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Teachers’ Day 2023: Why We Celebrate Teachers’ Day? Its Significance and Facts

teachers day in india

Did you thank your teacher today?

Guru, coach, master, teacher, trainer, pandit, or instructor. These are some of the few titles we address our teachers with after our family teachers lay the foundation of our knowledge and perspective on life. Our school and college life’s major highlights are the teachers and professors. After finishing school and formal education when all the friends meet, reminiscing about their teachers is common. It fills them with gratitude and nostalgia both sweet and sour.

This is why we celebrate Teachers’ Day, to continue reminiscing about our past and present teachers.

Teachers lay down the foundation of a human’s moral values

A major factor in determining our learning and well-being as a student is the calibre of teachers. Additionally, excellent instructors have a significant effect on students’ overall well-being throughout their life, influencing not only their academic performance but also other long-term social and occupational results.

Whatever achievements you have in life always remember it is because of three reasons: your hard work, your parents, and your teachers.

What is Teachers’ Day?

teachers day

As the name suggests, teachers day is a day where we express our love, respect, and gratitude to our teachers. Teachers’ Day is celebrated globally. Why do we celebrate Teachers’ Day every year they continue to shape the world’s and society’s best resources and multiply them. teachers’ Day is a special day to show teachers how much we value them. Teachers’ Day celebrations also involve acknowledgement to recognize their exceptional contributions to the community at large or a specific field of study.

In India, teachers’ Day is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan.

Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions.

A critical factor in determining children’s learning and well-being is the calibre of teachers. An increase in pupil learning over many school years can result from switching from a subpar instructor to a fantastic one. Additionally, excellent instructors have a significant effect on students’ overall well-being throughout their life, influencing not only their academic performance but also other long-term social and occupational results.

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Why Do We Celebrate Teachers Day and Since When Are We Celebrating It?

When do we celebrate Teachers’ Day in India? We’re sure all of you must know the answer to this.

During the 19th century, the concept of commemorating Teachers’ Day spread to other nations; in most cases, they honour the educators in all institutions or a significant turning point in education. Contrary to many other International Days, teachers’ Day is celebrated on several dates because of this.

For instance, since 1962, India has commemorated Teachers’ Day on September 5 in honour of Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the country’s second president, while Hindus have historically marked Guru Purnima as a day to honour teachers. In Argentina, teachers’ Day has been observed on September 11 in honour of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento since 1915. Hindu scriptures state that choosing a spiritual guru is crucial because salvation cannot be attained without a spiritual mentor. In Adhyay 15 Shlok 1 to 4 of the Holy Gita, the characteristics of a genuine spiritual teacher are described. In 2021, teachers Day was observed as “Abhar Diwas.”

In conjunction with World Teachers’ Day, which was instituted by UNESCO in 1994, the majority of nations have their own Teachers’ Days on October 5. This is why we celebrate Teachers’ Day as a group globally in major countries. 

History of Teachers Day in India

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan had a variety of positions, from philosopher to president of India, but his contributions as a teacher are what most people remember him for. For devoting his life to raising educational standards and advancing education, Radhakrishnan has won praise.

In 1962, Dr Radhakrishnan declared, “It would be my privilege if September 5 was observed as Teachers’ Day instead of my birthday.” Since then, September 5, which is his birthday, has become Teachers’ Day across the nation.

teachers-day -radhakrishnan

Dr Radhakrishnan, a Bharat Ratna award, is at the top of the list for his outstanding contributions to education. One of the role models for many aspirant brains is Dr Radhakrishnan. World Teachers’ Day is observed on October 5, exactly one month after National Teachers’ Day, which was observed in India on September 5. To commemorate two occasions, the two days in honour of teachers are observed on distinct dates. To commemorate the anniversary of the birth of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s second President, teachers’ Day is observed. The approval of the 1966 recommendations addressing the status, instructional methods, and legal rights of teachers is commemorated on World Teachers Day.

The 1966 ILO/UNESCO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers establishes guidelines for teachers’ rights and obligations as well as requirements for their initial and continuing education, recruitment, employment, and working conditions. Together with the International Labor Organization (ILO), UNICEF, and Education International (EI), World Teachers’ Day is organized.

The World Teachers’ Day theme varies every year. 

In 2021, the theme of Teachers’ Day was “Teachers as the heart of education recovery”.

In 2022, the theme was “Teachers: leading in crisis, reimagining the future”. 

The ILO, UNICEF, UNESCO, and Education International issued a joint statement that read, “On World Teachers’ Day”, we are not simply honouring every teacher. In order to ensure that every learner has access to a skilled and well-supported teacher, we are urging nations to prioritize them and invest in them. 

Teachers’ Day theme for this year 2023 is – ‘The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers’.

This theme highlights the importance of teachers in transforming education. Teachers are the ones who are responsible for educating the next generation of learners, and they play a critical role in shaping the future of our world.

The theme is also a call to action for governments, educators, and stakeholders to invest in teachers and provide them with the support they need to be successful. Teachers need access to quality professional development, resources, and salaries that are commensurate with their responsibilities. They also need to be supported in their efforts to create inclusive and equitable learning environments for all students.

When teachers are supported and empowered, they can make a real difference in the lives of their students and in the world. They can help students to learn and grow, develop critical thinking skills, and become engaged citizens. They can also help to break down barriers and create a more just and equitable society.

The transformation of education begins with teachers. Let’s all work together to support teachers and ensure that they have the resources they need to be successful.

Little Known Facts About Dr Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan

It is crucial to understand the significance of the day and the rationale behind why we celebrate it now that the day has arrived. Teachers assist us in developing into excellent people and model citizens of the nation. They influence our future and inspire us throughout every stage of life. To commemorate the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India’s first vice president, teachers’ Day is observed on September 5 each year. He is the reason why we celebrate Teachers’ Day. To give an ode to him and all the wonderful teachers. The one name behind how we celebrate Teacher’s Day in India and why we celebrate Teacher’s Day is Dr Sarvapelli Radhakrishnan.

He was well-known for his significant contributions as a scholar, teacher, and philosopher. The day has been recognized as Teachers’ Day since September 5, 1962, in recognition of Dr Radhakrishnan’s philosophy about Indian education and students. He made significant contributions to the Indian educational system and was a superb scholar.

A teacher is someone who fosters students’ intellectual development. The purpose of Teachers Day is to recognize the difficulties, important roles, and challenges that teachers have in our lives. Every school and college in the nation observes this day. Let’s look at the interesting trivia about Dr Radhakrishnan that is provided below.

  • On September 5, 1888, in Tiruttani town, Dr Radhakrishnan was born into a middle-class Telugu family.
  • He held positions as a philosophy professor at the University of Mysore and Madras Presidency College.
  • From 1962 until 1967, he served as India’s second president following its independence.
  • In 1954, Radhakrishnan received the Bharat Ratna, India’s highest civilian honour.
  • He had 27 nominations for the Nobel Prize, including 16 for the literature prize and 11 for the peace prize.
  • Rabindranath Tagore’s “The Philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore” was his first significant literary contribution.
  • His research on comparative religion and Eastern and Western philosophy made him well known.
  • After reading these interesting facts about him, you would have understood why we celebrate Teachers’ Day on his birthday. These were a few of the many milestones of his life.

On September 5, 2021, educators across the nation commemorated Teachers’ Day. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, several regions observed the day online that year. The national government had announced a week-long program, called “Shiksha Parv,” from September 7 to 17, 2021, in honour of this milestone. Shiksha Parv 2021 was important because it informed teachers, parents, schools, and students about NEP 2020. Additionally, Ram Nath Kovind, the president, honoured 44 teachers from throughout the nation that year.

Teachers have the power to mould students’ futures, support their development, and help them realize their aspirations. Everybody has their favourite professors in all spheres of life.

Teachers Day According to Our Prime Minister

Teaching is “Jeevan dharma,” or a way of life, according to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who also urges teachers to be aware of global changes so that the next generation can be ready for them. In one of his addresses on Teachers’ Day, he highlighted the fact why we celebrate Teachers’ Day and how teachers are a catalyst to solving the world’s ever-increasing crisis.

On one of the teachers’ day celebrations, Mr. Modi said “Teaching is not just another profession. It is the holy duty to lead and enlighten.” 

India should restore its position as a “Vishwa guru” (leader in education), according to Mr Modi, by showing teachers the respect they deserve and asking them to inspire their charges to think critically about national issues. In 2015, in one of his addresses during teachers day, he said that while teachers lay the basis and the pillars of society, their tenacity and honesty will determine the nation’s future. He reminded the citizens of India of the story of why we celebrate Teachers’ Day and the man behind it – Mr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.

An official statement from Modi quotes him as saying that a teacher never stops working and always tries to educate the next generation. “teachers must always be two steps ahead of society if it is to advance. They must comprehend the global developments taking place to prepare the next generation by piquing their curiosity “He informed them.

Meeting his childhood acquaintances and paying tribute to his instructors were two of Modi’s stated aspirations after being elected as Gujarat’s chief minister. “I respect both of them. A teacher’s influence on a student’s life is crucial “said he.

Last year, on 5th September 2022, at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi, President Droupadi Murmu presented the National Awards to 46 chosen honorees who were teachers.

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Fun Ways to Celebrate Teachers’ Day 

Teachers’ Day celebration is a festival, especially in Indian institutions. Why we celebrate Teachers’ Day is to make all the teachers feel special. As the special day draws near, let’s think of some of the ways we may respect and appreciate our educators with.

ways to celebrate teachers day

Thank your teachers in innovative ways

There are several ways to honour teachers on World Teachers Day in 2023. While being respectful is one of the highest honours you could give to a teacher, let’s look at a few things you can do :

  • Thank your teacher for everything

Students can compose a poem, make art, or give their teachers a card or present. When teachers see that their students are gaining knowledge and that their efforts are not in vain, they are satisfied. The aim here is to be as inventive as you can and present your professors with a delightful surprise!

  • Communicate with them directly

Think about getting in touch with your favourite teachers to express how their influence on your life and career decision has been significant. Tell the teacher why your previous contacts were so impactful.

  • Celebrate with them

Parents can come together to appreciate teachers at the neighbourhood school by hosting a special reception or celebration. Offering refreshments, hosting a special performance (student-created songs, poems, or other recitals), and giving each teacher a gift produced by the students are a few suggestions.

  • Tell them you love and respect them

Inform them openly of their part in your accomplishment.

Wear a white t-shirt with phrases praising teachers and their instruction.

Give them the foods they enjoy.

Give them items like adorable notepads, sturdy organizers, or a unique pen.

Parents can also send a note to their child’s teacher expressing their gratitude for their compassion, warmth, and patience.

  • Gratitude expression on social media

Holding a virtual town hall for the instructors or making videos thanking the teachers and posting them on social media are two options for students and their families.

  • Devise a role-reversal exercise

The teachers can be given a special activity that the students have planned for them. For a while, they can put on the role of a teacher and pretend to be one of their role models. This may be a class project and is guaranteed to be filled with laughter and fun. One of the skit ideas can be where students speak about why we celebrate teachers’ day and how is it celebrated globally!

Gift Ideas for Teachers Day

All types of teachers have a significant impact on the lives of our kids. They motivate kids to be their best selves every day and aid in the formation of their minds, hearts, and characters. Additionally, teachers see to it that each pupil is looked after and cared for. Because of this, it’s crucial to express your appreciation for all that instructors do by saying thank you. It’s critical to express your gratitude to the teachers who have guided your children through this trying time, especially in light of remote learning and the return of pupils to traditional classrooms in hybrid settings. By thanking each of the teachers your children have with a unique present they will like, you can show your appreciation for all of them.

teachers day celebration

A gift for Teachers’ Day doesn’t have to be expensive

Gifting is one of the ways to make the teachers feel special. This is why we celebrate Teachers’ Day, to make them feel special, right? It’s time to get our favourite teachers some great gifts because Teachers’ Day is just around the corner. We celebrate this day to recognize the contributions that teachers make to our lives. How we celebrate Teachers’ Day in India by gifting pens or diaries to teachers and having a small skit where students enact their teachers and thank them in the end. 

On this day, several activities are planned in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions across the nation. We’ve collected some gift suggestions for Teachers’ Day in this section for you:

  • Books

Many teachers are avid readers. Give your teacher a book by the writer they must respect this Teachers Day.

  • A box of chocolates

All people appreciate chocolate, and your teacher will too. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, you might give your teacher a box of chocolates.

  • Watch

A watch is a need for everyone. It is regarded as a respectable and very practical gift.

  • Diary

teachers require a diary. A lovely personalized diary would make a thoughtful gift for them and would likely be well received.

  • Pen Holder

Many students decide to purchase a pen and give it to their teachers. But if you give them a great pen stand, your gift will stick out and be unique.

  • Greeting Cards

One of those incredibly lovely and straightforward presents is greeting cards. On this day of teachers’ appreciation, give one to each of your teachers. One can be made at home or purchased from a nearby gift shop. Write a sweet message on it. Trust us, it will make your teachers’ day, one of the sole reasons why we celebrate teachers’ day!

  • Coffee or Tea Mug

A tea or coffee mug is one of the acceptable present choices. On the occasion of Teachers’ Day, you can give one to your teacher.

  • A little plant

Many people enjoy taking care of plants. If your instructor is one of them, celebrate Teachers’ Day by giving them a tiny plant.

  • Picture Frame

Give your teacher a picture frame with a lovely photograph of you in it for Teachers Day. Write a quote on why we celebrate teachers day and how you’re grateful for a teacher like her or him with your name undersigned on it

  • Collages

Together with your instructor, relive some enjoyable school experiences and create a collage for her. They’re going to adore it for sure.

  • Pen Stand

Pens are a universal item. Additionally, it is something that teachers will always find beneficial. You can give your teacher a set of elegant or essential pens.

  • Personalized Gift Set

You can put together a presentation package for your teacher by gathering various items. For Teachers’ Day, you may put together a lovely gift set including a wallet, a decent pen, and a pocket diary.

  • A Note Written by Hand

One of the sweetest gifts one can give someone is a handwritten note. You should write your instructor a pleasant message, and she will appreciate it.

  • Cake

On the unique occasion of Teachers’ Day, you can provide a lovely and delectable cake for your teacher.

Teachers’ Day is an excellent reflection of the beautiful and lifelong bond between a student and teacher. Make sure that you reach out to your teachers and celebrate it with them. 

Happy Teachers’ Day!

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