ICSE Class 9 English-II Literature Syllabus 2024-25

CISCE has released the Latest Updated Syllabus of the New Academic Session 2024-25, for class 9. Students must refer to www.cisce.org under the ‘Regulations and Syllabuses’ page for ICSE 2026.

ICSE class 9 English-II Language  Syllabus has been revised and updated for the new session 2024-25. It’s very important for both Teachers and Students to understand the changes and strictly follow the topics covered in ICSE class 9 English-II Language 2024-25.

We have also updated Oswal Gurukul Books as per the Latest Paper Pattern prescribed by CISCE Board for ICSE class 9 English-II Language 2024-25.

Students can directly access the ICSE English-II Syllabus for Class 9 of the academic year 2024-25 by clicking on the link below

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ICSE English-II Literature Class 9 Latest Syllabus 2024-25

There will be two papers in Literature in English:

Paper I: Theory (3 hours): 80 Marks

Paper II: Project Work: 20 Marks

Candidates will be required to answer questions based on the prescribed textbooks, which include Drama, Prose (Short Stories) and Poetry.

Drama and Prose (Short Stories)

Questions set will be central to the text. Candidates will be required to show that they have understood the passage and are able to clearly respond in their own words.

Excerpts may be given from the drama and prose texts leading to questions.


A poem, or lines from poems, will be given and questions will be set to test the candidates’ response.

The questions will focus on the content, understanding and the personal response of candidates to the entire poem as a whole.

Internal Assessment

Description Marks
Schools will set, assess and record written assignments by the candidates as given below: 20
Class IX: Two or three assignments of approximately 300 to 400 words each.
NOTE: Students should be encouraged to work in pairs/small groups to develop skills of collaboration and cooperation.

Suggested Assignments

  1. Assignments should be based on the prescribed textbooks on the following lines:
  2. Character/thematic analysis;
  3. Socio-economic, cultural, historical relevance / background;
  4. Summary / paraphrase.
  5. Appreciation of literary qualities.
  6. Identifying with a character. Putting oneself in the place of a character in given circumstances and explaining one’s actions.
  7. Imagine alternative outcomes or endings in a literary piece and the effect on all concerned (vii) Making a graphic representation of a scene/story/ poem.
  8. Assume the persona of one of the characters (from the play/ poem/story) and record a diary entry of a particular incident/episode.


The assignments/projects are to be evaluated by the subject teacher and by an external examiner. (The External Examiner may be a teacher nominated by the Head of the school, who could be from the faculty, but not teaching the subject in the section/class. For example, a teacher of English of Class VIII may be deputed to be an External Examiner for Class X, English projects.)

The Internal Examiner and the External Examiner will assess the assignments independently.

Award of Marks

Subject Teacher (Internal Examiner)

External Examiner

(20 Marks)

10 marks

10 marks

The total marks obtained out of 20 are to be sent to the CISCE by the Head of the school.

The Head of the school will be responsible for the online entry of marks on the CISCE’s CAREERS portal by the due date.

ICSE Class 9 English-II Language Syllabus 2023-24

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