One should select the questions for this that have been previously asked in the board exam
  3. Don’t ignore the grammar topics as even if it does not carry lots of marks but if you want to be hundred percent prepared then study grammar too. Making your grammar strong is how to score 90 percent in class 10
  4. Remember the name of all the poets and writers as it probably is asked as one marker question. For better memorization practice Oswal’s Sample Question Papers
  5. At last, one of the most crucial things is to solve sample papers or the previous year’s question paper and while solving it please set the timer. Try to complete the paper in 2 hours 30 minutes so that in the final you may not be left the paper incomplete as language papers are a bit lengthy
  6. The paper presentation should also be neat and clean so that you can impress the examiner and once you succeed in it, you will definitely achieve success

Tips to help you score more than 90% in English

Being a linguistic and theoretical subject, English is frequently preferred and saved till the very end of preparation for the CBSE Class 10th exam. Start your exam prep early because the subject needs reading, writing, speaking, and listening. How to get 90 in class 10 English exam? Let’s have a look at some tips.

A few tips to score above 90% in English:

1. Practice & Read Everyday

Students who read books, newspapers, and other learning resources can improve their reading habits. This practice aids students in developing their vocabulary as well as their reading and writing abilities. Students will also comprehend and learn how to use tenses correctly.

2. Time Management 

Tips to score more than 90% in English

How to score good marks in class 10? Learn time management, One of the most significant English preparation tips for CBSE Class 10 is this one. This will make it easier to write questions quickly and free up time for editing. While taking the test, make an effort to use time management strategies. One of the top CBSE class 10 English board exam tips entails reading and fully comprehending the questions before going on to the solutions.

Quick Tips and Tricks to Score 90% in English Exams

  • Practice writing articles and responses frequently to minimize grammar mistakes.
  • Make notes on the subjects you believe are most significant as you read one chapter per day.
  • To enhance your vocabulary and voice, read the chapter aloud.
  • To recall the names of poets and authors, make notes or cards.
  • To fully comprehend the details, reread the stories.
  • For exam preparation, use NCERT books since they are the main source for a majority of the questions.
  • Set up a time for each component of your study plan, and avoid starting a new chapter on the day of the test.

How to score good marks in 10th? Following these tips regularly is how to score 90 percent in class 10 and make yourself proud.

Explore Oswal’s Last Years Solved Papers for Class 10 CBSE Exam 2024 to understand the accurate answers and their presentations.

What Did you Learn So Far?

A good percentage in class 10 is a dream of all students.

You must focus on the techniques concerning the perfect timetable for 10th students, how to write answers in board exams, and how to present a paper in board exams. How to score 90 percent in class 10? Stay focused and study smart. One should also focus on different subjects like how to get good marks in science, maths, English, social sciences, or Hindi to upgrade our performance and score well in the examination. How to get good marks in exam? Don’t stress and go for a walk when you want to take a short break.

FAQs on How To Score More Than 90% In Class 10

Q1. How much should I aim to score in my CBSE 10th boards?

What is good percentage in class 10? You should always aim higher. It will drive you to study well and achieve your goal. As the saying goes. Shoot for the moon, if you don’t hit the moon you will shoot the stars. 

Q2. Is it possible to score full marks in English?

The language subject does not have a right or wrong hypothesis and is more about putting your thoughts on paper. A student at best can get 98% to 99% in a language subject. It is considered unfair to let anyone get a full score on an English test. 100/100 basically means that there is absolutely no improvement required and the student is an English master that no one really is.

Q3. Do I get any marks for attempting a question if the answer is incorrect?

There are no marks given solely for attempting a question. One needs to answer a question correctly to gain scores. However, there is no negative marking in CBSE Board Exams. Negative marking is when your marks get deducted if your answer is incorrect. So, if the question you attempted is of 2 marks and your answer is wrong you will get a minus two instead of a zero.

Q4. Is there a way to help me prepare better?

Use Oswal’s Sample Papers and Last Years Solved Papers to become confident and well-versed with the concepts. Apart from this, having a timetable, proper sleep, hydration, and being focused will immensely help you to prepare well.

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