NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Political Science Chapter 11 - Political Theory : An Introduction

56. Which of the following statements are true/ false about Political Theory?

(a) It discusses ideas that form the basis of political institutions.

Ans. True

(b) It explains the relationship between different religions.

Ans. False

(c) It explains the meanings of concepts like equality and freedom.

Ans. True

(d) It predicts the performance of political parties.

Ans. False

57. Politics is more than what politicians do. Do you agree with this statement? Give examples.

Ans. Politics has a very wide meaning and its meaning changes as per the needs and requirements of the people.

Politician are active member of  that include joint decision making. It involves government action and their connection with people aspirations.

(a) There are several sections that see politics as a method to manipulate the choices of people to achieve certain desired outcomes for personal benefits.

(b) Some people look at the politics as a scam when they see leaders making false promises, indulged in corruption practices, changing parties for the sake of power and many other things.

(c) The term politics has become synonymous with manipulation. In different areas whenever a person tries to manipulate someone or something in his favour we say that he is committing politics.

(d) Political strategy is the analysis of authoritative value allocation, as the distribution and usage of power. Politics is fundamentally concerned with power, leadership, influence, coperation,, conflict etc.

58. Vigilant citizens are a must for the successful working of a democracy. Comment.

Ans. Vigilant citizens are important for the following reasons:

(a) Vigilant citizens can better understand the policies of the government and can know their merits and demerits for them. It will give them the scope to challenge the government policies.

(b) The politicians will avoid making fools of the educated class of citizens because if they did so then in the next elections they will be out of power.

59. In what ways is the study of political theory useful for us? Identify four ways in which political theory can be useful to us?

Ans. Four ways in which political theory is important are:

(a) For common citizens it is important as they have the right to vote and choose the representatives, so they must be aware about their rights and liberties and also the obligations towards the government.

(b) It helps in better understanding of the government policies.

(c) It helps in raising questions against the inappropriate laws and policies of the government.

(d) It makes us an integral part of the society and help us in making contribution to the development of the nation.

60. Do you think that a good/convincing argument can compel others to listen to you?

Ans. Arguments that are backed by reasoning and rationality are generally heard by the people.

(a) We have seen large number of philosophers in the history of the world whose thoughts have received huge support from the society and finally developed into political theories.

(b) Reasoning and rationality are very important for making good arguments that are beneficial for the development of political theory.

61. Do you think studying political theory is like studying mathematics? Give reasons for your answer.

Ans. Studying political theory is not like studying mathematics because Mathematics and political theory are quite different in several aspects:

(a) In Maths the formula for solving similar problems remains the same however in political theory it changes with the situation.

(b) In political theory there is constant changes in theories however in maths theories are not changed frequently.

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