Transfer Certificate: Get Format & Samples

Transfer Certificate

Are you preparing to transfer to a different university or school from your current one? You will undoubtedly require a transfer certificate in that scenario. Read this blog to get a clear understanding of what it is, what it should contain, and how to write it if you want to write it clearly and concisely!

Changing schools or colleges is common for students during their academic careers. Obtaining all necessary papers before transfer is one of the main obstacles students encounter during this process. When transferring to a new school or college, one of the most crucial documents you’ll need is a transfer certificate or TC.

So, we have provided all the information you require to obtain a TC in this blog post, making it easier for you to do so. But hold on! Let’s find out what a transfer certificate is and why it’s crucial before we explain how to apply for one.

Transfer Certificate

What is a Transfer Certificate?

A Transfer Certificate is a document that the person in charge of an institution issues to a departing student. It includes the student’s personal information, including their date of birth as recorded in the institution’s records, their parents’ names, their academic records, the programme they studied there, their fee information, and their occupational records.

A TC also notes whether the concerned student has paid all of their fees or if there are any outstanding balances. It functions as a conduct certificate and indicates whether they have passed all the exams. 

To summarise, an institution will provide a Transfer Certificate to a student leaving the institution. In general, it includes the following data:

  • Name of the student
  • Parent’s Name
  • Date of Birth 
  • Course/Program Completed and length of stay at the school

The TC also states if the applicant has paid the fee and passed every exam. The TC also states the student’s behaviour and frequently functions as a conduct certificate.

Transfer Certificate Format

It is a crucial document that your university or school will provide you if you want to transfer or be admitted to another school or university. In India, the transfer certificate format goes as follows:

Transfer Certificate Format

Sample Application Letter for Transfer Certificate

You must request a letter for a transfer certificate from your previous school if you have been admitted to a new school.

To help you submit a professional TC, let’s have a look at the transfer certificate’s format and a sample application. 



<Recepient of the Letter>

<Name and address of the Current School>

Subject: Application for Transfer Certificate

<Salutation to the Principal>

{Body of the application}


<Your signature>

<Your name>


<Your address and contact number>

Sample Application of a Transfer Certificate

Do you still have doubts about how to get a transfer certificate? Here is a sample that can help you. 


The Principal,

Queen Mary Mother’s School

Anand Vihar, 110097

Date: 7th April’23

Subject: Application for transfer certificate

Respected Sir/Madam,

With all due respect, I would like to notify you that in March 2023, I received an 8.9 CGPA after passing my final exams for the tenth grade at Queen Mary Mother’s School. No dues are pending under my name as per the latest record of the administrator. 

As a result, I ask that you kindly grant me a certificate of transfer by April 30, 2023. 

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

Rashmi Arora


Yojana Vihar

Need for Transfer Certificate

Some advantages of a Transfer Certificate are listed below:

  • Acts as documentation of education from a prior school.
  • Frequently acts as a certificate of conduct.
  • Serves as a certificate with no dues.
  • Aids in obtaining future educational opportunities.

A School Transfer Certificate proves the student has completed all requirements and officially left the previous school. The student can register for the next educational institution with the help of this important document. A TC’s main responsibility is to ensure that a student is only ever affiliated with one particular school.

As parents, it’s crucial to formally inform the authorities of your ward’s decision to drop out of school to obtain a TC. For this reason, to apply for a transfer certificate, you must write a formal letter. 

It is preferable to mention the date by which you must have the certificate. Naturally, allowing the school enough time will be beneficial. The TC application needs to be written formally and closed with a sentence expressing gratitude to the authorities.

Steps After You Receive the Transfer Certificate

As soon as the TC arrives: 

  • Let the new school know that it has been received because they might need you to attach it to your application to complete the formalities. 
tc format


The TC must be taken from the previous school and submitted to the new school. The TC application needs to include a justification for the request as well as a polite date of need.

I hope this answers all of your questions about a transfer certificate. As your ward transfers to a new school, may they welcome the change and be receptive to fresh experiences. 


Q1. Who issues the school transfer certificate letter?

Ans – The person who issues the TC is usually the principal of the student’s present school.

Q2. Does the new school request a letter for a transfer certificate?

Ans – All schools request a TC before admitting a new student.

Q3. Is it possible for a school to reject a student’s request for a transfer certificate?

Ans – Unless there are legal concerns, a school is not allowed to reject a student’s request for a TC.

Q4. Are there any documents needed to receive a certificate of transfer?

Ans – When you apply for a TC, your current school will require you to submit the following documents.

-> The degree or provisional certificate from your prior course
-> Either the final or current grade sheet
-> Statement of fees
-> Adhaar card

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