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How To Attempt Mock Tests or Practice Tests on oswal.io?

ways to attempt mock tests on oswal.io

The ultimate success gateway to exams is practicing. Deriving the best results in the showdown will need enough assessments of your textual and conceptual understanding. And what can be better than a mock test to strengthen your preparation and help you evaluate your current standing?

Many renowned institutes conduct these tests before the respective big exams are due, and students enrolled for the exam can take the tests. It has been a predominant practice for a long and yields excellent results for most of the pupils taking the tests. Over the years, after covid, online mock test supremacy has been profound, with top educational houses conducting tests to help aspirants move up their preparation ladder. 

Why is a mock test series important? How can it boost your confidence before you take on the final exams? How can you attempt the practice tests at oswal.io? We will take a detailed look at these questions in this blog. 

Why are Mock Tests Important Before Exams? 

Before we share the detailed process of how you can go for the mock test at Oswal, knowing why practice tests play an integral part in your preparation journey is crucial. 

Many students have a common question about how to score good marks in exams. Among many other suggestions, taking a mock test series often tops the answers. With mock tests, you can have a near-exam experience. 

A Near-Exam Experience: It will be in the same format as the final examination, helping you to have a clear idea about the exam pattern, possible questions, mark division, etc. 

Effective Time Management: Going for these tests also helps you manage effectively. The time allotted in the mock exams is the same as that of the final. Practicing to conclude your paper within the scheduled time will help you much in the finals. 

Important Feedback from the Mentors:  After evaluation, the mentors give their valuable feedback to you. It helps you examine your progress and work on the areas that need improvement. Helpful suggestions from the experts can encourage you to modify your answers as and when required and enhance your preparation strategy.

A mock test is an ideal way to frame your perspective about the upcoming exam and be confident to come out with flying colors. 

How to Attempt Mock Tests on oswal.io? 

attempt mock tests on oswal-io

Now comes the most anticipated part of the blog. How can you practice the mock test series at Oswal? That’s a seamless process with very few steps to be followed. 

Here’s a visual representation for you to understand so you can personalize the test your way. 

With Oswal’s seamless question bank and online test assessment, you can curate your practice sessions and decide how you want to take the exam. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can access the mock test paper at Oswal. 

Step 1: Open your browser to visit https://www.oswal.io/

Step 2: After the screen opens, you’ll find the option ‘Sign Up.’ Click on it to create your account. 

Step 3: In the next set of boxes, fill in the required details, like your name and phone number, and verify your details through the OTP. This way, your account is created. 

Step 4: On the next page, you’ll need to choose your

  • Board from CBSE, ICSE, ISC.
  • Select Class 
  • Select the state and school name from the drop-down menu 

Step 5: On the next page, click on the button ‘Create Test’

  • Select Subject 
  • Choose the chapters you’re interested in to take the online test paper 
  • Select the difficulty level and question time 
  • Set the time and click on the submit option 

You’ll be taken to the concerned dashboard to take your personalized test. 

The website also included live test options with specific questions to be completed within the scheduled period. You can take that online exam test too.

Why Choose the oswal.io Mock Test?

why oswal io online mock test

One of the best study tips for class 10 or any other board or competitive exam students is to attempt a free online test series to evaluate their overall standing. If you’re taking these tests and wondering if Oswal is the perfect place to dive in, you’re right. The online free mock test conducted by Oswal has a comprehensive design that lets you boost your preparation. 

Here’s why you must never miss out on taking the mock test at Oswal: 

  • It lets you create your personalized test option and gives you the flexibility to assess the sections that need the utmost attention. 
  •  After the mock test, you’ll get expert-evaluated reports and essential suggestions from industry experts. It’ll help you track the areas open to improvements, modify the answers as required, and boost your conceptual understanding. The recommendations will help you further prepare any notes that might be needed. 
  • You can flexibly choose the type of questions you desire to practice. You can select a subjective paper type if the descriptive sections need your attention. Also, you can pick the objective-type questions if you’re willing to practice more short answers and survive the area with full marks. 
  • How to score good marks in 12th boards commerce? This has been a timeless question from the respective stream students. Irrespective of your stream, taking a mock test helps derive success. If that comes with an in-depth report analysis, that’s a big bonus! 

With Oswal’s online test paper series, you get a detailed report of your test evaluation to give you a clearer picture of your current understanding. 

How to Improve Your Mock Test Scores? 

online practice exam

How to score good marks in 12th boards science? This question is common, too, for science students. Irrespective of the board, any candidate preparing for a board exam will look for ways to upgrade their preparation. If you’re taking a mock test series, there will be consecutive sets. 

One might not end up as expected, but there will be significant ways to improve the scores in the next test. Here’s how you can better your scores in the free test series held online by Oswal. 

  • Focus on analyzing

When you get your mock test reports, forget about the obtained percentage. Focus on critical evaluation and seek answers to the following questions:

  • What are the unnecessary mistakes you have made 
  • How many of your assumed responses are incorrect, and why 
  • Writing which solution took up most of your time 
  • Which solutions could you attempt quickly and easily 
  • If there are errors in the answers you thought you were best at 
  • If you’re assessing the question correctly 

Once you get the answers to the above questions and take measures to rectify them, half of your work is already done. 

  • Revise the Unattempted Questions 

One of the best features of a mock test paper is it helps you review the unanswered questions. Go back to the unattempted ones and try answering them this time. If it were due to a time crunch that you couldn’t, you’d be able to this time. In case you didn’t know it, it’s time to recapitulate and redefine the conceptual understanding of the topic. 

  • Review the Correct Responses 

You must also once review the correct responses in the report. If it’s descriptive, try analyzing if there are any scopes to add or if the answer can be remodeled to a more precise one. 

  • Increase the frequency of Tests You Take 

The more mock tests you take and crack, the better your confidence and preparation will be as the exam approaches nearer. 

practice mock test series

Wrapping Up 

How to study smart? One of the most common answers to this question is regular study hours and taking mock tests to evaluate your preparation. The test series is a helpful way to experience a near-exam ambiance and mentally prepares you for the upcoming showdown. The more you go for the practice tests and incorporate the feedback, the better your chances of scoring high in the respective exam will be. 

How often are you planning to take a mock test to prepare for your upcoming boards? 

FAQs on Mock Test

Q1. What is the mock test?

A mock test is an equal representation of the final exam with a set of questions. It helps you practice your knowledge and take back feedback from the mentors for further improvements. 

Q2. Is a mock exam important?

Mock exams are the perfect gateway to scoring big in the finals. They are essential at all costs. 

Q3. Which app is best for giving the mock test?

Your perfect mock test partner is Oswal. An ideal exam builder and assessment guide, it helps you boost your preparation strategy and make it big in the finals. 

Q4. How do you attempt a mock test?

Attempting the mock test will need you to sign up on the website, select your board and subject and fill in the required data.

Q5. What should I prepare for a mock test?

For the mock test, you should read and revise all the elements listed in your syllabus, practice writing it, and go through all your notes. 

Q6. How can I speed up my mock test?

You can practice sample question sets and finish the papers within time. It’ll help you adhere to the timeline during the mock exam. 

Q7. Can I reattempt the practice mock test?

Yes, retakes are available for practice mock tests. 

Q8. What is a good score in mock test?

A good score is a relative concept. Consider it reasonable if the score is better than the previous one. On average, something between 75% and above is good. 

Q9. How long should I study for a mock exam?

Devote five to six hours a day before appearing for your mock exam. 

Q10. How many mock tests are enough?

Taking three or more mock tests before the final exam is enough practice. 

Q11. Should I stress about mock exams?

No, it would be best to focus on giving the mock exam well instead of stressing. Doing well here will help you do better in the final. 

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