Oswal 36 Sample Question Papers CBSE Class 10 English Solutions

Section-A : Reading


(i) B. ignoring family

(ii) C. A joint family connects each member of the family with one another, unlike a nuclear family whichmakes us apart.

(iii) D. update about friends

(iv) It is just a click away.

(v) Addiction is a condition in which a person is unable to stop using a substance or engaging in a behaviourwhile distancing means to become less involved or connected with somebody or something.

(vi) 1. They hardly enjoy the moment or talk to the people around them.

2. They are only focused on collecting pictures that can be uploaded on their social media accounts orbusy checking and commenting on the status updates of those on their friend list.

(vii) The biggest issue with social media is that it is highly addictive.

(viii)B. To let those on their friend list know how they are feeling and what they are doing in life.

(ix) The purpose of social media sites was to connect with our friends and relatives but the biggest issue with social media is that it is becoming an addiction which in turn is making the addicts cut off from society.

(x) A. 1 and 2

  • II.
  • (i) It is due to the protests against police brutality and systemic racism.
  • (ii) A. due to systemic racism
  • (iii) prolific
  • (iv) D. 2 and 5
  • (v) A. 6 hours approx.
  • (vi) D. raising money for charity
  • (vii) seldom
  • (viii) They have a history of raising money for charity and breaking social media records.
  • (ix) K pop fans have used their influence to support social justice issues. On Instagram and Twitter, theyhave taken over white supremacist hashtags with fancams – short videos of their favourite pop idolsperforming.
  • (x) B. 1. hashtag #MatchAMillion
  • 2. systemic racism
  • 3. Dallas Police Department

Section-B : Grammar


(i) B. will be

(ii) that unlike Seenu, it was a fun day for her.

(iii) A. ought

(iv) (iv)

Option No. Error Correction
D. has have

(v) C. tasted

(vi) been known

(vii) that he had drawn the diagram but he couldn’t see it because it was not visible to the naked eye. 


Error Correction
Balancing Balance

(ix) Uma asked Shambhu whether he saw the clowns at the circus.

(x) B. Could

(xi) (i) C. asked him what he was

(ii) D. replied that

(iii) C. had heard that people who had


Error for
Correction on

Section C : Creative Writing Skills



A. Jupiter Apartments



12th June, 20XX

The Editor,

The Times of India,


Subject: Regarding the absence of proper street lights


This is to bring to the notice of all through your esteemed newspaper, that the street lights in our locality have not been repaired since the past few weeks; due to this, the residents are facing a lot of issues.

In the evening, when people come back from work, walks or the nearby markets, they trip or fall and injure themselves because of the darkness all around.

Some miscreants take advantage of the situation and they either get away after stealing things or misbehave with women because people can’t see them. If the lights are repaired and proper lighting is there then the guards too can check the visitors.

This is a matter of serious concern that needs to be taken into account with immediate effect. I request the concerned authorities to kindly look into this and approach with the necessary actions.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,



B. Janakpuri,


16th June, 20XX

The Editor,

The Times of India,


Subject: Regarding open drains in the streets


I am writing this letter to draw the attention of the authorities towards the uncovered drains adjacent to the residential blocks and streets. The drains are either open or their covers are broken and in the ongoing monsoon season, the mosquitoes are breeding inside them.

The drains pose a risk for the vehicles as well as for the people, especially children. Recently, a child had almost fallen into the drain while trying to get his ball. The stench and the impure water can lead to serious diseases too; it is an extreme danger to everyone living in the vicinity.

I would kindly request the authorities through this esteemed daily to get the drains covered at the earliest to protect the residents from accidents and diseases.

Thanking you,

Yours sincerely,


A. Delhi is the capital of India and is the centre of interest for everyone around the country. Since it has been providing a living and is home to so many of the commuters, there is a mad rush on the roads on a daily basis.
When we look at the given data during the years 2007 and 2010, we can see the increased number of accidents that keep happening on the roads of Delhi. The number has jumped to almost double and it is alarming to see such an increase in the accidents. Imagine the plight of the victim’s family and the consequences that they have to face because of our own negligence. The best way to bring the number of accidents down is to have patience on roads and start a few minutes earlier to work or wherever we are heading to. Nothing is more precious than life, so we need to be prompt, smart, and patient to avoid any mishap.
India is a land of diverse features and cultures and there are so many people who speak different languages. Though the mother tongue is different, we should all communicate in English in schools and at our places of work. English speaking should become a practice for all in order to get better placements in different fields, but English speaking should not become a way of life because at times we need to give the personal touch to people when we are either in our hometown or at places where people cannot follow English. English is a necessity when we are in a place where people are just getting educated, for them it will turn embarrassing if we keep speaking in English and they cannot respond back. Hence, it always depends upon the place where we are at that very moment. Language is a means of communication and it should not be hard or difficult to follow, unless the whole purpose of communication gets disturbed or destroyed completely.

Section D : Literature

1. A.
(i) C. She was punished
(ii) As Anne was punished for talking too much, so she wrote a poem to convince her teacher for letting her talk. She already had written two essays and this time wrote a humorous poem stating her point. So, she was relieved that her teacher took the joke in the right way and later allowed her to talk her heart out.
(iii) humourous
(iv) A. 1, 3, 7
(v) A. Shivaay said, “I hope we’re doing the right thing”.
1. B.
(i) B. The flowers at the annual flower show were a beautiful sight.
(ii) chuckling
(iii) D. She had to attend a party at the Minister’s residence.
(iv) B. 1 & 4
(v) This enables the author to represent the exact language of the characters. It also helps the reader to understand the tone of the characters.
  • 2. A.
  • (i) Here, the poet has compared freedom with sweetness - the freedom is sweet.
  • (ii) A. Emphasis
  • (iii) True
  • (iv) D. roaming
  • (v) A. It shows contrast in the thinking of the characters.
  • OR
  • 2. B.
  • (i) D. 4, 5
  • (ii) The tiger slide through long grass near the water hole to hunt the deer which regulates and maintains the food chain of the forest.
  • (iii) B. terrorising
  • (iv) growling
  • (v) C. The dog growled and bared its fangs.
(i) The woman in the control room was surprised when the narrator said that he wanted to show his gratitude to the pilot of the other aeroplane who saved his life because there was no other aeroplane visible in the radar, the narrator’s was the only one.
(ii) The baker or bread-seller used to collect his bills at the end of every month. People used to record the monthly accounts on the wall with a pencil for calculating the daily amount and then they paid it off at the month-end.
(iii) After a dear one’s death, everyone feels disturbed and sad, but for obtaining peace of mind, one should overcome sorrow with a composed attitude and pray for the bereaved soul to rest in peace. One should accept the inevitable and move on in life.
(iv) Divine love is everlasting and transcends physical beauty whereas human love is restricted to physical or external beauty only. In divine love, the beauty of the soul is given priority wherein virtues and qualities of the head and heart are appreciated, whereas human love gives priority to the body and physical charm.
(v) The poem ends on a happy note as trees have been able to break the bondage of homes and move out of the windows to go back to their natural environment. This symbolically points out the triumph of women in winning their fight for equality and independence. Women have busted the myths about them created by patriarchal society and are establishing themselves as equal to men.
(i) The narrator was shocked at Tricki’s appearance because he had become very fat, like a bloated sausage with a leg at each corner. His eyes looked bloodshot and rheumy, stared straight ahead and his tongue lolled from his jaws. He needed immediate attention.
(ii) Griffin was a scientist and with his repeated experiments he wanted to prove that a human body can become invisible. To prove this finally, he swallowed certain drugs and his body became as transparent as a sheet of glass.
(iii) Richard Ebright was determined to do a real experiment for the next year’s science fair and the subject he chose was about insects. He chose this subject because he had a vast knowledge about it and it was easy for him to get the necessary details for the experiments.
(i) Lencho: I lost all of my crops to the hailstorm. I don’t know why God would do this to His believer.
Boy: I lost my prized possession, my favourite ball, and now I can never have it!
Lencho: Ah boy! So you too know the painful feeling of suffering and not being able to do anything about it.
Boy: I just wish I could end this feeling and get my ball back. But somehow deep inside I know it is never coming back. I would have to live with the loss forever. Lencho: Have faith in God child. I am writing a letter to Him asking for money to help my family survive from starving.
Boy: I’ve never heard about anyone writing to God! Will it work? Will God listen to me and give me my ball back? Lencho: If you believe in Him then why not! He put us into this situation, He will have to help us.
Boy: Alright then! I’ll straightaway go to home and ask my mum to write a letter for me.
(ii) Anne’s tribulation was the quest for finding true love amongst mortals, even if she had to go to the extent of changing her physical appearance. She was told that there is no man who would love her for herself, rather they would fall for her beautiful blonde hair. But the gospel truth, that only God can love us for ourselves, is enlightening for her.
Buddha’s quote is in the context of accepting death as the ultimate fate of the mortals, but it can also be interpreted that the attainment of peace can only be achieved when one rids themselves of their complaints and worries. Worrying about being truly loved for one’s inner self and not the outer reflection will lead nowhere. And Anne would fully understand this notion that grieving about something that isn’t in your control is futile.
IX. (i) Richard Ebright’s mother was a gentle, independent and strong lady who took care of herself as well as her child. She furnished Ebright with his full potential. She became his best friend, motivation, and inspiration. She would bring home friends for him and she considered Richie as her whole life. She got him a children’s book called ‘The Travels of Monarch X’ which became a turning point in Ebright’s life and introduced him to a boundless world of science and technology. She took him on trips, bought him a telescope, microscope, cameras, mounting material and other equipment that helped him in many ways. She encouraged and inspired Ebright’s interest in learning. And that is how she acts as a significant person in Ebright’s success story.
(ii) Dr James Herriot was a competent veterinary surgeon who is tactful and caring while dealing with pets. He is intelligent as he could easily understand that Tricki’s problem is his greed for food. He also understands the psyche of Mrs Pumphrey who overfeeds her pet and can’t follow his advice. So, he gets Tricki out of the house for a fortnight and advises Mrs Pumphrey that Tricki needs to be hospitalised. He gives the best treatment to Tricki without administering any medicine to him and by keeping a close watch on his diet. He also makes Tricki do enough exercise which gets him back into shape. Although he has a temptation to keep Tricki as a permanent guest, considering the good amount of eggs, wine and brandy brought by Mrs Pumphrey for Tricki’s, he is kind and compassionate enough to understand her suffering and informs her about Tricki’s recovery. Mr Herriot well-deserves the gratitude expressed by Mrs Pumphrey for Tricki’s wonderful treatment.

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