Oswal 36 Sample Question Papers CBSE Class 12 English Solutions


Reading Skills


  1. A. we see new places through books
  2. D. 3, 4, 2, & 11
  3. Two ways which make reading old hardback novels memorable for the author are: The older typography in them is simple and scholarly. Letters in them are gilded in rich metallic.
  4. Reading old hard cover books has its own beauty and charm. No digital medium can take its place.
  5. D. Clamouring
  6. The author strongly feels that books today have lost their value. Instead of complementing each other, they seem to be at war with each other with the clashing and clamoring of colours, fonts, and styles. Though artistic, their covers are as riotous and mind-assaulting as TV commercials. Hence, he is critical of today’s books.
  7. He finds TV commercials very riotous and mentally assaulting which mars the creativity.
  8. The old hardback novels exude harmony on a shelf, blending moss green, navy, and cinnamon brown covers with delicate serif fonts. In contrast, modern books clash in colour, font, and style. E-books, personalised and devoid of history, offer convenience but raise questions about memorability.
  9. Nostalgic


  1. There are three key features of T20 format – its philosophy that drives the game, the actual playing of it, and team selection. It is neither a shorter version of the 50-over game, nor aims at scoring centuries or playing attractively. The strike rate is what counts.
  2. C. H. Pandya
  3. D. T20 is simple & natural cricket.
  4. D. Due to his all-round performance.
  5. C. approximately nine percent
  6. The principle of divine right was used in the selection of the team. Senior players felt that they had a divine right to be selected regardless of their form, fitness, and age. But in recent years divine right approach has been dropped by the selectors.
  7. Because of the presence of two genuine all-rounders.
  8. False


Creative Writing Skills

3. A

ABL Public School

13 July 20XX

Meeting For Book Fair

Our school is organizing a Book Fair on the World Book Day. To discuss the arrangements for the fair, all the office bearers are requested to attend the meeting on 15 July 2023 at 10 a.m. in the library. Come prepared with your ideas and suggestions. As members of the club your presence and input are vital.
Book Club


St Mary’s Public School

13 July 20XX

Production of “Macbeth” Play

Our school is planning to stage the play ‘Macbeth’ on Children’s Day. The students interested in acting or working as backstage crew are requested to attend an audition and information session on 15 July 2023 at 10 a.m. in the cultural hall. Those interested should confirm their presence by contacting the undersigned.
Dramatic Club

4. A

DPS, Hardwar

Alumni of all the batches are cordially invites Alumni of all batches for the Alumni Meet on Friday, 30 July 2023 at The Taj.
Cherish all the joyful moments spent together, Renew and strengthen the bonds.
Please confirm your participation by filling in the registration form attached to the invitation.
Anticipating a positive response.
DPS, Hardwar



NGR Colony
New Delhi

13 July 2023

Thank you for inviting me to your school to deliver a lecture on Literature and Life on 20 July 2023.
It will be a pleasure and honour to interact with the youth and share my views. I will surely be there on time. Looking forward to the event.
Yours sincerely

5. A. 35, Second Phase
Mayur Vihar
New Delhi
13 July 2023
The Editor
The Hindustan Times
Arakhamia Building
Connaught Place
New Delhi

Subject – Improving Living Conditions in Slums for Rural Migrants

Through the columns of your esteemed newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the authorities and people to the pressing issue – living conditions of rural migrants in slums. Everyday several people migrate from rural areas to urban cities in search of economic opportunities and letter livelihood.
But here they are forced to live in a place where access to basic amenities like water, sanitation and education is absent.
To improve living conditions for rural migrants in slums, some steps should be taken.
First, initiative should be taken to provide safe and affordable housing for slum dwellers. Then access to clean water, sanitation facilities and electricity is crucial. Infrastructure for clean water sources, community toilets, waste management systems, and reliable electricity supply should be developed.
Healthcare facilities and educational opportunities should be created for slum residents. There should be vocational training programmes, microcredit facilities which can empower them.
It is also important to focus on rural development to reduce the influx of migrants to urban slums.
As a society we should work towards comprehensive solutions to create a inclusive society for all.
Yours sincerely



Job Application

35, Nehru Colony
18 Dec 2022
The Manager
Fancy Foods
Sector – 12
Subject – Application for the post of Receptionist
With reference to your advertisement dated 15 Dec 2022, I understand that you are looking for a receptionist. I wish to offer myself as a suitable candidate for the same. I have the required skill set and my communication skills are very good. As for my qualification, I have attached detailed biodata along with this application.
If given a chance, I assure you that I will give my best.
Hoping for your favourable response
Yours truly
1. Merit Certificates
2. Biodata


Name – Archita/Archit
Father’s Name – Deepak Kumar
Sex – Female
Date of Birth – 8 Sep 2002
Nationality – Indian
Marital Status – Single
Address – 35, Nehru Colony
Contact No – 98XXXXXXXX

Educational Qualification:

Name of Examination Year of Passing Name of Board/University Pass Percentage
1 AISSE 2018 CBSE 75
2 AISSCE 2020 CBSE 73
3 BFA 2022 Garhwal University 78

Languages known – Hindi, English
Skills and Strengths – Computer literate, fluent in English, good soft skills and communication skills,
good in dealing with people.
References :
(i) Sh. V. Anand, H.O.D. English Department, Anurag University, Dehradun
(ii) Sh. R.K. Sareen, Advisor, University of Dehradun

6. A

Youth and Social Service

By Surbhi/Suyash

The youth of today represent a vibrant force that has the potential to bring a positive change in society.
Engaging in social activities helps in raising awareness about critical social issues. Whether it is environmental sustainability, promoting gender equality, or fighting against poverty, the youth could mobilize communities for a common cause. 
Participating in social service enables individuals to develop essential life skills and broadens their horizons. Their practical experiences foster leadership, better problem solving skills and communication skills. It also builds a sense of self dignity in them. 
Youth involvement in social service bridges the generation gap. Innovative ideas and technical proficiency combined with wisdom and experience of elders can build a better world. By actively participating in social service initiatives, young people can inspire others and lay the foundation for a more inclusive and vibrant society.



Demolition Drive by MCD and Public Outrage

By Anant/Ankita

16 July 2023 Dehradun: A Demolition Drive was carried out in the city by the municipal corporation of Dehradun today after 11 a.m. Unauthorised constructions, and encroachments from the city roads were removed. 
MCD cited several reasons for its action like compliance with safety regulations, reclaiming public spaces, reducing congestion, and promoting urban development. But this demolition drive evoked strong public anger and protests among affected people. The anger was due to certain genuine reasons: suddenness of drive, lack of prior notice, displacement of people, loss of livelihood. Many peaceful demonstrations were being held to express public sentiments. There was a demand of a dialogue between the authorities and affected people so that a balance could be found between the goal of urban development and welfare of the people. Finally, the authorities agreed to engage in a dialogue to address the concerns, to explore alternative solutions for the welfare of people.



7. A
i. B. invite readers as part of the poem’s larger call to humanity
ii. rift and misunderstanding in
iii. C. Calm and serene
iv. peace
v. D. Pun
vi. ammunitions



i. A. The paucity of adequate concern and compassion for rural people.
ii. Pathetic
iii. D. The farmer was walking along the tired path.
iv. Gas
v. C. (1) is the reason for (2).
vi. Pain and frustration

8. A.
i. He said so because the man was a young American soldier and giving an enemy soldier shelter would certainly lead to the arrest of his family.
ii. the soldier would certainly die.
iii. the choice is between becoming a traitor to the nation and killing humanity.
iv. Dr. Sadao is a doctor whose first duty is to save a patient simply because he is a human and yet his patriotism towards his nation forbade him to save a life of a soldier of his enemy nation.


i. meaning
ii. C. He who is closed off to nature and its wonders is lost.
iii. The meeting between Mr. Lamb and Derry prompts them to reevaluate their perceptions of loneliness and life’s challenges. They find a connection that changes their outlook and offers them a sense of companionship and understanding.
iv. Despite Mr. Lamb’s physical disability, his personality is kind and compassionate. As Derry interacts with him, he realises that appearances can be deceiving and that true friendship can be found beyond physical traits.

9. A.
i. He wants to show his house being rebuilt.
ii. D. The bride’s eyes beam with new hopes.
iii. The door of a half-built shack, hits it hard with his foot and pushes it open.
iv. His eyes beam to take the narrator to his home and even proudly says that his house is being rebuilt. The
confidence is expressed in his act of opening the iron door with his foot.
v. D. “I am proud to see that you haven’t lost hope in your life.”
vi. B. Wobbly


i. Subbu showcased a myriad of exceptional talents:
(a) He radiated a consistently affable disposition.
(b) Devoted and committed, he channeled his diverse skills to elevate his principal’s filmmaking endeavors.
ii. C. Kothamangalam Subbu
iii. C. A contradiction
iv. “Or was it his general demeanour that resembled a sychophant?”
v. C. “It would be too difficult to find someone like Subbu, who has genuine love for anyone who comes across.”
vi. Office boy, Subbu’s arch rival


  1. Franz wanted to keep away from school that morning because he was afraid he might be scolded by Mr Hamel as he was already very late for school and had not prepared for the test on participles. He wanted to spend the day outside watching Prussian soldiers drilling, birds chirping and basking in the warmth.
  2. Kamla Das is pained to see her mother’s ashen – like face. A fearful thought cripples her spirit that her mother is ageing and she might lose her anytime. To come out of that depressing thought she looks out of the window at young trees and merry children who remind her of vibrant and youthful energy and life.
  3. Edla sympathized with the vagabond, understood that he was going through a hard time. She was so kind and nice to him that the vagabond felt confident. Despite knowing that he was hiding something, she insisted that he could leave at his will after spending Christmas with them. Because of her friendly request the peddler accepted her invitation.
  4. Life of human beings is full of sorrows due to disappointments and frustrations. But the beautiful objects of nature provide us eternal joy. Nature heals our wounded soul and fills us with hope and optimism.
  5. The poet has written about wars against humanity and nature. Green wars, wars with poisonous gases and wars with fire are the different kinds of wars mentioned in the poem. Wars do good to no one. Pablo Naruda feels that such wars may bring victory, but there are no survivors to enjoy the victory.
  6. Sophie belongs to a lower middle-class family. But she neither wants to face nor accept reality. She is an escapist and nurtures wild dreams. She dreams of things she can’t have in real life. She dreams of owning a boutique. Jansie tells her that boutique needs a lot of money. Sophie also knows that the family doesn’t have money. Still, she says, “If ever I came into money, I’ll buy a boutique.” 


  1. The king’s mission of killing hundred tigers was brought to a standstill when population of tigers in his state came to extinction. It was believed that either the tigers were following birth control measures, or they had migrated away from the state of Pratibandapuram. The king resolved the issue by deciding to marry a girl in the royal family of a state with a large tiger population. Thus, he could complete the tally of killing hundred tigers.
  2. Antarctica is a crucial element in all debates on climate change because it is home to the largest ice sheets on Earth. Melting of these ice sheets has the potential to contribute significantly to rising sea levels. These high sea levels will affect the atmospheric patterns.
  3. Zitkala – Sa did not want her hair to be cut short because in her culture it was regarded as sacred and an extension of one’s identity. Cutting one’s hair was associated with mourning or a loss of cultural identity. By refusing to have her hair cut short she was asserting her individuality, pride in her native American heritage.

A. Dear James,
I want to share with you an incredible journey of mine that has transformed my life. It is a story of conquering fear.
As you know, I always had a fear of water. The mere thought of putting a foot in water would send shivers down my spine. This prevented me from enjoying activities that involved water.
But recently I took the help of a professional swimming trainer, Emily. She understood the depth of my fear and exposed me to water in a supportive environment. Initially she developed in me a comfort level with water by making me stand in the shallow end and feel the water. Overtime, gradually she introduced more challenging exercises. Floating on my back or learning basic strokes instilled in me newfound confidence.
The turning point came when Emily encouraged me to jump into the deep end of the pool. Though hesitant, I took the leap. As I emerged from the water, a mixed feeling of exhilaration and relief came over me.
I had faced my fear and triumphed over it. Then I learnt a lesson that by taking a leap on faith, one can discover the joy that awaits on the other side.
Wishing you a great success in your journey of life,
Your friend,


Good morning, everyone!
Today I stand here to discuss a profound statement made by a great visionary Mahatma Gandhi. He said that freedom from fear is more important than legal justice. There is great wisdom and insight in these words.
Justice in any society should ensure that every individual, regardless of background, has the right to fair treatment and equal opportunities.
But the life of the poor is always marked with fear – fear of hunger, fear of illness, fear of exploitation, and fear of violence. This constant fear breeds a feeling of powerlessness.
Legal justice often falls short in addressing the core issues of the poor. To attain justice in real sense, we must first address the causes that create an environment of fear. When it is done, there will be trust.
When individuals feel safe and secure, they will cooperate with law enforcement.
In conclusion, by granting them freedom from fear, we empower them to participate fully in society.
Only then can we build a world where justice prevails.

A. 27-08-2023
10.15 p.m.
Today has been one of the most bewildering days of my life. As I sit here with a pen in my hand, I have mixed feelings– awe, confusion and disbelief. But deep down in my heart, I feel there may be huge possibilities awaiting me.
It began when I took my usual route to work, boarding the subway at Grand Central Station. As the train departed the station, I noticed that the surroundings were different. The architecture, the people, the clothing– everything seemed different. Then a realisation dawned on me that I was no longer in the present. I had traveled back in time.
As the train came to a halt, I found myself at a platform that resembled the one at my destination. But the signs, the architecture, the energy – it all talked about a time long past.
Then it hit me that I had arrived at the third level. This was not just a physical location; it was a gateway to the past.
I spent the day exploring the place, talking to its people. They were all very kind. The city, once familiar, now felt like a mystery maze waiting to be explored.
But as the day drew to a close, a sense of uncertainty crept over me. I wondered what if I could stay here in the past. Now as I sit here penning down my thoughts, I realise that the third level was a glimpse into a world unknown, and I will always carry these memories with me.


B. 27-08-2023
10.15 p.m.
Today as I reflect upon my journey, I am filled with remorse. This emotion has propelled me and fueled my determination to fight for the rights and dignity of the marginalised.
Earlier in my childhood I faced discrimination without comprehending its magnitude. The social disparity and biases left me confused and frustrated. The exclusion, humiliation, the inequality I experienced, generated a deep anger within me– a fire that burned fiercely seeking justice.
The anger became a catalyst that forced me to prove my worth and strive for a better future. So, I immersed myself in studies. Education became my shield, writing became my refuge, my way of giving voice to the voiceless. Through my words I sought to expose the injustice. Writing became a weapon in my fight for justice, a tool to inspire others to stand up against discrimination.
As I close this diary, I renew my commitment to the cause I hold dear. Together we can create a society where every individual is valued.
In the pursuit of justice,

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