CBSE Class 12 Marksheet 2023: How to Download CBSE 12th Marksheet?

download cbse 12th marksheet

The CBSE board will soon declare the class 12th marksheet, and students will line up to download CBSE 12th marksheet. Both parents and students are holding their breath and waiting eagerly for the CBSE 12th board result. Class 12th marksheet is the most prized possession for any class 12 student. It is on the basis of the CBSE 12th marksheet that you will start with the admission procedure for college. It is, therefore, important to download CBSE 12th marksheet for students and keep it safe for future use. Class 12 is an important milestone for many students as they prepare for their life ahead. CBSE 12th marksheet download online is available at various portals along with the main website of CBSE, i.e. Apart from that, Pariksha Sangam (portal by CBSE), DigiLocker and Umang App also let students download CBSE 12th marksheet.

CBSE will soon be releasing the class 12 CBSE result by mid or end of May. Students can then download CBSE 12th marksheet to start their admission process. Class 12 marksheet is an essential document that is required at the time of admission to a college/institute/university and even further in life. This article will help you learn how to download the 12th marksheet from DigiLocker and other apps.

How to Download the 12th Marksheet from DigiLocker?

digilocker cbse 12th marksheet

It’s the time of jitters and when many anticipated eyes cannot keep steady. Soon CBSE class 12 marksheet 2023 will be available online for students. They would be able to view and download the CBSE12th marksheet. The class 12 marksheet will also be available on DigiLocker. CBSE DigiLocker will give you access to your class 12 marksheet. Here, you can save it safely without the fear of losing your document. DigiLocker is a safe app which keeps all your documents safe and can only be accessed with a Digilocker login. Here are the steps you can follow to download CBSE 12th marksheet as soon as the CBSE results 2023 are declared:

  •  If you don’t have DigiLocker App on your mobile, then download it either from the Play Store or the Apple store
  • DigiLocker is a free app and easy to download
  •  You need to have a Digilocker login for the 12th marksheet download online
  •  If you already have the app, then you don’t need to sign up
  • Students who are downloading for the first time need to sign up on the DigiLocker and download CBSE 12th marksheet
  • DigiLocker CBSE result 2023 will be out as soon as the CBSE board announces the results
  •  You can access your class 12 marksheet 2023 on DigiLocker and download it from there
  • Download the 12th marksheet CBSE and save it for future use

How to Download CBSE Class 12th Marksheet from Pariksha Sangam?

Pariksha Sangam portal by CBSE was launched by CBSE in 2022 for students to provide easy access to CBSE 12th board results and class 12th marksheet. You will find the Pariksha Sangam tab on the official website of the CBSE, Easy access to your marksheet, Pariksha Sangam also lets you download CBSE class 12th marksheet. The document will help you get admission to the institute of your choice. Follow these simple steps on Pariksha Sangam:

  •  Visit
  • Click on the Pariksha Sangam
  • Go to your school link
  • Click on ‘Examination Activity’
  •  After that, click on the Theory Marks upload
  • The class 12 marksheet will be available after the announcement of the results
  • Student can check their class 12 CBSE result after filling in the required details
  • You can also download the 12th marksheet CBSE

How to Get 12th Marksheet Online CBSE?

cbse 12th marksheet

CBSE class 12th results will be available online after the CBSE declares the class 12th result. Students can then view and download CBSE 12th marksheet. Class 12th marksheet download online is available on various portals, but the result is first and foremost announced online by the CBSE. Class 12th result is the most awaited result of the year. After this, students prepare for the admission procedure. Class 12th marks and entrance exam results decide the course and college a student would get. CBSE marksheet download is available on and other official websites, along with portals that let you download and save the class 12th marksheet. On the official website of CBSE, you can check your result by entering your class 12 boards roll no that was allotted to you at the time of the class 12th CBSE examination.

Sometimes, due to heavy traffic at the time of CBSE results, the official website gets a little slow, and many students cannot log in. Don’t worry; many other websites can let you view and download CBSE 12th marksheet. Your class 12th marksheet holds a lot of importance as this will pave the way for your future. It is on the basis of your CBSE 12th marksheet that your merit is decided.

How to Get Class 12th Marksheet from Umang App?

Umang App is a government-run App that provides links to various government portals. It is also useful for class 10th and 12th students to download their marksheet after the CBSE results are announced. This year the class 12th result will be announced in the second or third week of May. Students are requested to keep an eye on the CBSE result announcement. After the result declaration, students can easily download CBSE 12th marksheet from Umang App. Here are the steps you must follow:

  • Umang App can be easily downloaded from Play Store or Apple Store
  • On the downloaded Umang App, you need to create your login Id
  • Go to CBSE class 12th result 2023
  •  Access your class 12th marksheet by filling in your details
  • Download CBSE 12th marksheet for further use

How to Download the 12th Certificate Online for CBSE?

The online certificate for the class 12th marksheet will be provided to students by their respective schools. The certificate will be duly signed by the school principal. Class 12 certificate will mention the subjects and grades that a student has taken in class 12. Students, however, can download CBSE class 12th marksheet from various apps and websites mentioned above.

How Important Is It to Download the Class 12th Marksheet for CBSE?

The JEE Main result is out, and the CUET exam will soon be held. Other exams like NEET and JEE Advanced will also be conducted, and the merit list will be prepared. It will be on the basis of the merit list combined with the class 12th result that a student will be able to apply to a course or institute. It is the most important document for students.

All the Best for the Class 12 2023 CBSE Result

Butterflies in the stomach are natural but do not take much stress. Of course, class 12th results are important, but it is not everything. Class 12 students will bid their alma mater goodbyes and embark on a journey of their lives. Whatever they have learnt in their school, they will now implement in their lives. Oswal Publishers wish all class 12th students the best of wishes.  

FAQs on How to Download 12th Marksheet CBSE 2023

Q1. How to download the 12th marksheet from DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is a popular App that has helped us organise our important documents. It also helps students to download CBSE 12th marksheet and store it safely.

Q2. Where can I see my CBSE board result 2023?

You can check your class 12the CBSE results on various official websites and apps like DigiLocker and Umang. Pariksha Sangam also lets students view and download CBSE 12th marksheet.

Q3. What is the date & time for CBSE class 12th result announcement?

Class 12th CBSE results will be announced soon. The notification will be released in the second or third week of May.

Q4. Can I check my class 12th CBSE result on mobile?

Yes, you can view your class 12th result on SMS. You have to SMS cbse 12 <roll no> <admit card ID> and send an SMS to 7738299899. You will then get your result as an SMS.

Q5. Why is the class 12th marksheet important?

Class 12th marksheet holds a lot of importance. It is on the basis of class 12th marks combined with entrance exam score that a student can get admission to his desired course or institute.

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