Oswal 36 Sample Question Papers CBSE Class 10 English Solutions

Section-A : Reading


(i) B. To let those on their friend list know how they are feeling and what they are doing in life.

(ii) The writer states that although social media sites serve as a platform to connect with the world, their use of it has reduced to who updated what on social media and how many people liked or commented on the posts. Social media users and addicts hardly enjoy the moment of talking to the people around them. Ironically the platform created to help people socialise has actually cut them off from society.

(iii) all they care about is maintaining an attractive social media profile for which they are busy clicking pictures and do not find the moment to talk with people around them.

(iv) Near synonym: (a) to connect with (b) to socialise in (c) interact Near antonym: (d) hardly (e) frequently

(v) they do not care if their loved ones are sitting with them or trying to make a conversation.

(vi) Addiction is a condition in which a person is unable to stop using a substance or engaging in a behaviour while distancing means to become less involved or connected with somebody or something.

(vii) B. She has to cook food for her only child while others order their food online.

(viii) This diary entry is an example of emotionally charged, dry humour.


(i) they identify themselves with their idols and want to outdo the ‘good deeds’ of their idols by collective efforts.

(ii) fact, well surveyed inference.

(iii) The BTS fans are in general young and obsessive individuals who have struck a resonant chord with the South Korean pop group BTS because their music touches the themes of self–confidence, mental health and societal norms. This gives them the confidence to identify themselves with their idols and take collective action through semi-structured organisation with enough diversity within their ranks to address the social issues.

(iv) K pop fans have used their influence to support social justice issues. On Instagram and Twitter, they have taken over white supremacist hashtags with fancams – short videos of their favourite pop idols performing.

(v) It gave the obsessive fans stay in constant touch with each other and motivate each other to contribute to the cause. They succeeded to raise the $1 million in just 25 hours.

(vi) prolific

(vii) It is due to the protests against police brutality and systemic racism.

(viii) A. Celebrities and their fan base created a solid impact to the cause of racial justice.

Section-B : Writing Skills & Grammar


(i) been known


Error Correction
knew know

(iii) Uma asked Shambhu whether he had seen the clowns in the circus.

(iv) (i) C. asked him what he was
      (ii) D. replied that
      (iii) C. had heard that people who had

(v) B. Could


Error Correction
has had


Option No. Error Correction
D. has had

(viii) C. tasted

(ix) that unlike Seenu, it was a fun day for her.

(x) C. should

(xi) B. blew up


Error Correction
for on

Section C : Writing


A. 25-C, Lawrence Road,
11 November, 20XX
The Director,
Elite Institute of Painting,
New Delhi
Subject: Inquiry regarding course in painting
I am writing this letter to know about the courses in painting offered by your reputed institute as I have
an immense interest in painting.
I want to state that I am currently in X class. I want to take painting as a career. I have also searched
about the good institutes and found yours to be the best. I would feel glad to be a part of it. Kindly send
me the prospectus and the application form. I would be very grateful if you could provide me with the
following information:
• The courses available
• Duration of each course
• Admission fee
• Scholarships available if any
• Faculty
• Hostel facility
Please find the draft of ` 300/- for the brochure enclosed herewith.
I am looking forward for your answer at its earliest so that I can start the class as soon as possible.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Simran Banerjee


B. 1/11 Rohini,
12th June, 20XX
The Editor,
The Times of India,
Subject: Absence of street lights in our locality
Through your esteemed daily, I want to bring to the notice of the concerned authorities that the street
lights in our locality have not been repaired since the past few weeks; due to which the residents are
facing a lot of issues.
In the evening, when people come back from work, or go for a walk they trip or fall and injure themselves
because of the darkness all around.
Some miscreants take advantage of the situation and they either get away after stealing things or
misbehave with women.
This is a matter of serious concern that needs to be taken into account with immediate actions. I request
the concerned authorities to kindly look into this matter and approach with the necessary measures at
the earliest.
Thanking you,
Yours sincerely,
Adrija Sen

A. The given bar graph depicts the usage of three skincare products – facewash, toner, and sunscreen, by men and women over a period of three months. It reveals that both men and women showed a similar trend in their skincare routine over the three-month period. Facewash was the most frequently used skincare product by both genders, with men using it 35 times in June, and women using it 25 times in the same month. The use of toner and sunscreen, however, varies between the genders, with women using toner more than men and men using sunscreen more than women. Over the course of three months, the use of skincare products increased among both men and women, with the most significant rise observed
in the use of sunscreen in August. Overall, the data indicates that people are conscious about their skin health and hygiene, with facewash being the most preferred product.


B. Introduction of the cheetah in India is, of course, a bold move that heralds the reversal of a tragedy that wiped out the thriving species from the Indian forests within a short period. The reintroduction of cheetahs in India has excited the people because it is a step forward in the strategy to conserve threatened species and restore ecosystem functions. Excessive poaching, hunting, illegal trade, decreasing habitat due to deforestation, increasing human population, and climate change have all contributed to rapidly dwindling wildlife numbers. In these conditions, it is imperative for the authorities to map water bodies and wild forests and take proactive initiatives like the introduction of the cheetah to not only protect the threatened species but also to ensure growth in their numbers. The government should also support this initiative by introducing strict laws.

Section D : Literature


1. A.

(i) It can be inferred that Dr Urquhart was a man who was flexible to new ideas and did not operate from a fixed mindset but an open mindset.

(ii) True. This statement is simply a question that Ebright was trying to answer.

(iii) Ebright along with a friend built a device that showed how the spots were producing a hormone necessary for the butterfly’s full development which in turn led to the discovery that a cell can read the blueprint of its DNA. This was huge and substantial since if it was proved correct, it would be a gigantic step towards understanding the processes of life.

(iv) An opportunity


1. B.

(i) It can be inferred that the lady was surprised on hearing about the other aeroplane since there were no other planes flying that night due to the storm.

(ii) False (This is a premise).

(iii) The look of surprise in the face of the woman in the control room signifies a phenomena which is difficult to fathom by the human mind as the story reveals that a pilot who is completely lost in a storm is apparently assisted by a man in another plane who guides him to a safe landing. Later he finds out that there were no other planes flying that night.

(iv) Tempest 


2. A.

(i) pirate

(ii) The poem “Tale of Custard the Dragon” by Ogden Nash suggests that the speaker’s emphasis on the pet dragon, Custard, serves to playfully challenge traditional notions of bravery and courage. The speaker contrasts Custard’s apparent lack of courage with the brave and daring nature of the other characters in the poem, such as Belinda and her other pets. This emphasis on Custard being a timid and nonconfrontational character creates a humorous and unexpected twist, subverting the reader’s expectations of what a dragon should be like. The poem ultimately celebrates individuality and the idea that one
doesn’t need to conform to stereotypes to be valuable or loved.

(iii) C. Valorous

(iv) The poet uses many literary devices like alliteration and metonymy to keep the mood of the poem light and comical. There is also implementation of tautology in the words ‘realio, trulio’ as there’s repetition of synonymous words to mean the same thing.


2. B.

(i) The language used in this poem is more of an argument and is not in sync with the general trend of a poem.

(ii) The word emphasizes a subtle message based on two facts. On one hand, it focuses on unconditional love of God that God always loves us irrespective of our physical appearance or our transgressions. On the other hand, it tells us the importance of striving for God’s attention as opposed to the love of human beings, which is temporary and based on our physical appearance.

(iii) D. All of these

(iv) The poem primarily uses visual imagery. Visual imagery involves creating mental pictures through descriptive language, allowing readers to imagine scence, colours, and appearances. In this poem, the descriptions of hair colours, physical attributes, and actions evoke visual images in reader’s mind. The themes are also conveyed through visual descriptions.


(i) In “Mijbil the Otter,” the narrator’s interactions with Mijbil lead him to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the natural world. Through his observations of Mijbil’s behaviours and instincts, the narrator gains insights into the otter’s way of life, ultimately altering his perspective on the delicate balance of nature and the significance of preserving it.

(ii) Allusion is the poetic device which makes an indirect reference to a person, place , thing or idea. In this poem, Amanda’s frequent imagination about herself being a mermaid and Rapunzel, to escape her mother’s insistent demands to change her behaviour sadly points out to the negative impact of parental authority.

(iii) By the phrase ‘rainbow gathering’ Mandela meant the presence of different dignitaries from different nations across the world at the amphitheatre for the installation of South Africa’s first democratic, nonracial government. For decades South Africa was the seat of White supremacy.

(iv) Natalya always had an upper hand in her arguments with Lomov because she presented her opinions with facts and calm demeanour. Natalya argued that her dog was of better breed and could run faster. She replied to every query with a well-formed answer.

(v) The poem ends on a note of freedom as the trees have been able to break the bondage of homes and move out of the windows to go back to their natural environment. This mass symbolically point out the triumph of women in winning their fight for equality and independence.


(i) Anil chose to overlook the breach of his trust by Hari Singh because he wanted to reform the young boy through self conscience and realisation. He was an educated man and understood the motive of the young boy to cheat. However, Anil also knew that Hari Singh had returned his money quietly. Therefore, he was happy that the boy realised his mistake.

(ii) The Midnight Visitor’ is a short story immersed in suspense. The readers are compelled to hold on with bated breath till the end to find how an unarmed overweight plump protagonist of the plot outwits a slim and agile assassin armed with a gun to the latter’s eventual death.

(iii) A child’s formative years are the most crucial for inculcating good habits. It is important to raise young kids with an independent thinking. Richard Ebright’s teachers and mother nurtured his curious nature from a young age, without ridiculing or giving up on him. This acted as a positive reinforcement for him which was a major factor for his successful scientific career.


(i) Lencho: I lost all of my crops to the hailstorm. I don’t know why God would do this to His believer.
Boy: I lost my prized possession, my favourite ball, and now I can never have it!
Lencho: Ah boy! So you too know the painful feeling of suffering and not being able to do anything about it.
Boy: I just wish I could end this feeling and get my ball back. But somehow deep inside I know it is never coming back. I would have to live with the loss forever.
Lencho: Have faith in God, child. I am writing a letter to Him asking for money to help my family survive from starving.
Boy: I’ve never heard about anyone writing to God! Will it work? Will God listen to me and give me my ball back?
Lencho: If you believe in Him then why not! He put us into this situation, He will have to help us.
Boy: Alright then! I’ll straightaway go to home and ask my mum to write a letter for me.


(ii) Anne’s tribulation was the quest for finding true love amongst mortals, even if she had to go to the extent of changing her physical appearance. She was told that there is no man who would love her for herself, rather they would fall for her beautiful blonde hair. But the gospel truth, that only God can love us for ourselves, is enlightening for her.

Buddha’s quote is in the context of accepting death as the ultimate fate of the mortals, but it can also be interpreted that the attainment of peace can only be achieved when one rids themselves of their complaints and worries. Worrying about being truly loved for one’s inner self and not the outer reflection will lead nowhere. And Anne would fully understand this notion that grieving about something that isn’t in Your control is futile.


(i) May 02, 20XX
4 p.m.
I once had a scientist as a guest wearing a long coat and his face covered with bandages. One day, in the early morning my husband and I went to check our guest’s room. Suddenly, the hat hanging on the bedpost fell on my face and the chair came flying at me. We were scared that the room was possessed by evil spirits.

The dual incidents of a burglary in the neighbourhood and the scientist producing money to clear his long pending dues raised the suspicion that he was someway involved in all the weird incidents in the village. The police were called to apprehend the scientist who wanted to run away. In the melee, we were terrified to find that the clothes and bandages were just covered around an invisible person. Till today, it frightens me to think of this incident.


(ii) The circumstantial sequence of events bring about a huge transformation in M. Loisel. He is married to Matilda, a beautiful woman but unacceptable of a life of mediocrity. He suffers drastically as a result of his wife’s microscopic view of happiness which effectively brings despair and regret in their married life. M. Loisel goes through a nightmare in the next ten years as the entire earning of the couple goes in saving money to pay back for the lost necklace that his wife borrowed from her friend to flaunt her aristocratic status. So, from being a contended man satisfied with simple things in life, he is forced to become a workaholic. The best ten years of his married life turn into a never ending pursuit of paying back the loan that he took to replace the lost necklace. M. Loisel is left with nothing to look forward to in life except a basic struggle for survival.

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