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List of Important Days in April 2024

important days in april 2024

April is a very special month in a student’s life as it marks the beginning of a new session in most schools. April in India unfolds with many special days, celebrated joyfully and enthusiastically. April month special days are a mix of religious festivals, national holidays, and global observances, catering to our people’s diverse interests. As we step into special days in April, it becomes essential to familiarise ourselves with the significance they have.

Every month of the year is special in its way and has its significance, like that April month days are connected to different persons or occasions, making the April month special. Many organizations and banks consider the April month specialty as the start of their financial year.

This blog lists all the important days in April 2024 and their significance for the students. 

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List of Important Days in April 2024 in India 

April is a month of religious and cultural festivities. Baisakhi, marking the Sikh New Year, and Ram Navami, celebrating Lord Rama’s birth in Hinduism, are among the key festivals. Additionally, April pays tribute to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, a social reformer and the architect of the Indian Constitution, on his birth anniversary.

There are many April days to celebrate in 2024. The important days in April 2024 are important for different reasons – some are about religion, some about nature. We have Easter Sunday for Christians, Earth Day for the environment, and National Arbor Day for planting trees. April 2024 brings moments that make us think about our culture, faith, and world.

Here is a table designed for you to read and remember which date and day the important days in April in India 2024 are falling. Days in April 2024 – IndiaDay of the Week
11st AprilApril Fool’s DayMonday
24th AprilEaster SundayThursday
35th AprilNational Maritime DayFriday
410th AprilWorld Homeopathy DayWednesday
511th AprilNational Safe Motherhood DayThursday
614th AprilBaisakhiSunday
714th AprilB.R. Ambedkar Remembrance DaySunday
818th AprilWorld Heritage DayThursday
922nd AprilWorld Earth DayMonday
1022nd AprilNational Arbor DayMonday
1124th AprilNational Panchayati Raj DayWednesday
1229th AprilInternational Dance DayMonday

Special and Important Days in April 2024 

1. April Fool’s Day (1st April)

april fool's day

The very first day of April is one of the important days in April.

History and Significance: April Fool’s Day is a light-hearted tradition where people play pranks and joke on each other. Its origins are unclear, but it has been celebrated for centuries, bringing joy and laughter.

How it’s Celebrated: People engage in playful and harmless pranks, creating an atmosphere of humor and amusement.

Celebrations and Activities: Social media platforms, workplaces, and media outlets often organise creative pranks, adding to the festive spirit.

Category: Not directly related to academic subjects.

2. Easter Sunday (4th April)

easter day 4th april

It is the April 4 special day and one of the important dates in April 2024.

History and Significance: Easter Sunday, observed on April 4th, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is a pivotal event in Christian theology, symbolising hope, and eternal life.

How it’s Celebrated: Easter is marked by religious services, including sunrise masses, candle lighting, and bell ringing. Families share festive meals and participate in egg hunts, a symbol of rebirth.

Celebrations and Activities: Churches are adorned with flowers, hymns echo the joy of resurrection, and Easter eggs contribute to the festive atmosphere. Parades, cultural events, and acts of kindness also characterise the celebrations.

Category: Religious festival. Relevant to all subjects as it holds cultural significance.

3. National Maritime Day (5th April)

national maritime day

The April 5 special day in India is National Maritime Day.

History and Significance: This day commemorates the maritime heritage and acknowledges the importance of the shipping industry. It reflects on the crucial role that maritime activities play in the global economy.

How it’s Celebrated: This day of the April month important day marked with maritime exhibitions, seminars, and discussions highlighting the significance of the shipping sector.

Celebrations and Activities: Events include maritime-related exhibitions, ship visits, and awareness programs to recognise and appreciate the maritime industry.

Category: Not directly related to academic subjects.

4. World Homeopathy Day (10th April)

April 10 special day in India, is one of the important days of April 2024.

History and Significance: World Homeopathy Day celebrates the birth anniversary of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy. It aims to raise awareness about this alternative medical system.

How it’s Celebrated: The day is observed with seminars, workshops, and awareness programs focusing on the principles and benefits of homeopathy.

Events and Ways to Participate: Individuals can attend sessions on homeopathy, explore its principles, and understand its potential applications in healthcare.

Category: Events related to Science Subjects (Physics, English, Hindi). Relevant for holistic health discussions.

5. National Safe Motherhood Day (11th April)

It is one of the important days in April month.

History and Significance: National Safe Motherhood Day is observed to reduce maternal mortality and improve healthcare for pregnant women. It emphasises the importance of ensuring safe and healthy pregnancies.

How it’s Celebrated: The day involves health camps, awareness programs, and maternal health and well-being workshops.

Events and Ways to Participate: Individuals can volunteer for maternal health initiatives, attend awareness talks, and contribute to initiatives supporting safe motherhood.

Category: Events related to Social Science that address healthcare and societal well-being.

6. B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day (14th April)

If asked, on April 14, which day is honored? It is the B.R. Ambedkar Remembrance Day.

History and Significance: This day honors the contributions of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the chief architect of the Indian Constitution and a key figure in the social reform movement.

How it’s Celebrated: The day is marked by tributes, seminars, and discussions addressing social issues and promoting Ambedkar’s ideals.

Celebrations and Activities: Events often include discussions on social justice, equality, and initiatives to address ongoing societal challenges.

Category: Events related to Social Science. Honoring a key figure in Indian constitutional history.

7. Baisakhi (14th April)

happy baisakhi

14 April is one of the auspicious and important days in April 2024 and also one of the celebrated days in April, mainly in Punjab.

History and Significance: Baisakhi, celebrated on April 14th, marks the Sikh New Year and commemorates the formation of the Khalsa Panth by Guru Gobind Singh in 1699. It holds cultural and religious significance for the Sikh community.

How it’s Celebrated: Baisakhi is celebrated with vibrant processions, traditional Sikh prayers, and readings from the Guru Granth Sahib. The day often begins with prayers at gurdwaras, followed by community meals and festive gatherings.

Celebrations and Activities: The festivities include energetic bhangra and gidda dances, vibrant Sikh martial arts displays, and the singing of traditional folk songs. Community kitchens, known as langars, serve free meals to all, fostering a spirit of equality and sharing.

Category: Cultural and religious festival. Relevant to all subjects due to its cultural significance.

8. World Heritage Day (18th April)

World Heritage Day is the April 18 special day.

History and Significance: World Heritage Day raises awareness about cultural heritage and emphasises the importance of preserving historical sites and traditions.

How it’s Celebrated: The day involves heritage walks, exhibitions, and educational programs to promote understanding and appreciation for cultural heritage.

Events and Ways to Participate: Individuals can visit historical sites, participate in heritage-related activities, and support initiatives to preserve cultural heritage.

Category: Not directly related to academic subjects.

9. World Earth Day (22nd April)

earth day

Environment makes 22 April day special. It is one of the international days in April.

History and Significance: World Earth Day focuses on environmental awareness and encourages global action to address environmental challenges.

How it’s Celebrated: Activities include tree planting, clean-up drives, and educational programs promoting sustainable living and environmental conservation.

Celebrations and Activities: Joining environmental initiatives, promoting eco-friendly practices, and participating in community events contribute to the day’s celebrations.

Category: Events related to Science Subjects (Physics, English). Environmental awareness is crucial across disciplines.

10.  National Panchayati Raj Day (24th April)

History and Significance: National Panchayati Raj Day marks the establishment of Panchayati Raj institutions in India, emphasising rural self-governance.

How it’s Celebrated: The day is observed with recognition of rural self-governance achievements, discussions on rural development, and awareness programs.

Events and Ways to Participate: Individuals can attend Panchayati Raj awareness programs, support rural initiatives, and discuss rural development.

Category: Events related to Social Science. Acknowledging rural self-governance.


As we conclude this exploration of important days in April 2024 in India, it becomes evident that this month is not merely a passage of time but a canvas painted with a diverse palette of celebrations. From religious observances to cultural festivals, each day holds a unique significance.

As we move forward, let’s hold the essence of April’s important days 2024, not just as moments on the calendar. Still, as opportunities for learning, reflection, and collective joy. Whether acknowledging our cultural heritage, understanding global issues, or participating in communal festivities, April holidays invite us to participate actively in the world around us.

Let’s make the most of these special days in April 2024 by engaging in activities that foster knowledge, unity, and positive change. Whether learning more about the historical significance of a festival, participating in community events, or simply spreading joy, let’s actively contribute to the spirit of special days in April.

FAQs on List of Important Days in April 2024

Q1. Why are these days considered important days in April 2024?

Ans. These national days in April hold cultural, religious, and global significance, providing opportunities for celebration, reflection, and awareness of various aspects of life.

Q2. How can I actively participate in the celebrations of days to celebrate in April?

Ans.  Participation can include attending religious services, joining community events, engaging in cultural activities, or contributing to relevant causes.

Q3. Are these special days in April 2024 only celebrated in India?

Ans. While some have global significance, many are celebrated nationally in India, reflecting the country’s cultural, religious, and historical diversity.

Q4. Do these April holidays have any relevance to academic subjects?

Ans. Yes, some events are related to academic subjects. For example, Baisakhi has cultural significance applicable across subjects, and World Earth Day is relevant to science-related subjects.

Q5. How can I stay informed about the upcoming special day in April 2024?

Ans. Regularly checking calendars, subscribing to event notifications, and staying updated through news sources are effective ways to stay informed.

Q6. Are there any educational benefits to being aware of days to celebrate in April?

Ans. Being aware of important dates in April enhances cultural knowledge, contributes to general awareness, and can benefit academic purposes, especially in subjects like Social Science and Current Affairs.

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