Entrepreneurial Journey Class 11 Notes Entrepreneurship Chapter 3 - CBSE

Chapter : 3

What Are An Entrepreneurial Journey ?

Recent studies says a successful entrepreneurs share a number of common personality traits and these traits are the indicators of their sucess. Some of the personality traits are:

Personality Traits Of An Entrepreneur

  • Trailblazers
  • Go-getters
  • Managers
  • Motivators
  • Authoritarians
  • Collaborators
  • Diplomats

Business Idea

  1. Generating Ideas

It is a innovative and creative process.

Ways to generate Idea

  • Environment Scanning
  • Creativity and creative Problem solving
  • Brainstorming
  • Focus group
  • Market Research
  1. Feasibility Study

Types of Feasibility study

  • Market feasibility
  • Technical feasibility
  • Financial feasibility
  • Organisational feasibility
  1. Opportunity assessment
  1. Preparation of Business Plan
  1. Execution of Business Plan

Limitations Faced By Women Entrepreneurs

  • Patriarchal society: Gender bias exists in the society due to patriarchal attitude.
  • Lack of opportunities: Lack of education is a barrier which results in lack of opportunities. More focused programmes for their education enable them to overcome this challenge.
  • Social Barriers: The traditions and customs prevailing in Indian society some time acts as an obstacle for
    women to grow and prosper.
  • Attitude of creditors towards women: The society was slightly biased in their attitude towards woman
    entrepreneurs as a result it is difficult for womem entrepreneurs to raise funds for their business.
  • Enabling technologies for women: New methods of Production, marketing and use of other modern technologies to create more opportunities.
  • Organised Sector: Skill women work more in unorganised sector. Education and awareness help them to
    join organised sector as a leader.