Best Reference Books for CBSE Class 12 Physics Board Exam 2024

best reference book for class 12 physics cbse

Physics is a subject that involves both theory and practical knowledge. It’s all about understanding concepts. Students need to put in a lot of effort to do well in Physics. Finding the Best Reference Book for Class 12 Physics is important when getting ready to score well.

Physics is a compulsory subject in the class 12 science stream. These Physics Reference Books for Class 12 cover all the topics and chapters in the CBSE 12th exam in 2024. They are also useful for preparing for future competitive exams.

When preparing for the CBSE class 12 physics board exam 2024, having the Best Reference Book for Physics Class 12 is crucial for overall and comprehensive preparation. The reference books not only provide additional insights but also help in understanding complex concepts.

In this blog, we will explore the top 7 Physics Reference Books for Class 12 recommended for class 12 physics, along with additional online platforms, study guides, and practice papers to enhance your preparation.

cbse class 12 physics practice papers

Top 7 Reference Books for Class 12 Physics

Get ready for your class 12 physics exam with these helpful books. Check out the list below for the Best Reference Book for Class 12 Physics

1Physics Practice PapersOswal PublishersOswal Publishers
2Physics Most Likely Question BankOswal PublishersOswal Publishers
3Concepts of PhysicsH. C. VermaBharti Bhawan
4Modern ABC PhysicsSatish K. GuptaModern Publishers
5New Simplified PhysicsS. L. AroraDhanpat Rai
6Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 12K.L. Gomber and K.L. GogiaPradeep Publications

Book 1: Physics Practice Papers

Author: Oswal Publishers

Key Features:

  • Aligned with the latest SQP blueprint released on March 31, 2023
  • A comprehensive solution to board sample question papers
  • 6 solved papers for effective revision
  • 4 unsolved papers for targeted practice
  • Designed for purposeful practice
  • Convenient online access to unsolved paper solutions

Raise your CBSE class 12 physics preparation with the Ultimate Gurukul CBSE 12th Physics Practice Papers. Don’t just prepare; excel in the upcoming board exams in 2024. Secure your success towards academic excellence!

Book 2: Physics Most Likely Question Bank

Author: Oswal Publishers

Key Features:

  •  Competency-focused question pattern
  • Includes previous years’ board question papers
  •  Includes MCQs, Case-Based, Assertion and Reasoning Based Qs, Very Short/Short/Long Answer Type Questions
  • Chapter summary for easy & quick revision
  • Word of advice by experts for students to focus on the difficult areas from each chapter
  • Complete explanation to all MCQs
  •  Self-assessment questions and solved sample paper are provided to assess yourself

With this resource, you can gain a competitive edge and significantly improve your chances of achieving your academic aspirations.

Book 3: Concepts of Physics

Author: H. C. Verma

Key Features:

  • Clear explanations of complex concepts
  • Real-world examples
  • Solved problems and exercises
  • In accordance with the CBSE curriculum
  • Variety of questions with different difficulty levels

Language: English

Availability: Online/Offline

Concepts of Physics by H. C. Verma- The Best Book for Physics Class 12, is renowned for its comprehensive coverage and practical approach to physics concepts. With real-world examples and a variety of questions, it supports building a strong foundation.

Book 4: Modern ABC Physics

Author: Satish K. Gupta

Key Features:

  • Designed to teach basic concepts, methods, and logic easily
  • Follows the new CBSE curriculum
  • Simplifies learning of basic Physics concepts, methods, and logic.
  • Aligns with the updated CBSE curriculum.
  • Includes various question types: Objective, Fill in the Blanks, Very Short Answer.
  • Provides solved examples and unsolved problems for comprehensive practice.
  • Exercises organised into Short Answer, Long Answer (I), and Long Answer (II) sections.
  • Includes case study-based and HOTS (Higher Order Thinking Skills) questions.
  • Diverse questions sourced from different boards across the country.

Language: English/Hindi

Availability: Online/Offline

Modern ABC Physics, considered the Best Reference Book for Class 12 Physics, provides a structured approach to learning Physics, incorporating objective questions and case studies. It aligns with the new CBSE curriculum, making it a valuable student resource.

Book 5: New Simplified Physics

Author: S. L. Arora

Key Features:

  • Streamlined Methodology
  • In-Depth Coverage
  • Organised Structure
  • Lucid Clarifications
  • Informative Diagrams and Figures
  • Practical Examples and Exercises
  • Step-by-Step Solutions
  • Incorporates Thought-Provoking Conceptual Questions
  • Concludes Each Chapter with Recap Questions
  • Certain editions may feature past board examination questions.
  • Supplementary materials like concept maps, summary tables, and reference materials enrich the learning journey.

Language: English

Availability: Online/Offline

New Simplified Physics by S. L. Arora offers a simplified approach to complex topics, making it an ideal reference book for class 12 physics. The structured format and clear explanations aid in better understanding.

Book 6: Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 12

Authors: K. L. Gomber and K. L. Gogia

Key Features:

  • Includes objective questions based on NCERT guidelines.
  • Encompasses conceptual, very short, short, and long questions with detailed answers.
  • Adheres to the latest curriculum updates and examination patterns.
  • Provides solutions to previous year’s questions.
  • Applies concepts from Class 11 to address and solve Class 12 problems.
  • Categorises information into essential ideas, offering detailed elaboration.
  • Available in both Volume I and Volume II.

Language: English

Availability: Online/Offline

Pradeep’s Fundamental Physics for Class 12 focuses on NCERT-based questions, offering a comprehensive set of problems and solutions. Its structured approach aids in better retention and understanding.

Book 7: NCERT Physics for Class 12

Author: NCERT

Key Features:

  • Accessible in two sections: Part I (Chapters 1-8) and Part II (Chapters 9-14).
  • Well-organized content
  • Easy-to-understand explanations
  • Incorporates diagrams and illustrations
  • Real-life instances for practical understanding
  • Includes in-text questions, exemplar problems, activities, and projects
  • Provides solutions, practical experiments, and a comprehensive review and summary
  • Aligned with the curriculum
  • Emphasis on fostering critical thinking skills

Language: English/Hindi

Availability: Online/Offline

NCERT Physics for Class 12 – the Best Physics Book for Class 12 CBSE is an essential reference book that aligns with the curriculum. It provides structured content, clear explanations, and real-life examples to enhance conceptual understanding.

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Additional Resources

When mastering CBSE class 12 physics, many additional resources can significantly enhance your preparation. Here are valuable supplementary assistances to complement your textbook study:

Online Platforms You can prepare for all 11 subjects using their online mock tests, gaining exposure to a vast repository of 80,000+ questions. They provide online practice tests covering eight different question types. ensures a strong preparation experience, providing a diverse range of resources to cater to your academic needs.

Khan Academy: This platform offers a variety of video lessons, practice exercises, and quizzes tailored to the CBSE class 12 physics syllabus. It’s a user-friendly resource to reinforce your understanding of complex concepts.

Physics Wallah: Known for its comprehensive video lectures, Physics Wallah covers CBSE class 12 physics topics thoroughly. The platform also provides study materials and practice questions to solidify your knowledge.

Study Guides

ExamFear: ExamFear’s study guides simplify complex Physics concepts with clear explanations and illustrative examples. Their guides are structured to align seamlessly with the CBSE Class 12 Physics syllabus, making it an excellent companion for focused preparation.

CBSE Physics Exam Ready Quick Revision: This short study guide is specifically designed for last-minute revisions. It shortens key concepts, formulas, and diagrams, making it a handy resource to quickly strengthen your understanding before exams.

Practice Papers

Oswal Gurukul’s practice papers: Oswal’s class 12 physics practice papers provide an extensive collection of questions, covering every aspect of the CBSE class 12 physics syllabus. These papers have detailed solutions, offering a valuable resource for self-assessment and exam-oriented practice.

CBSE practice papers: The class 12 physics additional practice questions provided by CBSE greatly help the students appearing for the board exams 2024. They are on the website in PDF format without any cost.

Including these additional resources into your study routine ensures a well-rounded and thorough preparation for the CBSE class 12 physics board exam in 2024. Whether you prefer online platforms, study guides, or practice papers, these resources offer diverse options to strengthen your grasp of physics concepts.

Tips for Effective Usage

Ready to ace your exams? Here are some easy-to-follow tips to make the most of your Physics Reference Books for Class 12.

1. Understanding the Syllabus

Knowing the Class 12 Physics syllabus is like having a map for exams. Matching your reference book study with it ensures you cover what’s needed, avoiding wasting time on extra stuff. It’s like modifying your study to meet exam demands, helping you focus on what really matters. A clear syllabus understanding guides you, making your exam preparation more effective.

2. Regular Revision Schedule

Consistency is key for revising successfully. Adding reference books to your regular revision routine strengthens your knowledge base. Regularly going over concepts boosts memory, making recall easier during exams. It helps track progress and spot weak areas needing extra attention. A steady revision routine is like a trustworthy anchor, boosting confidence and ensuring a solid understanding of the subject.

3. Conceptual Clarity vs. Rote Learning

Picking understanding over memorisation is like choosing a lasting learning approach. Instead of just memorising, grasping concepts is like building a strong foundation. This base lets you handle various questions easily, unlike relying on memorised facts that might not fit different situations. Focusing on concepts is an investment in real understanding, ensuring your knowledge lasts and applies in real-life situations. It’s like choosing a complete toolkit over a quick fix.

4. Effective Note-Taking

Taking clear and concise notes while studying with reference books can be a game-changer. Jot down key concepts, formulas, and explanations in your own words. This not only strengthens your understanding but also creates a handy study resource. Reviewing well-organized notes simplifies revision, saving time and enhancing retention. Consider your notes as personal study guides, making complex topics more accessible during exam preparation.

Ace Your CBSE Class 12 Physics Prep with Smart Strategies

Using reference books lays the foundation for a strong understanding of Physics, which is crucial for both exams and real-world applications.

The right reference books, online platforms, study guides, and practice papers are the Best Guides for Class 12 CBSE Physics and can significantly enhance your preparation for the CBSE Class 12 Physics board exam 2024. Remember that success is not just about scoring well; it’s about developing a lifelong curiosity for the subject.

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FAQs on Best Reference Books for Class 12 Physics

Q1. Which reference book is best for Class 12 Physics?

Ans. The choice depends on individual preferences, but ‘Physics Most Likely Question Bank’ by Oswal Publishers, ‘Concepts of Physics’ by H. C. Verma, and ‘Modern ABC Physics’ by Satish K. Gupta are highly recommended.

Q2. Are online platforms reliable for CBSE Class 12 Physics exam preparation?

Ans. Yes, many online platforms provide reliable study materials, tutorials, and practice tests to supplement traditional study methods.

Q3. How can study guides enhance my preparation for the CBSE Class 12 Physics exam?

Ans. Study guides offer a structured approach to learning, providing additional explanations and insights into complex topics, enhancing your overall understanding.

Q4. Is rote learning effective for Class 12 Physics exams?

Ans. Rote learning may help memorisation, but focusing on conceptual clarity for Physics exams is more effective for a deeper understanding and problem-solving.

Q5. Can CBSE class 12 physics practice papers replace regular study sessions with reference books?

Ans. No, practice papers are supplementary. Regular study sessions with reference books are essential for building a strong foundation, and practice papers help in self-assessment and exam simulation.

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