ICSE Class 10 English-II Syllabus 2023-24

CISCE has released the Latest Updated Syllabus of the New Academic Session 2023-24, for class 10.

Class 10th Syllabus has been revised and updated for the new session 2023-24. It’s very important for both Teachers and Students to understand the changes and strictly follow the topics covered in each subject for Class 10th.

We have also updated Oswal Gurukul Books as per the Latest Paper Pattern prescribed by CISCE Board for each Subject Curriculum.

Students can directly access the ICSE English-II Syllabus for Class 10 of the academic year 2023-24 by clicking on the link below.

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ICSE English-II Class 10 Latest Syllabus 2023-24

  1. To develop and integrate the use of the four language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading and writing for the purpose of effective communication.
  2. To develop a functional understanding of the grammar, structure and idiom of the language.
  3. To develop the capacity to read efficiently and access information effectively.
  4. To develop an appreciation of good literature.
  5. To experience, through literature, the thoughts and feelings of the peoples of the world.

There will be two papers:

Paper 1: English Language;

Paper 2: Literature in English.

Each of these papers will be of two hours duration.

Paper 1:

English Language (80 Marks)

Internal Assessment

(80 Marks)

(20 Marks)

Paper 2:

Literature in English (80 Marks)

Internal Assessment

(80 Marks)

(20 Marks)

English Paper 2 - Literature In English 2023-24 Revised Syllabus Along With Suggestions

Textbook Section Chapters Pattern Time Suggestions
The Merchant Of Venice (Shakespeare’s unabridged play by A.W. Verity) Drama Acts 1 to 5 [entire play] SECTION – A
16 MCQs [1*16] from Drama + Prose + Poetry
  • There are total 6 Extracts (2 extracts from Drama, 2 extracts from Prose, and 2 extracts from Poetry)
  • Each extract contains 5 subjective questions.
  • The total marks for each extract is 16. [3+3+3+3+4].

Note: All questions in Section A must be answered.
You must attempt a total of 4 questions/extracts from Sections B, C, and D – one question/extract from each of Sections B, C, and D, and one other question from any of the three sections of your choice.
2 hours
  1. If you spend 20 minutes on MCQs; 30 minutes on Drama; 30 minutes on Prose; and 30 minutes on Poetry , you will still have 10 minutes for a quick revision!!

  2. Utilise the 15 minutes reading time very efficiently.

  3. Check out grammatical, spelling, syntax, and punctuation errors.

  4. Check if you have attempted all the questions and haven’t left out any by mistake.

  5. The questions will be interpretation based. Therefore, read the excerpt carefully, and try to answer in your own words. Avoid using lines from your text.
Treasure Trove – A Collection of ICSE Poems and Short Stories (Evergreen Publications) Prose (i) Chief Seattle’s Speech
(ii) Old Man at the Bridge – Ernest Miller Hemingway
(iii) A Horse and Two Goats – R.K Narayan
(iv) Hearts and Hands – O. Henry
(v) A Face in the Dark – Ruskin Bond
(vi) An Angel in Disguise – T.S. Arthur
(vii) The Little Match Girl – Hans Christian Andersen
(viii) The Blue Bead – Norah Burke
(ix) My Greatest Olympic Prize – Jesse Owens
(x) All Summer in a Day – Ray Douglas Bradbury
Treasure Trove – A Collection of ICSE Poems and Short Stories (Evergreen Publications) Poetry (i) The Heart of the Tree – Henry Cuyler Bunner
(ii) The Cold Within – James Patrick Kinney
(iii) The Bangle Sellers – Sarojini Naidu
(iv) After Blenheim – Robert Southey
(v) Television – Roald Dahl
(vi) Daffodils – William Wordsworth
(vii) I know why the Caged Bird Sings – Maya Angelou
(viii) The Patriot – Robert Browning
(ix) Abu Ben Adhem – Leigh Hunt
(x) Nine Gold Medals – David Roth

Internal Assessment For English Paper-2

1. Two or three assignments of reasonable length (not exceeding 1500 words in total).
2. Assignments should be based on the prescribed textbooks on the following lines:
(i) Character/thematic analysis
(ii) Socio-economic, cultural, historical relevance / background
(iii) Summary/paraphrase
(iv) Appreciation of literary qualities
(v) Identifying with a character. Putting oneself in the place of a character in given circumstances and explaining one’s actions.
(vi) Imagine alternative outcomes or endings in a literary piece and the effect on all concerned.
3. The Internal Examiner and the External Examiner will assess the assignments independently.
4. Award of Marks (20 Marks)
  • Subject Teacher (Internal Examiner) - 10 marks
  • External Examiner - 10 marks

2022-23 Reduced Syllabus

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