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Maharashtra SSC Board 2023: Time Table, Exam Pattern, & More

Maharashtra SSC Time Table 2023

Maharashtra SSC board exam 2023 dates are all included in the SSC timetable 2023 Maharashtra board. Before taking the Maharashtra SSC board exam 2023, students are urged to thoroughly read the instructions for the exam day. According to the Maharashtra SSC exam schedule for 2023, the exams are in two sessions: morning and evening. The board has also made a preliminary program available for the Maharashtra HSC Board Exams in 2023. The Class 12 board exams will be held between February 21 and March 20, per the proposed Mah HSC timetable.

Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2023: The preliminary Maharashtra SSC timetable 2023 has been made available on the official website of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE). Exams for the Maharashtra SSC will be between March 2 and 25, 2023. The MSBSHSE Class 12 board exams will be administered using paper and pencil.

A Sneak Peek Into The Maharashtra SSC Time Table 2023

After successfully completing the quarterly exams in September and the half-yearly exams in December, the Maharashtra SSC board exam has scheduled to hold the final exams for all affiliated schools of the board in March or April. This year’s board test will be held in March as usual.

For the 10th SSC board exam 2023 registered in Maharashtra’s public and private schools, the MSBSHSE conducts public exams in the months of March and April each year. The secondary school board exams for 2023 will start during the first or second week of March, according to the MAH State Government’s plan. At least 14 lakh students will take the high school exams during the academic year 2022–2023. The yearly examination’s online application process will begin in November, according to MSBSHSE authorities. Students whose final theory examinations are in 2023 will be able to submit their applications before the deadline thanks to this.

SSC board exam 2023 timetable is as follows: 

Name of Conduction AuthorityMSBSHSE, Pune
Starting Date of ExaminationMarch-2023
Last Date of ExaminationApril-2023
Time table released DateSeptember-2022
Official Websitemahahsscboard.in

What Information Can You Get From The Maharashtra SSC Exam 2023 Class 10 Time Table 2023?

Maharashtra state board 10th exam timetable 2023 is out. The following details are provided by the Maharashtra SSC board exam class 10 timetable 2023:

  • Maharashtra Board’s name and logo
  • Class name
  • Subject Name and Code
  • MH SSC Exam Date and Time
  • Exam dates
  • 2023 SSC schedule Maharashtra Board

10th SSC time table 2023 Maharashtra board are as follows:

Exam Dates1st Half (Starts at 11:00 am)2nd Half (Starts at 3 pm)
March 2, 2023Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sindhi, Bengali, and Punjabi are some examples of first languages.Second or Third Language: German, French
March 3, 2023Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Marathi are all second or third languages (Composite)
March 4, 2023Introduction: Multi-Skill Assistant Technician To fundamental technology, auto mechanic, store clerk, assistant beauty therapist, physical education & sports, tourism & hospitality, and store operation assistant Trainee in food and beverage service, Solanaceae Crop Cultivator in Agriculture, Electronics Hardware Field Technician-Other Home Appliances, Power – Consumer Energy Meter Technician, Apparels Sewing Machine Operator, and General Plumber
March 6, 2023First language: EnglishThird Language: English
March 9, 2023Second or Third language: Hindi, Hindi (Composite)
March 11, 2023Second or Third language: Arabic, Vesta, Gujarati, Ardhamagadhi, Sanskrit, Paly, Urdu, Persian, Russian, PahlaviUrdu, Bengali, Sanskrit, Pail, Ardhamagadhi, Persian, Arabic, French, German, Russian, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Sindhi, Punjabi, Gujarati, and other languages are available as a second or third language (Composite Course)
March 13, 2023Mathematics Part-1 AlgebraArithmetic (for eligible Divvying candidates)
March 15, 2023Mathematics Part-II (Geometry)
March 17, 2023Science and Technology (Part I), Physiology, Hygiene & Home Science
March 20, 2023Science and Technology Part-II
March 23, 2023Social Sciences Paper-I: History and Political Science
March 25, 2023Social Sciences Paper-II: Geography

How Can You Download The Maharashtra SSC Time Table 2023?

Students can obtain their date sheet for the Maharashtra SSC board exam online if they will be taking the exam and are seeking an exam schedule. 

By using the steps mentioned below, you can also download the exam schedule from the official website. The Maharashtra SSC board exam timetable 2023 will be made public by MSBSHSE. The Maharashtra SSC board exam 2023 latest news is how to download the timetable that has been released.

Step 1: Using the main website mahahsscboard.in, search for a pertinent link

Step 2: A new page will appear on the screen when you choose the “SSC Time Table March-2023” option, which is actually labelled “Latest Notifications.”

Step 3: Once clicked, the link will show the exam schedule.

Step 4: Download, print, and save the document.

download maharashtra ssc board exam time table 2023

The Maharashtra Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has published the 2023 Maharashtra Board SSC Time Table online (MBSHSE). The tests will begin on March 2nd, 2023, between 11 am and 3 pm. At mahahsscboard.in, the authority has posted a full timetable in pdf format. The timetable can be used by students to plan their study strategies and efficiently complete the Maharashtra class 10th syllabus. The 2023 Maharashtra exam schedule covers information like subject-specific exam dates, hours, shifts, and significant instructions.

Examination Day Instructions For The Maharashtra SSC Board Exam 2023

SSC is 10th or 12th students board exams and they come with a set of guidelines. Candidates must obtain their Maharashtra 10th grade hall ticket for their Maharashtra SSC board exam from mahahsscboard.in, double-check the schedule, and review the important exam day instructions.

Remember to follow the instructions below: 

  • Maharashtra SSC Hall Ticket 2023 is one of the most significant documents for class 10 exams and is required to be brought inside the test room at all times. A candidate might not be permitted to write the paper if they forget to bring it.
  • Punctuality: To minimize any last-minute problems, candidates are urged to arrive at least 30 minutes before reporting time.
  • Banned Devices: Mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices are not permitted, and anyone detected in possession could face penalties.
  • Admission Certificate: The Regional/Sub-Regional Office of the Commission will issue the candidates an admission certificate with scanned copies of their photos and signature. The Scanned Admission Certificate does not need students to attach any photographs. The invigilator must get the component of the admission certificate containing the scanned photo.
  • Filling in the Answer Sheet: How to fill out the answer sheet is explained in great detail on the actual answer sheet. Be sure to follow them closely.
  • Use of Correct Pen: Fill out Part-A of Side 1, Part B of Side I, and Side 2 of the answer page using black ink or a black ballpoint pen.

How Can You Use The Maharashtra SSC Time Table 2023 To Prepare Better For Your Examination?

prepare for ssc board exam 2023

A timetable gives you the motivation and the nudge to start your exam preparations. Since the Maharashtra SSC board exam dates are out, it is now time to prepare for the exam. A timetable helps you to strategize your preparation for the exams and score well. 

Set a Study Schedule

  • According to the number of chapters, weightage, and degree of difficulty, give the important chapters priority.
  • Set aside time for each chapter in accordance with the priority list, and begin with the easier or more important chapters to conserve time and energy for the difficult chapters’ preparation.
  • The most crucial thing is to avoid often changing your schedule or study plan. For better outcomes, simply create a study timetable based on the priority list and adhere to it.

Create Points for Easy Retention 

Start by reading the material you need to understand before creating pointer sentences to make learning easier. To depict the answers and associated themes, you can use bullets, numbering, special symbols, or mind maps to make it easier.

Stay Away from Devices 

  • Students frequently bring their smartphones, laptops, and tablets to class, which causes constant distraction. 
  • Devices should never be used when studying as they interfere with attention and cause time waste. 
  • Only use the materials you actually need to study, such as a notepad, a syllabus, test materials, and stationery. Additionally, keep everything you need in one location so you won’t have to interrupt your studies or stand up to acquire it.

Solve Assignments

  • Download SSC’s assignment for the current year and previous years
  • Try to solve each and every assignment and work on the corrections

SWOT Analysis

You can better organize your study and choose topics by using SWOT analysis.

  • Recognize your area of expertise and master the concept
  • Recognize your weakest subject, practice it frequently, and don’t ignore it
  • Learn which topics carry more weight and take advantage of the chance to score
  • Understand the topics that are challenging, and make sure you work on and practice them more frequently
swot analysis for ssc board exam 2023

Is There A Different Time Table For The Maharashtra Board SSC 2023 Exam?

The Maharashtra board exams differ from other board exams. The timetable for the Maharashtra SSC board exam differs in comparison to CBSE or ICSE boards. 

Telugu or English is used as the language of exchange (regional language). The State Board does not prioritize communication in English.

FAQs on Maharashtra SSC Time Table 2023

Q1. Will Maharashtra SSC board exam practicals have a separate timetable?

Answer:  No, the timetable for Maharashtra SSC practicals will not be released by Maharashtra State Board.

Q2. How much do I need to score to pass the Maharashtra SSC board exam 2023?

Answer: For the 10th SSC exam, passing Marks out of 80 in the Maharashtra Board are 28 marks (35% of 80). So, students need to score 25 passing marks out of 80 in Maharashtra SSC or HSC Board exams.

Q3. Is there a way for me to download the Maharashtra SSC board exam Time Table 2023 in pdf?

Answer: Maharashtra SSC Board has released SSC timetable PDF on their official portal. Students can download the SSC board exam 2023 Time Table from the official website at mahahsscboard.in

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