NCERT Solutions for Class 12 Business Studies Chapter 1 Nature and Significance of Management

Q. “Coordination is the essence of management”. Comment.


Co-ordination is the essence of Management. Do you agree ? Give reasons.


Coordination is not a separate function of management. It is the essence of management. Explain with the help of a suitable example.

Ans. Coordination is a function that is inherent and pervasive. Coordination is not a separate function of management. It is the essence of management. The coordination is needed to perform all the functions of management. They are:

  • (i) Coordination in planning : Coordination is needed between overall plan of the organisation and the departmental plans. It is needed between objectives and available physical and human resources.
  • (ii) Coordination in organising: Coordination is required between resources of an organisation and activities to be performed and among authority, responsibility and accountability.
  • (iii) Coordination in staffing: In staffing, coordination is needed between the skills of the workers and the jobs assigned to them and between the efficiency of the workers and the compensation, etc.
  • (iv) Coordination in directing: Coordination is required among orders, instructions, guidelines and suggestions. Coordination is required between superiors and subordinates, e.g. a manager instructs the subordinates, motivates them and also supervises their work.
  • (v) Coordination in controlling: Coordination is required between the standard and the actual performance. Coordination is required between correction of deviations and achievement of objectives.
    Management function revolves around making, arranging things, moving things in an organisation in relation to overall objective of the organisation. Thus, coordination can be considered as the core function of management which ensures that all the factors in the business work together smoothly.