Oswal 36 Sample Question Papers CBSE Class 12 English Solutions


Reading Skills


i.  A. The youth that will take us to the third millennium

ii. The writer emphasizes that the youth is an inexhaustible reservoir of energy, which cannot be kept in acage. This raw energy needs to flow, to express itself.

iii. (1) The youth in the first category can give a very negative impact because any sense of moral conduct isalien to their nature. They are the possible pawns to generate a rebellion.

(2) The second category of youth, being less privileged and less qualified and skilled, have lesseropportunities for earning and enjoying. This category may get incited against the establishment.

iv. C. vital

v. C. Pioneer Futurist Refined

vi. A proper mechanism needs to be placed to orient the first two categories of youth in a positive andconstructive direction.

vii. It comes from the fourth paragraph the promise of a good future for mankind. The third section of youthwhich is a sober and thoughtful class, they understand that some section of youth have become blind intheir quest for insatiable consumption. This category is looking for an alternative mode of developmentbased on cooperation between humans based on mutual love, friendship and harmony.

viii. immense, inexhaustible possibilities and potentialities for positive evolution, development and growth.

ix. A. man and man

x. A. Youth Energy – bane and boon for future.


i. Not given

ii. Yes. In 2015, less than 1000 persons died of flood – related and rain – related incidents, but in 2019, nearly2,500 persons died according to government data. Apart from this the cost of damage is likely to be morein 2019 as over a dozen states, including Bihar, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala and Maharashtra,witnessed large-scale devastation.

iii. D. All of the above

iv. In 2016-17, the centre released 11,441 crore under the National Disaster Relief Fund while its share underthe State Disaster Relief fund was 8,375 crore. This increased to 14,108 cr and 10,429 crore respectively in2019-20.

v.  C. Effective management of 5000 dams can bring down the damage caused by floods.

vi. D. both A and B

vii. B. effective management

viii. C. effective management of dams

ix. the poor drainage system in cities.

x. The increasing loss of life and property has made a mockery of all expert committees and government’sapproach has been more reactive than proactive in dealing with a flood situation.


Creative Writing Skills


1. A.

Nav Public School, Indore


2nd February, 20XX

Missing! Missing! Missing!

Yesterday during the fifth period, I lost my class XII Physics book; while playing football in the school playground. It contains many extra questions and as the annual exams are approaching, I don’t have much time to write them again. Anyone who finds it, kindly restore to the undersigned or to my Physics Sir Mr. Adesh Sharma. I shall be obliged.


Student XII-B





17nd September, 20XX

This is to bring to the notice of the public in general that I have lost my briefcase while going to the office at Kursi Road, probably near Durga Devi Temple, near University Road. The briefcase contains some valuable documents pertaining to office matters. It is a public appeal to all that in case someone finds it, to please immediately contact me at my mobile number +91XXXXXXXXXX, or meet me at my residence. The person would be suitably rewarded.


202. Ram Bazar, Lucknow

2. A.




Solicits the pleasure of your company on the occasion of

The Story Telling


In the school auditorium

at 6: 00 p.m. on Saturday, 12th October, 20XX


the eminent writer

will be the Guest of Honour.




Vibgyor Public School

Ph: 25213XXX



78-C, Sector- 12

Income Tax Colony


21st June, 20XX

Dear Harit,

I am pleasantly surprised to receive your invitation for Anchal’s wedding. I still can’t believe that she has grown so big. It’s a great pleasure for me too and I’ll be delighted to join the celebration with whole family and bless the newly weds.




A.  345, Mayur Vihar,


21st October, 20XX

The Editor,

The Hindustan Times,

New Delhi

Subject: The problem of unemployment and suggestions


India is a welfare country and yet millions of men and women are without jobs. It’s not like they do not want to be employed but actually there are no jobs at all. Few among thousands get selected and rest of them return back home. The unemployment is creating frustration and depression in the minds of people. Despite being fully educated, the youth is jobless. Now the question is ‘what is to be done’?

For this, I suggest that more and more emphasis should be given on the technical and vocational education. The government has already launched the start-up programs which have already been successful to a great extent. Apart from that, the loans should be made easily available with lower interest rates for those who want to start their own business. This way the problem of unemployment among the educated can be curbed to some extent.

I hope my letter would find a suitable place in your newspaper.

Thanking you,

Your sincerely,



B. 34, Thakur Complex,

A Wing, Kandivli,


16th April, 20XX

The Manager,

IKEA Pvt. Ltd.,


Subject: Application for the post of graphic designer

Dear Sir,

In response to the advertisement published in the newspaper, ‘The Times of India’ for the post of Graphic Designer in IKEA Pvt. Ltd. Mumbai, I would like to apply for the same. I would like to bring to your notice that I have led a team of five designers to develop and implement the graphic, layout and production. I have also developed numerous marketing programs, logos, brochures & newsletters. I am extremely computer efficient, effectively coordinative and get along well with team members. I believe the position suits me exactly.

Enclosed is my resume for your review. I welcome the opportunity to discuss with you personally how my skills and strengths can best serve your company.


Name : Darshan/Darshana
Father’s Name : R.S. Jindal
Date of Birth : 31stAugust, 1993
Communication Address : 34, Thakur Complex. A-Wing, Kandivli, Mumbai-XXXXXX
E-Mail Address : [email protected]
Nationality : Indian
Academic Qualifications : Graphic Design Course from J.D. Institute of Fashion, Mumbai
Experience : Managed up to 5 projects
Strengths : Good Interpersonal skill, ability to work in team, skill in visual designing, knowledge of colour theory
Languages : Good command over spoken and written Hindi & English.
Hobbies : Designing, Drawing and Sketching
References : 1. Ashok Gupta, Manager, Delloitte. Pune. Ph-XXXXXXXXXX
2. Kiran Sharma, Accenture, Delhi. Ph- XXXXXXXXXX

Hoping for a favourable response.

Your sincerely,




Grow More Trees to Reduce Pollution

By Sumit/Sumita

Importance of trees, forests and the green cover of the earth are well known. Trees are boon for us and also our true friends. They are one of the main reasons why mankind came into existence. The importance of planting trees has been emphasised time and again. Trees and forests play a vital role in the growth and development of human society. They make the world a better place to live in. They exhale oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide to maintain the ecological balance in the environment. They also absorb all the harmful gases and give us fresh air to breathe. They are also important for wild animals, birds and other forms of life.

Trees not only enhance the beauty of our environment but also prevent floods, droughts, famines, soil erosion, landslides and desertification. They build a sheet to protect us from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Trees help in controlling water pollution and preventing soil erosion. The places inhabited by large number of trees are quite cooler compared to the concrete jungles that cannot do without air conditioners.

But unfortunately, the forest cover of the earth is shrinking rapidly. Urbanisation is leading to clearing of forests and parks despite the numerous benefits they offer. The only way left to preserve them and reap these benefits is by growing them at a faster rate. There cannot be a greater sin than felling a tree.

As a Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20-years-ago. The second best time is now.” So do your bit and make this place more beautiful.



Adult Literacy Camp

By Rakesh Nair, Secretary

An adult literacy camp was organised by Cultural Society Daisy Public School, Vellore in the neighbouring village yesterday extending educational opportunities to those adults, who have lost the opportunity and have crossed the age of formal education. The activities of the camp were carried out by the cultural society of the school and a total number of 20 volunteers participated in it.

The camp began with the welcome speech by the head boy of the school, V. Kiran for the Chief Guest, Mrs. Kavita Murthy, a renowned social worker. The camp comprises nearly 450 people. They were divided into different groups according to their age and competency. They were taught the importance and basics of being able to read and write. Free books and stationery was provided for quality education. All the arrangements including desks and blackboard were done by the school children only in advance and all did the work enthusiastically. Apart from the educational needs, special lessons on health, hygiene and sanitation were given. They were taught basics of cleanliness like types of wastes and their management. Refreshments were also provided to the participants.

The chief guest distributed the certificates of participation among the volunteers. The camp ended on a positive note.






  • i. A. (1) and (2)
  • ii. They pace in sleek chivalric certainty.
  • iii. D. Broken down
  • iv. fingers fluttering
  • v. D. Both are true but unrelated
  • vi. oppressors


  • B.
  • i. B. Silenced hearts
  • ii. C. Filled with sufferings
  • iii. C. Only (3)
  • iv. torturous and oppressor husband.
  • v. D. Both are true but unrelated.
  • vi. D. The Marriage Ring


  • i. The author ends the play on a tragic note to showcase how few people are there to inspire positivity in young hopeless lives like Derek’s. Derry will now gradually learn to overcome loss and try to be optimistic in life.
  • ii. D. She believes in the hearsay about Mr. Lamb rather than knowing him herself.
  • iii. C. Inability to face the pain
  • iv. Derry’s mother is overprotective about her son. She heard negative remarks about Mr. Lamb and she did not want her son to be upset or hurt. So she insisted him to stay at home.



  • i. infuriated
  • ii. B. Work in the field and collect daily wages
  • iii. D. A big man walking oddly, holding a small packet by a string
  • iv. The author says that she felt like touching the packet herself in order to show her protest against casteism.


  • i. C. felt sorry for M. Hamel as it was his last French lesson.
  • ii. sorry
  • iii. D. Regret
  • iv. C. M. Hamel often sent students to water his flowers and gave a holiday when he wanted to go fishing.
  • v. The old men of the village were sitting in the back of the classroom, feeling sorry that they had not gone to school more as well as showing respect and thanks for the faithful service the master gave for the country that was no longer their’s.
  • vi. losing their freedom to Prussia meant that there would be no more French classes, so as a last show of respect to the master they had assembled at the back of the classroom feeling sorry that they had not gone to school more and also showing a respect for the country that was no more their’s.



i.  B. people who make a living by searching beaches for articles

ii. It means that even a vagrant living on a beach would have considered it an end of the day to find anything on the beach, so he wouldn’t be there to see an American sailor marooned on a Japanese island.

iii.  A. (1) can be inferred from the extract but (2) cannot.

iv. Indeed it must have been a very painful decision for both to find that the humanity in them kept on coaxing them to save a helpless enemy much against the duty of a patriotic citizen during war.  Without any doubt, humanity transcends the barriers of nationality, war and hatred. A noblest deed for a professional doctor that assures us that we humans should abhor war to kill our own species so ruthlessly.

v. Both of them were quite screened by the mist with an escaped ‘prisoner of war’.

vi. B. There was heavy mist.


i. The old terror always returned whenever Douglas was alone in the pool. He covered the length of the pool but when he was not satisfied, he went to Lake Wentworth and swam two miles to overcome his terror. The terror was now gone and he laughed at it.

ii. Celebrity writers see themselves as the victims of interview. They think that interviews are unwarranted intrusion into their lives and feel that it somehow diminishes them. They feel it is like stealing a person’s soul by taking his/her photographic portrait. V.S. Naipaul feels that some people are wounded by interviews whereas, Lewis Carroll has called it a crime and an immoral act.

iii. Jansie is practical and down to earth whereas her friend Sophie lives in a world of dreams and fantasies. Sophie dreams to have a boutique, wants to become an actress and a fashion designer. But Jansie doesn’t want her to go on imaginary flights, as she knows that they are made for the biscuit factory.

iv. In this poem, the poet uses the symbol of the earth to say that there can be life under apparent stillness. He says that the earth appears to be dead in the winter season. Everything comes to a stop during winter. But when spring comes it becomes alive with all its new plants. It seems that Nature never takes rest then.

v. The poem ‘Endymion; A Poetic Romance’ is the main poem from which an excerpt has been taken. The quest for eternal youth and eternal love and happiness has been an underlying theme of all mankind. We cherish too much, our imaginative faculties take us to think wonderful creations of stories woven around our impossibly cherished desires. Endymion, in Greek mythology, was a beautiful youth who spent much of his life in perpetual sleep. Endymion was loved by Selene, the goddess of the moon, who visited him every night while he lay asleep in a cave on Mount Latmos in Caria; she bore him 50 daughters. Endymion was believed to have been put to sleep, by Selena to enjoy his ageless youth.

This quest for eternal youth and endless love against the backdrop of “Spite of despondence, of the inhuman dearth/ Of noble natures”, is the motivating factor for Keats to pen a beautiful poem to the mortals.

vi. The poet refers to the ‘innocent desire’ and ‘patient wait’ for some car of a city traveller to stop and give them an opportunity to make some money. But mostly if they stop, it is to ask the way or to take a turn or at most, to ask what are the former’s prices for the produce. So their desire to make money goes in


i. Sam’s letter to Charley was full of mystery. Charley found an envelope, a first-day cover which was never opened. It had been mailed to his grandfather in Galesburg and was there since July 18, 1894. When Charley opened the envelope, it contained a letter although first-day covers just have blank papers in them. In the letter, Sam had informed Charley that he had been living on the third level. Therefore, we infer that the letter was completely Charley’s imagination.

ii. At the dining table, Zitkala-Sa heard a man’s voice and as she looked around to see him, she caught the eyes of a pale-faced woman upon her. She wondered why she was so keenly watched by the strange woman. As soon as the third bell rang and everybody started eating, Zitkala began to cry as she could not understand the rules of eating. She already had inadvertently broken some rules beforehand.

iii. For the author, who is a South Indian and has spent her life in sun, spending two weeks in a place where 90 percent of the earth’s total ice volumes are stored, is a chilling prospect. It’s like walking into a giant ping-pong ball devoid of any humans, trees, billboards and buildings.


i. Protagonist: Silence is dreadful. I wonder what you find so praiseworthy in it.

Neruda: Why, most of the work for your type of people takes place in silence and benefits from silence.

Protagonist: That is a different silence. I am talking about keeping oneself quiet and free of noise.

Neruda: So isn’t that a beneficial exercise? When you are quiet, you become able to listen to all other things. You are open to sounds and experiences that were previously missed only because we were busy mouthing words.

Protagonist: What is there, is there other sounds? You don’t have to be dumb to prevent yourself from being deaf. All this sound stuff is just empty words.

Neruda: You are of course entitled to your opinions. But I think that keeping quiet may benefit you a lot particularly. You will get an opportunity to explore your thoughts and introspect. Maybe such a selfintrospection will help you make better decisions in life. Unless you hear other ideas, you will continue to believe yours is the only one and best.


ii. Life may be a bundle of hardships. But it is this bundle that acts as a foil to the beautiful experience of crossing hurdles to reach goals. We humans love to dream. Our dreams may be inspired by something beautiful we wish to possess. To realise dreams one ought to have the grit and the readiness to perspire for the same. Had William Douglas not been attracted by the beauty of the waters of Cascades, the ‘pall’ like demonic fear would never have left his spirits. Setbacks are common in life. But that should not be the end; rather we should consider it like a stepping stone to success. Had Douglas not made efforts to remove fear from his spirit, he would have remained timid. Then slightest obstacle in life would be the source of great frustration. Frustration nestles depression. Depression embraces negativity. ‘A thing of
beauty is a joy forever’: a joy that wins all sadness in life.


i. I am a very rational person and I don’t at all believe in superstitions and talismans. If I were present at the occasion of the king’s miraculous speech as a ten-year old boy, my first reaction would have been of a skeptic. I would feel there is something fishy in it and further research in the event may bring out the trick behind this so-called miracle.

But then, miracles do take place. One cannot deny that. If after all my scientific and practical enquiries I find that the king had actually spoken on his own, I would believe it to be a miracle. I would cherish that strange moment witnessed by me but still that would not make the king mean to me anything more than a normal human being. The action itself may be a miracle but that doesn’t make the doing agent a miraculous entity.



War versus Humanity

By Tom, sailor of U.S. Pacific Fleet, September 25, 2013

No one would know a relative non-entity like me, a sailor stationed in US Pacific fleet near Japan. My ship was attacked by the Japanese, probably Mitsubishi A6M. Indianapolis somehow sank far off from where I was marooned at an unknown Japanese coast. I could reach a coast on one of the Japanese island, giving myself up for dead with a bullet wound on my back. A certain Dr. Sadao and his wife, Hana saved me from a certain death. The US devastated Hiroshima and Nagasaki, bringing the war to an end. Pearl Harbour was avenged. But a relatively unknown soldier was saved by an unknown Japanese doctor. On a personal level I remain indebted to this couple who saved my life. Would my gratitude place me as a traitors in the eyes of my countrymen for whom I fought? Or should we rejoice the total destruction of two cities of Japan? At the age of 93 I have lived a full life. I cannot side with victory in war nor express my gratitude to the unknown doctor from the enemy lines.

Am I victorious or vanquished?

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