Syllabus : CBSE Class 11- Physics

CBSE Class 11 Physics Syllabus for 2022-23

    No. of Periods MARKS 
Unit–I Physical World and Measurement 08 23
  Chapter–2: Units and Measurements
Unit-II Kinematics 24
  Chapter–3: Motion in a Straight Line
  Chapter–4: Motion in a Plane
Unit–III Laws of Motion 14
  Chapter–5: Laws of Motion
Unit–IV Work, Energy and Power 14 17
  Chapter–6: Work, Energy and Power
Unit–V Motion of System of Particles and Rigid Body 18
  Chapter–7: System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Unit-VI Gravitation 12
  Chapter–8: Gravitation
Unit–VII Properties of Bulk Matter 24 20
  Chapter–9: Mechanical Properties of Solids
  Chapter–10: Mechanical Properties of Fluids
  Chapter–11: Thermal Properties of Matter
Unit–VIII Thermodynamics 12
  Chapter–12: Thermodynamics
Unit–IX Behaviour of Perfect Gases and Kinetic Theory of Gases 08
  Chapter–13: Kinetic Theory
Unit–X Oscillations and Waves 26 10
  Chapter–14: Oscillations
  Chapter–15: Waves
Total 160 70

Topic MARKS 
Two experiments one from each section 7+7
Practical record (experiment and activities) 5
One activity from any section 3
Investigatory Project 3
Viva on experiments, activities and project 5
Total 30 

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