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Happy Mother’s Day 2024: Quotes, Theme, and History

Happy Mother's Day

On Mother’s Day, we honour and recognise the significant influence that mothers and other maternal figures have had on our lives.  Since there have been mothers, there has been a day set aside to honour them. Mother’s Day is an international holiday honouring mothers and other maternal figures for their selfless service to their families and the community.

This day honours motherhood and the incredible impact moms have on our lives. It also provides an opportunity to consider the unselfish efforts and steadfast dedication of mothers, who give their all to raise and sustain their children. Celebrated yearly on the second Sunday in May, this blog will provide you with all the information you require. 

Happy Mother’s Day History

Before we delve into the ways of how to celebrate Mother’s Day, let’s have a look at the story behind happy Mother’s Day history.

The history of the Mother’s Day celebration started with Anna Jarvis. She invented the present Mother’s Day celebration in the early 1900s. To honour her mother, Anna Jarvis. After the American Civil War, Ann Jarvis was a peace campaigner. Anna Jarvis spearheaded the push for a national holiday honouring mothers following the death of her mother in 1905.

President Woodrow Wilson declared Mother’s Day to be a national holiday in 1914 as a result of Anna Jarvis’s successful campaign. The holiday is observed on the second Sunday in May. You can check the list of important days in May Month. The purpose of the statutory holiday is to honour mothers and their contributions to society and the family.

Famous Mothers in History

History books typically overlook the fact that the most influential women in history were also moms, preferring to focus on how amazing leaders they were. Let’s honour some well-known mothers who have left their imprint on the world in celebration of Mother’s Day.

1. Marie Curie

Marie Curie - Famous Mother in History

The most well-known accomplishment of Marie Curie is that she was the first female recipient of the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry and Physics, which also led to her being the first person to receive the award twice. Her discoveries of polonium and radium made her a champion in the creation of X-rays, and she was also a pioneer in the study of radiation.

Despite being regarded as the mother of physics, Marie also fulfilled a very significant role as a mother. Marie had a wonderful spouse, but he passed away soon after the birth of her second child, leaving her to raise the kids by herself. 

2. Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa - Famous Mother in History

Mother Teresa’s reputation as a superb humanitarian has spread throughout the entire world. She has always had a heart for the impoverished, oppressed, and abandoned. She established an outdoor school for youngsters from low-income families. She then began her life’s work of helping the most impoverished of the poor. More volunteers stepped up to provide financial support as well as care for the impoverished. Everyone started lovingly referring to her as “Mother.” For her unselfish service, she received the Bharat Ratna and the Nobel Prize. She is the most precious soul Mother India will ever have.

3. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi - Famous Mother in History

Born in Allahabad, India, on November 19, 1917, and passing away in New Delhi on October 31, 1984, Indira Gandhi was an Indian politician who held the position of Prime Minister for three consecutive terms (1966–1977) and a fourth term (1980–1984) before her assassination in 1984.

Aside from politics, she was a devoted mother who had a significant impact on the lives of her two kids.

4. Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama - Famous Mother in History

First Lady Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was the USA’s first African-American First Lady. She has established herself as a role model for women and an advocate for strong families, military personnel and their families, higher education, and the education of adolescent girls worldwide through her four primary projects.

First Lady Michelle Obama isn’t afraid to state that her primary role is that of Malia and Sasha’s mother when asked to characterise herself. People were able to see glimpses of Michelle’s sophisticated yet traditional mothering approach as she reared her two girls in the spotlight. She has always discussed the difficulties and the achievements of motherhood in an honest manner.

Happy Mother’s Day 2024 Theme

Organisations such as American Greetings and the National Mother’s Day Association frequently announce the topic closer to the actual date. 

Happy Mother’s Day theme 2024: ‘Celebrating Motherhood: A Timeless Bond’. This subject emphasises the enduring love and support that mothers give to their children throughout their lives, highlighting the ageless nature of the link between mothers and their children.

Happy Mother’s Day Significance 

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show mothers and other mother figures how much we value and appreciate their unwavering love, sacrifices, and support. 

  • Mother’s Day serves as a reminder of the value of moms in our lives and goes beyond just a holiday. Mothers are essential to our development because they give us affection, support, and direction. They love us without condition and stick by us through good times and bad.
  • On Mother’s Day, we have the chance to consider the difficulties moms encounter and the sacrifices they make on behalf of their kids. Being a mother is a difficult job, and it’s critical to acknowledge the effort and commitment required to raise a child.
  • Mother’s Day is a day to recognise and appreciate the important role moms play in forming families and society at large.
  • Mothers will enjoy any present, no matter how it’s wrapped, but the occasion of Mother’s Day allows us to consider who we want to be as a family and how we’re all connected.

Happy Mother’s Day Celebration

Giving cards, flowers, and gifts to mothers or other maternal figures that people wish to commemorate is a common Mother’s Day practice observed throughout most of the world. Some regions and civilizations, nevertheless, celebrate in unique ways according to their widely followed traditions and customs.

Here is a list of just a few locations that observe Mother’s Day along with their unique takes on the holiday.

1. India

In India, family members make an effort to ensure their mother is content and enjoying her day, especially on Mother’s Day. They cook for her at home, take her out to dinner, or even surprise her with gifts. Mother’s Day has also turned into a big business, with shops selling events and presents to help customers show their mothers how much they are valued.

2. United Kingdom

Mother’s Day and Mothering Sunday, a traditional Christian holiday, fall on the same day in the UK. On the fourth Sunday of the Christian Lenten season, this takes place. It used to be a day when individuals would visit the church where they were baptised or go to their mother church, which is the regular church where they attended as a child. Thus, even though Mother’s Day is no longer observed as a religious holiday in the mainstream, the actual date of the holiday varies every year.

3. USA

Giving flowers, taking Mom out to breakfast, or writing something lovely on a Mother’s Day card are some of the traditional ways that people celebrate this holiday in honour of their moms. Mother’s Day flower bouquets with greeting cards or gift cards are common present choices. You may also include a coupon for a “special day” for your mother-in-law or mother.

Additional options for Mother’s Day presents include chocolates, candies, apparel, jewellery, and luxuries like spa visits or beauty treatments. Gift packages with any combination of the aforementioned items are also feasible.

Some families plan a family outing or have a special dinner at home or at a restaurant. Many schools assist their students in making homemade cards or little presents for their mothers in the days and weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

4. Mexico

In Mexico, there is a great celebration centred around giving moms the love and respect they deserve. Families will come together in celebration over food, drink, and flowers.

It’s common for people to hire bands and serenade their mothers with music—some even wake them up with morning tunes. Las Mañanitas is a highly sought-after song that is frequently performed during birthday parties.

The nights are spent eating, either by going out to dine or bringing a tonne of food to share. In Mexico, this is the busiest day of the year for eateries!

Mother’s Day 2024: Quotes and Wishes

Here are some happy Mother’s Day quotes, wishes, and greetings to assist you show your gratitude, whether you’re sending a message to her, making a heartfelt letter, or posting on social media:


  • “In a child’s eyes, a mother is a goddess. She can be glorious or terrible, benevolent or filled with wrath, but she commands love either way. I am convinced that this is the greatest power in the universe.” ― NK Jemisin, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
  • “No man is poor who has a godly mother.” ― Abraham Lincoln
  • “There is no influence so powerful as that of the mother, but next in rank in efficacy is that of the schoolmaster,” is a quote by Sarah Josepha Hale, author of Mary Had a Little Lamb.


  • “Happy Mother’s Day to the mother who instilled in me the values of love, empathy, and fortitude.” Every day, you motivate me.”
  • “You have a big heart and a contagious laugh, Mom. We appreciate you making our life happier and more humorous. “Happy Mother’s Day!”
  • “Mothers are often compared to superheroes, and you are a live example of that. Mom, Happy Mother’s Day! You’re incredible!”
  • “To the woman who has tolerated me for so long—Happy Mother’s Day! You merit both a medal and a day at the spa. Mom, you have my undying love.”
  • “Mom, I’m grateful for all the times you loved me and drove me crazy! “Happy Mother’s Day!”
  • “I’m sorry for giving you so many grey hairs, Mom. Cheers to Mother’s Day! I pledge to be less of a handful since I adore you.”


In India, Mother’s Day is firmly ingrained in traditional values and has cultural significance. It is a day to honour mothers’ nurturing and loving character and to acknowledge the unselfish sacrifices they make for their families. In addition to fostering a closer relationship between moms and their kids, the celebration acts as a helpful reminder of how important mothers are to society. On this unique day, Indian society thanks moms for their steadfast love and support and recognises the enormous contribution they have made.

FAQs on Mother’s Day

Q1. What is Mother’s Day date 2024?

Ans – Mother’s Day date 2024 is Sunday, May 12, 2024. Happy Mother’s Day in India is also celebrated in the second week of May. Mother’s Day celebration date varies for different countries.

Q2. What is the history of the Mother’s Day celebration?

Ans – Mother’s Day was created by Philadelphian Anna Jarvis, whose mother had founded women’s organisations to encourage friendship and well-being. She conducted a memorial ceremony at her late mother’s Grafton, West Virginia, church on May 12, 1907. Almost every state observed the day within five years.

Q3. Are there two Mother’s Days annually?

Ans – Mother’s Day is a global celebration observed on the second Sunday of May every year.

Q4. What are some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day?

Ans – Here are some ways that you can celebrate Mother’s Day in India:

1. Having breakfast in bed
Offer your mother breakfast in bed to start her day. 

2. Present Her With Flowers
Beautiful natural creations, flowers never fail to lift people’s spirits and bring them joy.

3. Take a Day Off for Your Mom
On Mother’s Day, release your mom from all home duties. 

4. Organise an Unexpected Celebration
With the assistance of your dad and siblings, throw a surprise Mother’s Day celebration at home.

5. Take a Day Trip Together
Take a walk, have a picnic, cook together, go over old family photos or just spend time playing games at home. Alternatively, you two might have a home movie marathon.

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