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World Teachers Day Oct 5, 2023: Theme, History, and Significance

world teachers day 2023

“I have always felt that the true textbook for the pupil is his teacher.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We interact and learn from various teachers from the moment we are born until the day we develop into remarkable personalities and well-known leaders. Our parents are our primary teachers, followed by the teachers we encounter at school and the strangers we come across in life. World Teachers Day is celebrated in appreciation of teachers globally. All teachers have something to teach us.

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Guru, coach, master, teacher, trainer, pandit, or instructor. These are some of the few titles we address our teachers with after our family teachers lay the foundation of our knowledge and perspective on life. Our school and college life’s major highlights are the teachers and professors. Even famous people believe that instructors serve as our outside-the-home parents, role models, and sources of inspiration. They cheer for World Teachers Day. They would not have accomplished so much in their life without their priceless lessons.

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When Is World Teachers Day?

World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th October every year. We all know about teachers day celebrated in India and globally.

World Teachers Day is neither a federal nor state holiday; it is a worldwide event. Depending on the nation, different countries may observe different dates for World Teachers Day. For instance, the United Nations (UN) and a number of other nations observe this day on October 5 each year, although Australia observes it on the last Friday in October and the United States on a Tuesday during the first whole week of May.

History Of World Teachers Day

World Teachers Day was recommended by UNESCO.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization is referred to as UNESCO. Through worldwide collaboration in education, research, and culture, it aims to promote peace. The 2030 Agenda, agreed by the UN General Assembly in 2015, outlines the Sustainable Development Goals that UNESCO’s programs help to attain.

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The International Labor Organization (ILO) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recommended that a day should be contributed to teachers. On the 5th of October day in 1966, they marked the anniversary of World Teachers’ Day. The 1997 proposal was added to the 1966 recommendation to address the situation of teaching staff in higher education.

World Teachers Day was established with the goals of encouraging support for teachers and raising awareness of how crucial teachers are to meeting the requirements of coming generations. Today, World Teachers Day is observed in around 100 different countries worldwide. In honour of their professors, events are planned in schools and colleges on this day.

Unicef, the ILO, Unesco, and Education International issued a joint statement that read, “We do more than just honour all teachers on World Teachers Day. In order to ensure that every learner has access to a skilled and well-supported teacher, we are urging nations to prioritize them and invest in them. Let’s support our educators!”

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Statistics of Teachers and Education Around the Globe on World Teachers Day

The single most significant element influencing how much kids learn is their teachers. Children are given the tools to analyze, solve problems, and apply information efficiently, thus they are given more than simply information.

  • Nearly 85 million teachers are employed globally, with 9.4 million working in pre-primary, 30.3 million in primary, 18.1 in lower secondary, 14.0 in upper secondary, and 12.5 in university education.
  • Just for primary and secondary education, an extra 68.8 million teachers will be needed to be hired by 2030: 20 million are needed to increase access to primary and secondary education, and 49 million are needed to replace those who leave the job. In order to close the childcare gap, the global childcare workforce must grow by 32 million.
  • According to research, a significant factor influencing children’s learning and well-being is the calibre of their teachers. An increase in pupil learning over many school years can result from switching from a subpar instructor to a fantastic one. 
  • Additionally, excellent instructors have a significant effect on students’ overall well-being throughout their life, influencing not only their academic performance but also other long-term social and occupational results.

However, a sizable portion of kids lack access to qualified teachers. A survey conducted in six Sub-Saharan African nations revealed three alarming truths.

  • First, because of frequent teacher absences, kids only receive 2.5 hours and 50 minutes of instruction each day, or slightly over half the allotted time. The most obvious sign that a teacher does not value student-teacher interaction for learning is when they are absent from class.
  • Second, just 84% of grade 4 instructors have attained the required level of curriculum understanding.
  • Third, fewer than one in ten teachers engage in effective teaching techniques like routinely assessing for comprehension and giving feedback.

Similar quality difficulties are found in studies conducted in Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Peru, and Tanzania in various contexts. 

It is substantial for countries to focus on efficient teaching strategies. An innovative learning environment needs to be urgently created for students to get attracted to learning concepts.

Is Poor Teaching a Fault of Teachers? 

On this World Teachers Day, it is important to highlight that the poor education system and lack of facilities are not the faults of teachers. 

Poor teaching is not the responsibility of the teachers; rather, it is the outcome of system-level policies that fail to properly manage, support, recruit, prepare, and encourage teachers. Several nations, like Finland, Japan, and Singapore, have a strong teacher population. 

Most other nations lack internal consistency or have poor teacher policies. Entry requirements for teacher preparation programs may not be very selective, and they may be significantly less stringent than those for other professions. It’s possible that good teacher performance won’t be praised or rewarded. Politics or clientelism may taint the employment or promotion of teachers. Teachers who are ill-equipped and undertrained may be expected to teach a challenging subject that they themselves find difficult to understand.

Challenges After Covid 19

Covid 19 changed the discussion that happened every year about Teachers’ Day. Since covid 19, every World Teachers Day, its effects are discussed and highlighted. The crisis has been worse with Covid-19. The pandemic has made it difficult for educational systems to maintain learning continuity, significantly raising the expectations of teachers. More than ever, education systems need effective teachers who support and facilitate learning rather than simply imparting information; who combine in-person and digital methods to deliver lessons; who encourage creative thinking, communication, and collaboration; and who instil a love of learning as well as the ability to persevere and exercise self-control.

Teachers will face the difficulty of quickly assessing pupils’ understanding as schools progressively reopen in order to spot any gaps in their knowledge and adjust their instruction to meet the needs of each individual student. In addition, as students will be returning to school after a particularly stressful period, they will need to offer psychological support and manage their own stress. Being a good teacher is extremely challenging and demanding, especially today.

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20 Ways to Show Appreciation to Your Teachers

World Teachers Day, commonly referred to as International Teachers Day, is almost approaching. Families from all across the world will join together on October 5 to express their gratitude for the teachers who have impacted their lives.

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This year on World Teachers Day 2023, let’s appreciate that teachers have gone above and beyond to ensure that their pupils enjoy a safe and educational environment at school. These 20 ideas for celebrating World Teachers Day 2023 show wonderful ways to thank the teachers who have supported each child’s learning and development.

20 Ways to Show Appreciation and Gratitude to Teachers

  1. To quickly express your appreciation, send a themed teacher appreciation e-card.
  1. List five reasons for your gratitude to your teachers.
  1. Create a fun presentation deck of how your learning progressed because of your teacher.
  1. Create a care package filled with treats that your teacher will adore.
  1. Work with your family to post on social media why your teacher is awesome. If you can, be sure to tag them or their school in it!
  1. Send your teacher a note mentioning what you like the most about her, a short story reminiscing how she helped you understand a chapter or a question. 
  1. Create a scrapbook to express your thanks to your teachers as a keepsake.
  1. Create a bookmark that your teacher will surely like.
  1. Plan a virtual surprise party or a party in your classroom so that students and family can express their gratitude to teachers.
  1. Send them their favourite food or a home-cooked meal. to your teacher. A cake baked with love is always special.
  1. Create an artwork to demonstrate your thanks to the teacher.
  1. Self-care is crucial for teachers as well. Send a present, such as a candle or something with a spa theme, that will encourage your teacher to take care of themselves.
  1. Decorate your teachers’ staff rooms.
  1. To recognize the dedication of your teacher, plant a celebration tree.
  1. Make a collection of quotations to serve as a reminder to your teacher of the impact they have.
  1. Give your teacher a picture book or a chapter book for their classroom library.
  1. On International Teachers Day, don’t forget to thank the staff, substitute teachers, and administrators at your child’s school as well.
  1. Many teachers are avid readers. Give your teacher a book by the writer they must respect this Teachers Day.
  1. Teachers require a diary. A lovely personalized diary would make a thoughtful gift for them and would likely be well received.
  1. A watch is a need for everyone. It is regarded as a respectable and very practical gift.

Importance of World Teachers’ Day

Our lives are greatly impacted by our teachers. Their contribution is incomparable to words. They’ve always been there to guide us in the proper direction. The only appropriate way to honour them is to observe Teachers Day. The importance of World Teachers Day is recognized globally. India has its own Teachers Day along with World Teachers Day

In India, Teachers’ Day is commemorated on September 5, which marks the birth anniversary of Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. The illustrious teacher also served as India’s first Vice President and second President. We commemorate September 5 as a day to honour Dr Radhakrishnan and all of the teachers across the country who work hard to support kids’ learning.

Globally World Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th October’ since 1994.

Reminding us of the significance of teachers and educators in our lives is what makes Teachers’ Day so important. It’s a day to give thanks for all we have learned and to honour the role teachers have played in our lives. The holiday provides an opportunity to express gratitude to the educators and teachers who help mould the futures of their students. Teachers not only provide knowledge and ideals but also help us overcome obstacles and build a solid foundation. Teachers inspire many of us and help to mould our future.

The Theme of World Teachers Day 2023

World Teachers Day is being commemorated this year in its 29th year. The events happening all across the world. “The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers.” is the theme for 2023.

The theme for World Teachers Day 2023 depicts the initiatives that are being taken to improve education. Since the pandemic, the focus has been placed on improving teaching strategies. Teachers are being encouraged to foster an innovative learning environment.

  • Teachers are the most important factor in education. They are the ones who shape the minds and futures of our children.
  • Teachers need to be supported and given the resources they need to be successful.
  • Teachers need to be empowered to innovate and create new and engaging ways to teach.
  • Teachers need to be connected to each other so they can share ideas and best practices.
  • Teachers need to be respected and valued for the work they do.

If we want to transform education, we need to start with the teachers. We need to invest in their professional development, give them the resources they need, and create a culture of collaboration and innovation. When teachers are successful, our students will be successful.

Here are some specific ways to transform education beginning with teachers:

  • Provide teachers with ongoing professional development opportunities that allow them to learn new skills and stay up-to-date on the latest research.
  • Give teachers the freedom to use their creativity and innovation to design their own learning experiences.
  • Create a culture of collaboration and support among teachers so they can share ideas and best practices.
  • Provide teachers with the resources they need, such as technology, materials, and time, to be successful.
  • Respect and value teachers for the work they do.

When we invest in our teachers, we invest in our future.

Every day, teachers put in a lot of effort to mentor, motivate, and educate us. They support us in navigating challenging grammar concepts, honing our pronunciation, and maintaining our motivation in the realm of languages. They serve as our motivators and roadblock removers.

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Fun Facts: Who was the first teacher in the world?

Ancient scholars naturally took on the role of teachers. Priests and prophets imparted leadership and commercial acumen to the heirs of the affluent and nobility. Because of their exalted status in society, priests received favourable treatment in recognition of their expertise and experience. There was a general appreciation of teachers, and there was respect for them in line with their high value in such civilizations.

Confucius, one of history’s most intelligent people (561 B.C.), is considered to be the first teacher. 

More teachers than any other person have expressed respect for Confucius. He accepted any enthusiastic student and, along with the usual subjects, shared his personal insights on how to cultivate moral character and responsibility through discipline.

The lovely and enduring relationship between a student and teacher is beautifully captured by World Teachers Day. Be sure to reach out to your teachers and share the occasion with them.

Cheers to teachers!

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