ICSE 61 Sample Question Papers Class 10: Why Should You Practice It For Exam 2024?

icse class 10 sample paper 2024

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) has released the ICSE class 10 revised syllabus and date sheet, and the exam is expected to be held in March 2024.

To help students prepare well for their board exam, Oswal Publishers have released a revised edition of their Oswal – Gurukul 61 sample question papers for ICSE class 10 exam 2024 which features fully solved specimen question papers as per the reduced syllabus of all subjects with new SQP pattern paperback. 

For students looking for ICSE 2024 class 10 board exam preparation, this article is a thorough guide to help you score good marks in your 10th boards.

icse class 10 sample papers 2024

About Specimen Paper of Class 10 ICSE

Here are a few major highlights of the Oswal – Gurukul 61 Sample Question Papers for ICSE Class 10 Exam 2024: 

1. Book author and author’s basic description: The book is published by Oswal Publishers. 

2. Which book edition is this: This is the first edition of 2023 and features the revised syllabus published by the CISCE based on their June release for the 2024 class 10 exam.

3. Who is this book for (students and teachers): This book is for anyone who is sitting for their ICSE class 10 exam in 2024.

ICSE Board Sample Paper Class 10 Features

What makes Oswal Gurukul’s specimen paper of class 10 ICSE the best book for students preparing for their exam in 2024 is: 

  • A total of 41 sample papers throughout the subjects covered for Exam 2024. So that you can get prepared for the possible questions that might come in the exam
  • All the questions are based on the board’s class 10th paper pattern that is revised as per the new syllabus published in June 2023
  • Includes super specific questions that have a high probability of coming in board exams.
  • Concepts are explained by the experts for easier and better understanding.
  • This book includes specimen papers of all 16 subjects combined; that is, it has:
  • Physics sample paper class 10 ICSE
  • Biology specimen paper of class 10 ICSE
  • ICSE class 10 chemistry sample paper
  • English language sample paper class 10 ICSE
  • English literature sample paper class 10 ICSE
  • ICSE sample papers for Hindi 
  • Mathematics sample question paper for class 10 ICSE 
  • ICSE class 10 History & Civics previous year question papers
  • ICSE board sample paper class 10 for Geography
  • Specimen paper of class 10 ICSE Computer Application
  • Sample question paper of Physical Education for class 10 
  • Economics class 10 sample papers 
  • Class 10 Economic Applications sample paper 
  • ICSE sample paper of Commercial Studies class 10 
  • Commercial Applications sample paper for class 10 
  • Sample specimen paper of Home Science 

To know more about each of these subjects’ syllabus and paper format, please read this detailed guide on the best ICSE books for class 10 which features the best textbooks and resources you need to study with. 

Benefits of Studying with Oswal – Gurukul 61 Sample Question Papers for ICSE Class 10 Exam 2024

benefits of icse class 10 specimen question papers

The reason why this book stands out from the rest of the sample question preparation books is that you can: 

  • Practice mock tests from one place without going through many resources and study materials.
  • Experts prepare all the questions at Oswal Publishers, who have helped students score 90+ marks in their board’s exam every year. 
  • 41 sample question papers in specimen paper paperback. 
  • The sample question handbook Includes subject-wise papers, which the CISCE released in June 2023. 
  • Includes 1 unsolved paper from each of the 16 subjects. Bringing a total of 16 unsolved papers.

Complementary Books That Will Help You Ace Your Exams

10 Years Solved Papers and Sample Papers ICSE Class 10 Combo

Apart from ICSE sample paper class 10, Oswal Publishers also have a few question banks, the last 10 years’ solved papers and textbooks, which will help you score high in the exam. 

Most of them include years of unsolved questions, so you can prepare with a wide variety of questions chapter-wise and get expert advice at the same cost! 

Check out the books: 

You can check more ICSE Class 10 books you need to prepare for the 2024 board exams here. 

What Do We Feel About 61 Sample Question Papers for ICSE Class 10 Exam 2024? 

To secure 90+ in any exam, you need to be armed with the correct resources to make it easier to accomplish your goals. 

Likewise, this prescribed sample paper book features everything you need to score your desired marks.

We suggest you get the Oswal – Gurukul 61 Sample Question Papers for ICSE Class 10 Exam 2024 and ace it!

FAQs on ICSE Sample Question Papers Class 10

Q1. Where can I find ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers 2024?

You can find the ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers 2024 from the official website of CISCE: https://cisce.org/.

Q2. Is solving ICSE Sample Papers Class 10 enough for the board exam?

Solving sample papers is a crucial part of preparing for the ICSE Board exams for Class 10, but it’s not the only strategy you should rely on. Oswal Publishers offers a vast range of study materials that can complement your practice. You can choose from the following: 
Model Specimen Papers
Question Bank
Solved Papers
Complete Course

For ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers, Oswal Publishers is highly recommended. With their long-standing experience since 1985 in exam preparation, they bring unparalleled expertise.

Q4. Are ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers based on the latest syllabus?

Yes, the handbook is strictly based on the Latest syllabus and follows the New Specimen Question Paper Pattern released by the board on June 2023.

Q5. How much time should I allocate to solving ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10?

As exams approach, practice completing papers within the 2-3 hour time limit, ideally every week. After each practice session, spend an hour reviewing mistakes and areas needing improvement. Quality practice is just as important as quantity in effective preparation.

Q6. Do ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers provide solutions to the questions?

Yes, Oswal Publishers’ ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers books include solutions for all the sample papers within them. Additionally, to enhance your learning there are unsolved sample papers. Unsolved sample papers are like practice tests that can help you see how well you understand your subjects and if you’re ready for the actual exams.

Q7. How often are ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 released by CISCE?

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 released by CISCE are released annually. Giving students a chance to prepare with the most recent format and kinds of questions that they will be encountering in their board exams.


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