NCERT Solutions for Class 10 Social Science Geography Chapter 1 Resources and Development

Q Which one of the following type of resource is iron ore ?

  • (a) Renewable
  • (b) Flow
  • (c) Biotic
  • (d) Non-renewable
  • Ans (d) Non-renewable

Q Under which of the following type of resources can tidal energy be put ?

  • (a) Renewable
  • (b) Abiotic
  • (c) Human-made
  • (d) Non-renewable
  • Ans (a) Renewable

Q Imagine, if the oil supply gets exhausted one day, how would this affect our life style?

Ans Oil has become a very integral part of our lives today. And if the oil supply gets exhausted someday, our lives will come to a standstill. First of all, it will lead to a crisis in supply of energy. Nowadays, a lot of machinery is dependent on the fuel to function. The exhaustion of oil supply will adversely affect the functioning of such machinery, leading to lack of production which will ultimately hamper the economic growth. Next, it will have an effect on our transportation system. Most of the means of transport used these days are dependent on the fossil fuels. It would be crippled. Exhaustion of the oil supply will also be a reason of conflict between nations as well as in communities because everyone will want to control its substitute energy. Lack of oil supply will also affect the world trade and economies, as the supply of goods will go down, resulting in insufficiency.

Q Try to do a comparison between the two pie charts given below for land use and find out why the net sown area and the land under forests have changed from 1960-61 to 2002-03 very marginally.

Ans From 1960-61 to 2002-03, the net sown area has reduced from 45.26% to 43.41% and land under forests has increased from 18.11% to 22.57%. The reason is that area under non-agricultural use has increased by about 3% from 4.95% in 1960-61 to 7.92% in 2002-03. This consists of buildings, roads, etc., due to increasing urbanisation. The current fallow land has increased from 3.75% to 7.03%, causing reduction in net sown area.