NCERT Solutions For Class 12 Geography Part B Chapter 6 Planning and Sustainable Development in Indian Context

Q. Choose the right answers of the following from the given options.

(i) Regional planning relates :

  • (a) Development of various sectors of economy
  • (b) Area specific approach of development
  • (c) Area differences in transportation network
  • (d) Development of rural areas
  • Ans. (b) Area specific approach of development

(ii) ITDP refers to which one of the following ?

  • (a) Integrated Tourism Development Programme
  • (b) Integrated Travel Development Programme
  • (c) Integrated Tribal Development Programme
  • (d) Integrated Transport Development Programme
  • Ans. (c) Integrated Tribal Development Programme

(iii) Which one of the following is the most crucial factor for sustainable development in Indira Gandhi Command Area?

  • (a) Eco-development
  • (b) Agricultural Development
  • (c) Transport development
  • (d) Colonisation of land
  • Ans. (a) Eco-development

Q. Answer the following questions in about 30 words.

(i) What are the social benefits of ITDP in the Bharmaur tribal region?

  • Ans. The social benefits derived from ITDP in the Bharmaur tribal region include the following:
  • 1. Tremendous improvement in the literacy rate and sex ratio.
  • 2. Decline in the child marriages and gender inequality
  • 3. The female literacy rate increased from 1.88% in 1971 to 65% in 2011.
  • 4. Traditional subsistence agricultural-cumpastoral economy, having emphasis on foodgrains and livestock production, upgraded to increased cultivation of pulses and other cash crops in the last three decades of 20th century,
  • 5. The declining importance of pastoralism in the economy.

(ii) Define the concept of sustainable development.

Ans. Brundtland Commission report (also known as Brundtland Report) ‘Our Common Future’ in 1987 defines sustainable development as a “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. It reflected the concern of people about undesirable effects
of industrial development on the environment. Sustainable development takes care of ecological, social and economic aspects of development during the present times and pleads for conservation of resources to enable the future generations to use these resources.

(iii) What are the positive impacts of irrigation on Indira Gandhi Canal Command Area?

  • Ans. 1. Indira Gandhi Canal, previously known as the Rajasthan Canal, is one of the largest canal systems in India.
  • 2. The canal originates at Harike barrage in Punjab and runs parallel to Pakistan border at an average distance of 40 km in Thar Desert (Marusthali) of Rajasthan.